103 Wildlife Logos

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When creating a logo, you must consider how you want to connect with your market. Distinct color palettes and eye-catching typography are good, but an image resonates better.

Try using a wildlife logo. Animals tend to express values and touch humans better than other logo designs. Find the perfect symbol to represent your business below.

Fascinating Wildlife Logos for Brands

Whether a dog, a cat, a fish, or a parrot, animals have a way of pulling on our heartstrings. And when you incorporate them into your brand identity, you can show the market aspects of your business, like values and personality.

From a courageous lion to a wise owl, create the perfect company logo with the logo ideas below. We curated four categories to help narrow your decision.

Animal Logos

Wildlife is synonymous with animals. The way animals live and act according to their nature is one of the charms of using them for your logo design.

Let’s say you’re a business that loves cute rabbits and ice cream. Your logo would probably have a pink rabbit holding ice cream with sprinkles on top of them.

And a rabbit, in the context above, could mean abundance in ice cream and good luck. Now you’ve got a creature representing the values you want your business to embody.

Don’t forget to pair your logo with iconic typography to create a more substantial impact. Check out the animal logo ideas below and get creative.

Abstract Logo Design by Trident

Bear by Lia Tanasa

Bold, Animal It Company Logo Design by jtcreativity2213

Built To Explore The Wild by Jose Manzo

E: Elephant. by José Pablo Ledesma

Elegant, Food Tourism Logo Design by Dot Design 3

Glowing Cat Animal by bertthebuildr

High Tor Wildlife Management Area (#2) by Alex Pasquarella for Canopy

Hipster Duck Mascot by town

Lion Logo by Luky Triohandoko

Little Cartoon Bee by town

Modern, Kangaroo Logo Design by ally designs

Order NOW !!! Goat logo vintage, nubian ibex animal wildlife. by 21graphic

Peaceful Logo Design by MenaGraphics

Playful, Animal Children’s books, toys, music, education by GBDESIGN

Playful, Funny Logo Design by Hoopoe

Puma Animal Gaming by JoeyRay


ReWild (Global Wildlife Conservation) by Steve Wolf

Seafood Fish Fishing by marcololstudio

Serious, Eco Logo Design by sez_inn

Serious, Environmental Environment Logo Design by ally designs

Serious, Yellow Reptile Logo Design by blue eye

Wild Bird Berry Branch by Mypen

Wild Gorilla Animal by JoeyRay

Wild Monkey Animal by Kalenor

Outline Logos

Create a cool logo by pairing lines with a refreshing color scheme. Sometimes it’s hard to make repeated lines stand out, but with the proper technique, you can grab attention.

Now if you use this technique with a wildlife logo design, you can make your logo dynamic and show action with a modern, minimalist vibe. Check out our top picks for wildlife outline logos below.

Animal Bull Skull by bertthebuildr

Bear by Blake Suarez

Bold Logo Design by nagamin

Brown Deer Animal by CreativePixels

Consulting Logo Design by 4tech services

Consulting Logo Design by Filofolio Design Co.

Eastern bird! by Nour Oumousse

Eco Logo Design by ecorokerz

Elegant, Hospital Logo Design by Gigih Rudya

Feminine, Rehabilitation Logo Design by Logo no 1

Fish Ocean Wave by eyed

Deluxe Bull Animal by AleksandrO

Down Under Benefit – Austin by Steve Wolf

Geometric Kangaroo Animal by shen02

Giraffe Head Safari by MDS

Grey Ostrich Bird by eyed

Line Art Logo design- Logo design by Logo Point

Love Bear! by Nour Oumousse

Luxe Deer Animal by AleksandrO

Modern, Unique Pet Logo Design by Irina Makedonska

Name Logo Design by Yug Dave

One Line Art, Line Art Minimal Logo, Squirrel Logo by Md Humayun Kabir

Pet Animal Shelter by town

Pink Star Flamingo by SimplePixelSL

Perched Bird Crest by marcololstudio

Traditional, Recreation Land Developer Logo Design by wonderland

wildlife logo by Ash Zimiga

Wildlife logo by Mahmoud Elhofy

Yellow Lion Head by novita007

Silhouette Logos

If you want a logo that looks like a shadow, try using a silhouette animal logo. Puma is an excellent example of this technique.

