125 Home Service Logos for Livelier Homes

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The home service industry is one of the most needed industries in our world today. From moving to lawn maintenance and even pest control, you name any home improvement service and they’ve got it.

Each niche under the industry contributes to its growth of it. With an 18.91% market growth expectancy from 2016-2026, it’s really profitable and a popular B2B and B2C service provider.

Start your home service business today and pair your business name with the perfect logo design. Check out the designs below and use our online logo maker for your design needs today.

Types of Home Services

When your house is in disarray, who are you gonna call?

Home Services.

Each person in this industry has prevented a house from leaking because of sketchy plumbing. Or even helped a family move from their dodgy neighborhood to a sunny new house.

Also, they are the very people that make sure pests don’t harm our pets and ourselves as well as organize our stuff for us. Either way, there are a multitude of home services you can have for a business or if you’re looking to hire one.

Here are some of the services below to help you decide.

  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Deep House Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Handyman Services
  • Interior Decorator
  • Landscaping
  • Lawn Care
  • Movers
  • Paint & Drywall Repairs
  • Personal Organizer
  • Plumbing
  • Pool and Fountain Repair
  • Pressure Washing
  • Roof Repairs

125 Logo Design for Livelier Homes

You now know most of the services available under home service. Take a look at possible logo designs you may want for yourself as your start your business journey.

We picked five of the most prevalent businesses in the industry. But they can also be used for other niches, just depending on the icon design and font style that goes with your business name.

Lawn Care

Most houses have a front yard to manage. And since everyone is starting to adapt to a hybrid setup, sometimes, it’s hard to maintain the clean look of the lawn.

No need to fear; the lawn service crew is here. Create a business that specialized in lawn care, from trimming the grass to keeping the soil healthy and fertilized; lawn care is essential.

Check out the lawn care logos below for inspiration.

Crew Lawn & Landscaping by Nate Perry

Elegant, Lawn Care Lawn Care Logo Design by mldtrvs

Elegant, Lawn Care Lawn Care Logo Design by TahiaDesign

Garden Lawn Mower by juana

Gardening Shovel Lawn by LogoRU

Grass Gardener Shovel by Mypen

Grass Lawn Shovel by yulianrhmn

Green Nature Lawn Gardening by JimjemR

Landscaping Lawn Care by Dessy

Home Lawn Care by yulianrhmn

House Lawn Grass by Dessy

Lawn Care It Company Logo Design by Alchemist

Lawn Care Logo Design by Aaaron

Lawngevity Lawn Logo by Nate Perry

Modern, Lawn Care Lawn Care Logo Design by Marcos!

Mountain Man Lawn Care by Trevor Kinkade

One Great Lawn by Levi Huddleston

Professional, Business Logo Design by Malik 11

Professional, Unique Lawn Care Logo Design by baidya

Serious, Company Lawn Care Logo Design by GLDesigns

Shuck Yeah by Nick Barbaria

South State Landscape Logo by Paragon Design House

Traditional, Company Lawn Care Logo Design by Art Lancer

Vintage Gardening Tools by Dessy

Pressure Washing

Ever have the thought, “Ew, that side of the house is dirty, but it’s too hard to clean. I don’t have the equipment.” Well, the pressure washing crew is here to save you.

Sometimes also called power washing because of the technique. Basically, the “pressure” is the amount of water being used to clean the surface since it’s a strong current. Because of the power of the water, the dirt that’s hard to remove easily comes off and prevents pavements, cars, and exterior walls from decaying.

Take a peek at the power washing designs below.

American Pressure Washing USA Flag Shield Retro by Aloysius Patrimonio

Blue Cleaning Pressure Washer by logoroma

Blue Pressure Washer by AlvinA

Bold, Pressure Cleaning Logo Design by ESolz Technologies

Building Pressure Washing by podvoodoo13

Car Pressure Wash by ernestjdx

Cleaning Pressure Washer Badge by marcololstudio

Gradient Pressure Washer Cleaning Services by AleksandrO

Hydro Homecare by Thao M. Nguyen

Logo for Laundry Service by Bohdan Harbaruk 🇺🇦

Midtown Power Washers by Curt Crocker

MJM Pressure Washing Logo by Will Arbuckle

Pressure Washer Cleaning by podvoodoo13

Professional, Company Pressure Cleaning Logo Design by Clever Design

Professional, Company Pressure Cleaning Logo Design by sankar999

Professional, Great Logo Design by FourtuneDesign

Professional, High Pressure Cleaning Logo Design by Mosa Abo swelem

Roof Pressure Washing by marcololstudio

Three Guys Power Washing by Carly Fairbank

Tiles Pressure Washing by podvoodoo13

Deep House Cleaning

Even if you clean your house almost every day, there are still those nooks and crannies you can’t reach. But the deep house cleaning (DHC) crew can.

