10 HR Software for Small Businesses in 2020

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Small businesses have a lot of pain points when it comes to human resources. Not every brand has a dedicated team. As a result, they may struggle with managing record keeping, time tracking, hiring, and more. 

This may stand as a setback for your new business. When you are still trying to find your footing in the market, you need all the help you can get. You can combat this through the use of technology. 

A company can rise above resource issues with the help of HR management software. 

This article will feature a list of HR software that you can use to lighten your worries and keep your team running smoothly. 

The tools you will see in this article will span from software and cloud-based tech. Each one offers something different and allow brands to cover the essentials of HR, even on a tight budget. 


Founded in 2011, the platform features tools for different HR activities. It has services for onboarding, payroll, insurance, team engagement, and more. Atop of this, you can also use Gusto for handling payroll taxes such as W-2s and 1099s. 

The all-in-one platform is currently being supported by over 100,000 teams.


This cloud-based software is designed for small and midsize companies. According to its website, 89% of its users are from those types of companies. The platform features are for human resources information systems and human resource applicant tracking systems, payroll, employee engagement, and more. The software has over 1.8 million active employee users today. 

Sage Business Cloud People

This software can be used by employees and employers with different devices such as smartphones and laptops. It also lets you personalize the system and reinforce your brand culture. Businesses can use this platform to manage essentials like payroll and benefits. 

Sage Business Cloud People also provides workforce visibility using smart analytics. 


Business leaders can use a single tool for scheduling, recruitment, payroll, benefits, and other HR activities with this tool. 

Zenefits automate tasks related to compliance and government filings, which are built in the platform’s calendar to avoid missing deadlines. It also comes with other time-saving features such as self-onboarding, signing documents online, and other administrative tasks. 


Focusing on employee experiences, this platform is the first People Operations Platform unlike common HR software in the market. Namely claims to have improved employee engagement by 72%. It lets you integrate other tools for compensation management, savings, and retirement, among others. 

The platform also offers an HR compliance package to help brands avoid common compliance issues. This feature gives access to HR advisors, handles the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) logs, manages the company handbook, and more. 

People HR

Using its app, you can handle tasks such as chat, filing leaves, expense requests, and other work-related activities. The platform offers a free trial with no credit card required. This online system lets you input and store data securely, making it a viable replacement for paper files and spreadsheets. 

Additionally, PeopleHR is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can integrate it with software like Google Docs Zapier, Okta, among others. 


This platform has won two Steve Awards for Excellence in Customer Success and Product Innovation as of writing. JazzHR was established in 2009. The easy-to-use tool empowers companies to perform tasks for hiring and collaboration. You can also use the platform for HR reporting and compliance. 


The platform lets companies automate payroll taxes and filings. It is designed to work both small and growing businesses, along with accounting professionals. You can access different HR tools to make custom reports and build a consolidated dashboard for your operations. OnPay also has trained HR professionals to give advice to its users.


This HR system from Cezanne has functionalities dedicated to self-service, expert insight, best practices, and other matters. It lets users automate, file, analyze data, all while keeping your data secure. The platform’s open architecture allows you to integrate third-party apps with no fuss. You can also use it for absence management, payroll, and the like. 

Zoho People

Zoho People centralizes HR tools like leave management, timesheets, and more. Human resource leaders can make great use of their intuitive form builder for campaigns. The platform’s dashboard is also customizable to make the platform suit your needs. 


A majority of employers plan to increase their investments in recruiting technology. The importance of human resources goes beyond managing people and increasing employee engagement. It also plays a crucial role when it comes to building an organized and competent brand. 

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