161 Business Name Ideas from BrandCrowd

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You have a product or service in mind, but do you have a name yet? Allow us to help you in that department. Look at our top picks for business name ideas just for you!

Here at BrandCrowd, we’re not only concerned about your visuals as a business but how you name yourself as well.

Fact: around 72% of successful brands have made up words or acronyms. Let’s work together and create the best name for your business.

Look at our top picks for business name ideas just for you! And if you find the perfect business name, don’t forget to make a visual just for you with our logo maker.

What’s in the Name?

A business name creates at least 10% of your overall brand presence. If it isn’t your design (a wordmark logo), it’s paired with your logo and tells people that you exist to serve them.

Aside from that, the power of a business name lies in its marketability. Take, for example, Ralph Lauren. Did you know that his actual name is Ralph Lifshitz? It doesn’t sound like a catchy business name if he followed the latter as his business name.

Don’t forget that your business name will also appear on business cards, letterheads, email signatures, social media platforms, and other aspects of your business design, so ensure that it’s fresh and unique.

Allow us to help you create the perfect business name for yourself. We’ll discuss the naming process, common patterns, and business name ideas and tools you can use to help you build your startup.

Naming Process

Alright, here we’ll discuss why how brands create their signature names. The process can be tedious, depending on how you approach it. So, we provided a step-by-step guide to aid in your endeavor.

As we conducted our research, the process had seven steps. Follow the step-by-step guide below to better your business naming process.

  • Create the Mood Board

Like your logo design and website design, you need to create a mood board that allows you to brainstorm for your business name better. Choose between a physical or digital type. Then you can put photos, words, videos/links, or anything associated with the business you want to create.

For example, you want to create a pastry business. So your board would consist of types of desserts, ingredients, animals, etc. Just make sure that you don’t get stuck in this process.

  • Brainstorm Session

Since you have your mood board ready, you can start brainstorming how you want your business name to be. You can choose from a long name or just your initials.

For example, you’re a pastry chef who wants to open your bakery with a cat theme. Then maybe you added the Egyptian goddess, Bastet, since she has a cat’s head and protects the home, which you want to do through food.

You can have names like Bastet Pâtisserie or Dulciuri de Bastet as a business name. They sound pretty sophisticated, right? Make sure to experiment during this stage to see which one you like.

Brainstorming is also the stage where you can decide if you want your brand name to be your logo design or if you want a different logotype.


Yep, that’s in all caps because it’s crucial in your business naming process. This action allows you to prevent any plagiarism from happening. Always remember, prevention is better than cure in this case since each country has a different set of guidelines for naming a business.

You can use tools like Google Search, Database Listing Companies, etc. The more comprehensive your research is, another company uses, the more unique and less likely your business name.

Check out local and international guidelines for business naming since it’ll help you narrow your search down to save time. Also, don’t forget to search if there are domains available for your chosen name so you can officially start your online business.

  • Draft The Name

Now you can start finalizing the final form of your business name. From the typography to the color scheme, make sure it’s distinctly you.

Choose either of the types below:

  • Acronym/Initials
  • Your Name
  • Product/Service
  • Meaning-Based

This part allows you to do your last brainstorming and create a name that is uniquely yours. You can use editing software like Adobe Photoshop to create mock-ups and see if your character looks excellent in print.

Make sure to test it out verbally, so say it out loud and see if it works. Also, ensure that the association you create for your name is positive so that people can support you better.

  • Get Feedback

Don’t forget to ask for comments and possible suggestions for your business name from those that matter. Ask your friends, family, and partners if the name is catchy and unique.

Crowdsourcing opinions on your business name are significant to better the naming process and add final touches to your business name.

  • Dry Run Your Name

For this portion, you can use Google AdWords and the domain you have itself. You can check how many visits you get. Use SEO measures to better the chances of being seen online, especially in our hybrid, new normal situation.

  • Trademark Your Name

In general, it’s better to trademark everything in your business. From your name to your logo design, get it trademarked to avoid name and logo plagiarism and possible usage outside your company.

It’s to protect you from any repercussions. You see symbols like ™, ®, ©, and ℠ if a business design element is trademarked.

Business Naming Patterns

Check out the seven patterns below and create the perfect brand name.

  • Be Specific/Simple: the name flat-out says what you offer.
  • Descriptive Words Work: use action words to incite the feelings and emotions of your market.
  • Avoid Hard to Spell: if your name sounds too complicated to say or spell, it’s a huge turn-off for your market.
  • Pick A Non-Limiting Name: your business can grow in product or service provided, so try using a general yet attention-grabbing name.
  • Use Initials Sparingly: you might appear tacky if you try using acronyms or initials, so use them wisely.
  • Use Made-Up Words: Like the introduction statistic, 72% of successful brands have made-up words or acronyms.
  • Use Every Day/Mainstream Word Sparingly: when drafting your business name, try not to use common words too much since it could be grounds for plagiarism.

