10 Discord Logos from the World’s Biggest Servers

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Unlock an extraordinary source of inspiration for your Discord logo by browsing this list of the biggest servers on the platform.

This list is based on’s list of famous servers. It has various niches that will show how well-known servers create an outstanding brand image and continue expanding their reach. You will see a comprehensive collection of anime logos, gaming logos, meme logos, and more.

Learn how you can use graphic design to create a solid brand. 

Who knows? With the right strategy, your server could be the next biggest community on the app.

AFK Arena

AFK Arena is a tabletop role-playing game that is available for both Android and iOS. For its Discord PFP, the server depicts two characters with an ethereal design. In addition, it has a golden color and subtle ornaments for its wordmark.

Anime Soul

The Discord server of Anime Soul has nearly half a million members gathered to discuss and stream Japanese cartoons. Its anime discord server logo depicts a girl with purple hair and bug-like eyes. The iconic art style instantly signals to the audience that the group is all about anime.

Meme Jesus Mafia

The server is an assortment of interests for meme-lovers. It is a discord server to make friends, discuss video games, stream movies, exchange “dank” memes, and more. Its server’s brand mark uses a drawing of a character from the 2009 animated movie called Monsters vs. Aliens. The man is the American president from that universe and is a popular figure among meme lovers. has a server for giveaways. The brand partners with different brands and handles its giveaway campaigns. It works with various brands in the crypto industry, streaming industry, and more. Its logo is a simple V letter brand mark with a line that extends from left to right atop of the letter. The logo has white and purple colors for a techie look.


Also known as the Fortnite Pro League, FNPL is a community of over 127,000 first-person shooter gamers. It is an online space where people gather for tournaments, practice matches, and other events in partnership with TeamLiquid. Its logo design has overlapping typography with an outline to bring emphasis to the typography. 

Last Day on Earth: Survival

This game was published by Kefir!. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is a survival game set in a world ravaged by zombies. The server logo has weathered typography using a sans serif font, and its background is a blood splatter pattern. This horror logo stays on theme with the video game.

Team Atlantis

Team Atlantis is an eSports organization in Europe largely involved in Fortnite. Its logo features a triangular icon that has two protruding triangles on its sides. The icon uses a cool shade of blue and black that helps communicate expertise and a techie brand personality.

Slippy’s Dream World

The server is a place where people share emotes and emojis for personal use. It has over 178,000 members that share different emoticons of frog characters. The logo features a frog character called Pepe the Frog, created by Matt Furie, wearing different costumes.

PUBG Mobile

This server dedicated to PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds mobile gathers players to discuss updates, bug reports, and other developments. Its logo features the game’s initials framed by a golden frame with the word “mobile” underneath it. The server brand mark is simple and an essay to recognize.

Fortnite Official

One of the top servers is dedicated to Fortnite. This title developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly gathers its players in this verified server to socialize and get official news. Its brand mark is a letter F logo with an ombre orange background. It provides an eye-catching quality to the design without causing clutter.


Logos are the face of your brand. It is the first thing that anyone sees when they see your server. This graphic design represents your brand identity and communicates that to your audience. 

Ensure that your Discord community shines with a stunning server logo. It doesn’t matter if you run a chill discord server or a solid Minecraft discord server. Like the brands above, you can rise above a saturated platform with a strong branding strategy. Discover how you can find the suitable logo below.

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