Logo Design - JOYJESTER

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Logo Design - JOYJESTER

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Is a Domain Name included?

Yes: joyjester.com

In the designer's words:

JOYJESTER is a fun and colourful brand, inspired by the Jester of the middle ages. Jesters were stereotypically thought to have worn brightly colored clothes and eccentric, distinctive hats, with three floppy points, each of which had a bell or object attached at each end. Jesters were jokers and pranksters who provided fun and entertainment.

The Jester's face depicts the different sides of a Jesters personality, the fun side and the sneaky, prankster side. The logomark is complimented by the curves and points of the slightly customised typeface.

JOYJESTER would be well suited for a large range of applications and business ventures, particularly in events, entertainment and media, perhaps a foundation of some description. Endless possibilities for this brand.

This brand package comes with the domain joyjester.com and colour revisions can be made at no extra charge.

This is a great opportunity to grab a fun and diverse brand, with domain, for a very reasonable price!


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