Pro Tip: You can create a logo using your Business Name.

161 Name Ideas To Stand Out

You now know the process and common patterns to create your unique business name. Let’s get to the good stuff and check out the business name ideas below. We divided them into 22 categories to make your search easier for you.

Remember that these names are subjective depending on what you think is excellent. They’re ideas you can take inspiration from and a basis for your business name creation.

Unique Business Name Ideas

Create a renowned name that has various attributes to different industries. You can use other languages, mention mythology, have distinct colors paired with animals, or even have a strong meaning behind your name to give you that unique edge.

The variety of words will surely stand out with the ideas below.

  • Bastet Pâtisserie (bakery)
  • GudeLoops (crochet page)
  • Dionysus Winery
  • Kylo Transport (delivery service)
  • Purple Goat Agency (marketing)
  • Yellow Submarine (marketing)
  • Amazon

Catchy Business Name Ideas

Grab the attention of your market with a catchy business name. It could be a rhyme or an unusual name that sounds great when said out loud. Check out the ideas below for inspiration.

  • Strange Engage Travel and Tours (Travel Agency)
  • Hades Hollow (Crematorium)
  • NineHertz (IT Consulting Company)
  • SwipeWire (web design)
  • Aurora Alliance (Education)
  • Parcel Monkey (Delivery service)
  • Coca-Cola

Small Business Name Ideas

No matter the size of your business, you deserve a name that makes your market want you. Make sure to research since you are a startup and other competitors might’ve used your idea or have a similar naming tactic.

Check out the ideas below and find the create the perfect name for your startup.

  • The Binge Fellows (Streaming Service)
  • Boutique de Eula (Clothing shop)
  • Pizza Factory
  • The Peony Collective (Marketing)
  • The Tiny Collective (Baby products)
  • Smart Packer (Transport)
  • 5280 Digital

Creative Business Name Ideas

Most times, creativity has a standard. It’s often confused with uniqueness which is not the case since uniqueness is outside the creativity box. But, having a creative name can be considered unique.

Some characteristics of a creative name are made-up words, poetic devices, idioms, and even making your name sound grand. Find inspiration from the businesses below.

  • Tír na nÓg Cosmetics
  • Pumped Up Rebels (Clothing Store)
  • Media Maniacs (Advertising)
  • Jarvis Surgical, Inc
  • Syntax Consulting (IT Services)
  • Sun Life (Insurance)
  • Something Blue Films

E-Commerce Business Name Ideas

E-commerce businesses are all about the buying and selling of goods. Common relationships here are business-to-business and ore business-to-consumer relationships.

And since we live in a predominantly virtual world, having a unique domain name with great SEO helps you drive traffic and gain more customers. The ideas below give you that precise edge.

  • Call To The Wild (Retail Store)
  • Wander Flix (Streaming Service)
  • Stellar Games (Video Game Developer)
  • Geek Garage (Retail Fan Merchandise Store)
  • AutoXpress Kenya (Car Dealership)
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Samsung Electronics

New Business Name Ideas

This portion of name ideas is purely made-up names. Depending on your niche, you can tweak these ideas below.

  • Afterglow (Bar & Resto)
  • Jolly Sailor Lounge
  • Artistic Knits
  • Chateau Melromarc (Winery)
  • Snug Picks (Bookstore)
  • Calliope Ceramique
  • Sapphire Trinkets (Jewelry)

Food Business Name Ideas

Want to sell food that makes people crave for more? Check out the names below and create your scrumptious business name.

  • Hand-Picked By (Your Name)
  • Mercury’s Brewery and Food Truck (MBFT)
  • Yama.Kohi (Coffee Studio)
  • Chinook Honey Company
  • When Pigs Fly
  • Grill Marks
  • PS. Cafe

Sweet Business Name Ideas

Or maybe you want to sell sugary treats for others? Check out the sugary names below for your startup.

  • Morgana’s Glazed Delights
  • Astrea’s Sweet Spot
  • Tatte Bakery & Cafe
  • Sweet Lolo’s Bakery
  • Dangerously Delicious Pies
  • Bake O’ Clock
  • Petite Sweets

Cake Business Name Ideas

Maybe you want to showcase your cake-creation skills. Try out the baked names below and see if you like them.

