101 Stunning Shipping Logos For A Smooth Sailing Business

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Shipping businesses are in demand nowadays due to the rising popularity of e-commerce. Shipping services have surged up to 70% since the pandemic and show no signs of stopping anytime soon. 

Whether you specialize in freight forwarding, cargo shipping, or parcel delivery, we can help you build a brand identity for your business. In this article, we’ll teach you how to create the perfect shipping logo, create your brand name with the help of our business name generator, and give you design inspiration with our compilation of stunning shipping logos. 

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Tips For Branding Your Shipping Business

A solid branding is the foundation of your business. It will help you stand out from competitors, make your audience interested, and set the tone for your marketing materials.

You can see the power of branding with brands like Coca-Cola, Netflix, Apple, and Spotify. From their logo to their color scheme to their ads that you see everywhere, you only need to see one thing and know immediately that it’s them.  

Want to make your business as popular and recognizable? Start with these three things:

Create a well-designed logo

Your logo should communicate to your customers your speed and reliability in transporting their packages. You can do this by adding elements emphasizing motion, such as arrows and clocks, or slanting your text to the right. 

You can also add your transportation method to your logo. This could be a ship, airplane, truck, or motorcycle. 

Color is another important factor in logo design. Use color psychology to find the color that is suitable to the image that you want to portray.

For example, blue logos are seen as professional and secure. Red is seen as bold and innovative. Meanwhile, green is seen as natural and eco-friendly. If you have a zero-waste packaging service, green is a great color. 

Come up with a memorable business name.

Next on the list is your name. Your name should be unique yet easy to remember and spell. You don’t want to make it difficult for your customers to find your business, right?

You can also be a bit more creative or descriptive with this. You don’t want just to be “John Smith Delivery,” as there are a million John Smiths worldwide! Try using words that describe speed, such as swift, zoom, or express. 

Stuck on this step? Don’t worry; our business name generator can help you. Just enter a description for your business (For example, “motorcycle parcel delivery that offers express same day delivery”), and we’ll instantly give you some names to choose from. 

Harness the power of marketing.

Lastly, spread the word about your business! 

Make sure you have a well-designed and easy-to-use website. You should also have a social media account so customers can easily reach you and be updated with your business. 

You can also run brand visibility campaigns in Instagram Ads or Facebook Ads to make yourself known to more people. 

Shipping Logo Design Examples

Let’s now look at various shipping and transport logo concepts that you can take ideas on for your logo design. We’ve divided them into three categories: 

Truck Logos

Trucks and transport vans are one of this industry’s most popular design elements as they are the most typical shipping method. You can find them in art styles such as minimalist, abstract, modern, or cartoony. 

Scroll down to see more of our truck logos:

TRUCK LOGO by Sree raj


logo Design Complete for Wee Deliver Company by Webneco Infotech

Company Trucking logo and minimal Truck design by MOSTAFA KAMAL

Logistics Company Logo by Andro Yosea

Company Logo by Artistic_Moazee

Bold, Creative It Company Logo Design by Honey GD

Elegant, Wine Logo Design by goranvisnjic82

Truck Logo Design by kokoriko

Shipping Logo Design by step forward 2

Bold, Yellow trucking, hauling, load listing, logisticsby Bastinian

Business Logo Design by Graphic Bricks

Bold, Shipping Shipping Logo Design by denuj

Shipping Transport Truck by VinP

Fast Shipping Truck by Joemar

Shipping Logistic Truck by AleksandrO

Freight Trucking Shipping by podvoodoo13

Trucking Shipping Logistics by CreativePixels

Ship Logos

Like truck logos, logos that feature ships are another great option. Use colors like blue and white to mimic the sea while adding pops of color like red and orange for a nice contrast.

Browse our collection of ship logos below:

Humayra Trade International – Logo Designe by Jihad Mahmud

HORIZON HARBOR Logo design by Khalek Masum Laskar

Creative Arabic Logo for Shipping Company by Arabic Calligrapher

Monoline Logo – Crescentrip by Jamalludin Khaer

Serious, Shipping Shipping Logo Design by Buck Thylacine

Freight Forwarding Logo Design by Aaaron

Conservative, Cargo Ship Shipping industry by joe777

Modern, Shipping Logo Design by stokes18

Freight Forwarding Logo Design by 4tech services

Bold, Shipping Logo Design by step forward 2

Company Logo Design by geni

Travel Cruise Ship by SimplePixelSL

Cruise Ship Transport by marcololstudio

Cargo Ship Logistics by marcololstudio

Blue Cargo Ship by rbalica

Big Blue Ship by SimplePixelSL

Arrow Logos

Arrows and swoosh lines are a great way to show speed and motion. You can see the use of arrows in the famous brand Amazon. 

Be inspired by our samples of arrow logos here:

Logo design by Pixtocraft for Knacky Studio

Arrow Logo Design (Unused) by Mohammad Ahsan Kabir

Symbol by Alexander Ivanovsky

Next by Badr errouichaq

N, Arrow by Artology 

Bold, Shipping Shipping Logo Design by gray mind

Professional, Shipping Shipping Logo Design by sangeloenriquez

Bold, Company Logo Design by UniqueDreamer

Professional, Arrow Any industry. Logo Design by Multiart

Elegant, Ship Logo Design by step forward 2

Professional, Modern Logo Design by geni

Elegant, Violet Logo Design by got2believe

Logistics Shipping Arrow by Amin007

Arrow Shipping Container by Amin007

Arrow Shipping Box by marcololstudio

Shipping Trade Arrow by realdreams

Shipping Arrow Logistics by RistaDesign

Create Your Shipping Logo Today!

To establish yourself as a trusted shipping business, you need great branding. All of this starts with your logo. 

You may be an expert in operations and logistics but not in design. But don’t worry! BrandCrowd’s logo maker tool can help. Just choose from our wide variety of logos, customize your chosen template by changing the color or background, and voila! You have your logo. 

You can then use your stunning new logo on marketing materials like your business card or Facebook cover. All of these are available on our website as customizable templates as well.

So what are you waiting for? Level up your business today! 

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