Even if you’ve already moved into your new house or even before, the DHC crew makes sure that there is no stone unturned when cleaning the house. They prevent your home from being infested with pests and dirt that bring bacteria and germs with them.

Create your deep cleaning logo today and start your business with the ideas below.

Bold, Eco Logo Design by Robby SC

Cleanark by Sifat Mahmud

Cleaning Mop Wizard by GianC

Cleaning Washing Spotless by GianC

Company Logo Design by step forward 2

Corporate Clean – CClean Logo Design by Nazmul Hossan

Elegant, Business Logo Design by Logocraft

Elegant, Retail Logo Design by sez_inn

Feminine, Amazing House Cleaning Logo Design by Mr. Shakib’s Design Studio

Home Cleaning Broom by ArtFreedom

Home Cleaning Bubbles by yulianrhmn

Home Cleaning Housekeeper Hand by logoroma

Home Cleaning Housekeeper by Tuts

Home Cleaning Mop by logoroma

Home Cleaning Tools by GianC

Home River Cleaning service | Creative minimalist logo by Mainul Hasan

house cleaning by Yuri Kartashev

House Window Cleaning Cleaner by podvoodoo13

Housekeeping Clean Home by juana

Mossi Cleaning Co by Peter Giuffria

Sanitize Home Cleaning by ernestjdx

Shiny Home Cleaning Service by ArvinP

Serious, Green Cleaning Services Logo Design by ThiagoB

Simple Logo Design by ds | designstructure

Sparkling Logo Design by Sujit Banerjee

Sun Cleaning Services Logo Design by somani

Window Cleaning Logo Design by designsraw


Need a mover logo for your moving business? We’ve got the templates right here. Whether moving into a new home or office, a moving crew is great to hire to do the heavy lifting.

You can put your mover logo on your business card or even the email signature you use to help raise awareness about your business and gain more customers. Check out the logo templates below for your moving business.

Cargo Package Box by shen02

Creative Logo Design by Ng V Duc

Express Delivery Truck by juana

Fast Movers Vehicle by shen02

four link moving co logo design by Saiduzzaman Bulet

Freight Movers Trucking by ArvinP

Local Movers by Debbie Gregg

Logo – moving company by Katja Šostar

Modern, Company Moving Logo Design by Designoid

Modern, Eagle Moving Company Logo Design by Maxo-Biz

Modern, Mover Mover Logo Design by sankar999

Mover Logo Design by sankar999

Movers Logo Design – Branding by Ramotion

Moving company logo by Mersad Comaga

Moving Forward Logo Design by Jenny Knizner

Playful, Food Logo Design by Rii

Professional, Moving Company Moving Company by Logocraft

Retro Trailer Truck by shen02

Rustic Hexagon Truck by Dessy

Serious, Company Logo Design by Rii

Transport House Movers by juana

Vintage Automotive Truck by shen02

Handyman Services

Handyman service is the umbrella term for every labor-heavy repair that’s associated with builds. It could range from fixture repair to gutter repair and even assembling furniture.

Create a handyman logo today to pair with your quality business. It’ll surely get you noticed and drive traffic to your business. Find the perfect handyman design below.

Bold, Handyman Logo Design by yudaharv

Elegant, Handyman Logo Design by QILLASOFT-Design

Handyman Fixing Tools by Dessy

Handyman Hammer Badge by meanneintia

Handyman Logo by Ben Harman

Handyman Logo Design by Benjamin

Handyman Mechanic Emblem by JimjemR

Handyman Repair Service by ArvinP

Handyman Repair Tools by BryAd

Handyman Repair Wrench by Tuts

Handymen Logo 1 by Visual Jams

Industrial Handyman Toolbox by JimjemR

Industrial Handyman Tool Box by JimjemR

Masculine, Company Handyman Logo Design by Soul Light

Masculine, Unique Handyman Logo Design by IdentityMedia

Mechanic Handyman Wrench by town

Modern, Handyman Logo Design by jajangsaepudin39988 3

Playful, Handyman Handyman Logo Design by Dark Creator

Professional, Handyman Handyman Logo Design by wdishan fernando

QuickFix by Suhandi

Renonations by Milos Djuric

Screw Handyman Tools by JimjemR

Screwdriver Handyman Tools by JimjemR

Serious, Company Logo Design by PsyPen

Simple Logo Design by luiz otavio I DESIGN

Tamarin by Joshua Gille

Vintage Handyman Repair by town

Vintage Plumber Handyman Mascot by town

Wrench Handyman Mechanic by Tuts

Yellow Logo Design by Alvia…

Pair Your Home Service Business with Hip Logo Design

And there you have it! Our catalog of home service logos from common niches. Watch out for our next blogs for more niche-heavy sourced templates.

Either way, if you need any other help with your graphic design needs, we’ve got you covered. From letterheads to invitations, we have it right here.

Start your home service business today and DIY your designs today.

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