Their logo is a silhouette of a puma jumping which embodies their business, a sports and casual apparel. Puma is showing that they can elevate your fashion choices, whether it’s for your athletic or everyday events.

You’d usually use a solid color scheme to make your design effective. If you use this design as a logo, you can quickly put them on any merchandise design because of its minimalistic design, and you only have to use a solid color.

Find the best-fit wildlife silhouette logo below.

Animal Nurse Logo Design by Sergio Coelho

Antelope by Petar Shalamanov

bear & bird by graphitepoint

Bold, Elegant Non profit wildlife Logo Design by UMBRA Designs

Cat & Dog by Kakha Kakhadzen

Feminine, May Photographer Logo Design by sekanul

Feminine, May Photographer Logo Design by ThiagoB

Eagle Bird Flight by BryAd

Dinner For One by Jordan Kabalka

Golden Camel Animal by shen02

Gradient Rabbit Animal by AleksandrO

Happy dancing fox by Alex Seciu

High End Logo Design by D_Mantra

Night Owl Moon by Dessy

Luna Loves Goods by Omega-Pixel

Orange Monkey Animal by podvoodoo13

Personable, Education Photographer Logo Design by Logo no 1

Playful Logo Design by RAMDHONU

Professional, Forest Logo Design by Logo no 1

Rhinoceros Jungle Animal by lazeefish

Tiger King by Zeljko Ivanovic

White Tiger Multimedia by BryAd

Wildlife Giraffe Zoo by christophers15

Wild Lemur Animal by shen02

Wild Lion Animal by Lei

Zoo Logos

Lastly, for wildlife logo design, we have zoo logos! If you want to show the world how you’re taking care of animals in your facilities, whether through your website design, Instagram posts, or YouTube logo, you can always use a primary logo to represent you.

You can take inspiration from famous zoo logos since they’re already successful and well-known. They usually have green as their color, which could also be synonymous with their love for nature and the animal’s natural habitat in the facility.

Acquaint yourself with the zoo logo ideas below.

#Logozoo challenge by Jessie Maisonneuve

Amphibian Logo Design by luiz otavio I DESIGN

Animals Wave Droplet by yhinna

Bold, Animal Animals, Wildlife, Zoo, Zoos, Conservation by Udaya G

Bold, Orange Animals, Wildlife, Zoo, Zoos, Conservation, Education Logo Design by KreAnts

Daily Logo Challenge – Animal Logo “Zooly” by Audrey Fisher

Denver Zoo Icon by Dan Lehman

Gorilla Animal Square by SimplePixelSL

Minimalist Giraffe Zoo by Mypen

Modern, Veterinary Veterinary Logo Design by Ronie G.A

National Zoo Logo by Ralph Hazouri

Playful, Business Education Logo Design by Logo no 1

Polar Bear Wildlife Zoo by novita007

Professional, Auto Logo Design by Buck Thylacine

Sanctuary of Upas Logo by Sopyan Giantoro

Serious Logo Design by LIZZY LO

Serious, Wild Logo Design by Pranav Creative Graphic

Smart Zoo Logo Education by Blagovesta Obretenova

Tropical Wildlife Zoo by AlvinA


Wild Lion Cube by SimplePixelSL

Zoo / Reptiles by Giorgi Khardziani

Create A Fascinating Wildlife Logo Today!

Show your passion for wildlife through the logo ideas above. You can incorporate your primary logo into your Facebook posts, LinkedIn banner, business card, invoice, and more!

Find your perfect wildlife logo to pair with any niche and become a household name.

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