  • Crisp Crumb Cakery
  • Nenneke Delights
  • The Cake Whisperer
  • The Cake Boutique
  • Flying Cakes
  • The Cakeologist
  • The Cheesecake Factory

Beauty Business Name Ideas

Want to create a line of cosmetic/skincare products? Don’t forget health and wellness for women and men are a great way to stay beautiful physically and mentally.

Check out the ideas below and encourage others to better protect their skin/beauty.

  • Kichijoten Kosmetics
  • Mesmerizing Maquillage
  • Raw Beauty Co.
  • Light As A Feather (health and beauty)
  • Allure
  • Calla Lily Beauty
  • Hera Beauty x Wellness

Skincare Business Name Ideas

Maybe you want a business centered on skincare rather than beauty. It could be cosmetics or just making sure that your skin looks healthy.

Take a look a the names below. They usually have female themes since the industry is mainly catering to women.

  • Love Rosy
  • Rogue Lily
  • Bare Beauty
  • Goddess of Skin
  • Lovely Skin
  • Esthetics by Monica
  • Immaculate Minerals

Makeup Business Name Ideas

If you want to focus more on the cosmetic side of the beauty industry, below are business name ideas you can take inspiration from; they have everything to do with the color palettes or female themes still used to target the women population.

  • Mystique’s Secret
  • Pop Colourettes
  • Luna by Luna Cosmetics
  • Graceful Glamour LLC
  • Aphrodite Cosmetics
  • Femme Fatale Cosmetics
  • Estee Lauder

Hair Care Business Name Ideas

Lastly, we have the hair care niche. If you want to give your market, luxurious hair, make your business pop with the suggestions below. They’re attention-grabbing and have words associated with or describing how your client’s hair could become.

  • Izanami Saron
  • Tousled Locks
  • Glam Hair
  • Rapunzel’s Hair Care
  • The Hair Confidante
  • Luscious Locks
  • Medusa Salon
  • Salon Christophe Robin

Fashion Business Name Ideas

Be a trendsetter regarding clothing styles and more, and make your fashion business name today. The suggestions below could be fashion lines, clothing, and more.

  • Angsty Vogue
  • Ezio’s Closet
  • The Closet Queen
  • York and Dante
  • Sunglow Style
  • The Decluttery Closet
  • Nike

Clothing Business Name Ideas

Bring fashion design ideas to life with these business name ideas. It could be an original clothing line or maybe a thrift shop of clothes. Either way, the names here are all clothing related.

Find your fashionable business name below:

  • Something Wild Closet
  • Tidy Closet Collections (TCC)
  • Hipster Avenue
  • Bewitched Boutique
  • The Wicked Stitch
  • Periwinkle Rose
  • Uniqlo

Jewelry Business Name Ideas

Whichever occasion, ensure you have the accessories your market needs. Create a jewelry business name today and start creating your jewelry line, whether made from clay or actual stones.

Get ideas from the suggestions below.

  • Dimes a Diamond
  • Cat Jeweler
  • Gems Galore
  • Bead Adorned
  • Bent Out of Shape Jewelry
  • CustomMade
  • Pandora

Handmade Craft Business Name Ideas

Contemplating making your handcrafted hobby into a business? Go for it and get inspiration for your business name below. Anything made by hand is a handmade craft that people love. It gives a more personal feel to your market’s gifts to their loved ones.

  • Cutie Curls
  • Lucky Hooks
  • Cheery Crafts
  • The Junk Drawer Artisan
  • Dyed in Heaven Crafts
  • Greenlight Creations
  • Handmade Boulevard

Candle Business Name Ideas

One of the most fragrant handmade essentials is candles. They illuminate rooms and create an aura of quiet and beauty when you light a candle in every room. Start your candle business today with the name suggestions below.

  • Scented Splendors
  • Dynasty Wax
  • Lumenology
  • Radiance Candles
  • The Light Garden
  • Mystic Candles PH
  • Aurora Lumos

Photography Business Name Ideas

Are you into framing memories? Start your photography business today and create a memorable name for your startup. The suggestions below range from taking photos to filming videos.

  • Cat Eye Films
  • Photo Blast
  • Heimdall Productions
  • Hyper Pixelated
  • The Dark Room Portrait Studio
  • Lens Queen
  • Ambient Portraiture

Cleaning Business Name Ideas

As the saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” It’s also a profitable business since, most of the time, everyone is too busy with their tasks. So the cleaning crew is hired to clean offices, houses, and other recreational areas.

Find the perfect eye-catching name for your cleaning business below.

  • Cleaning Mission
  • Wanda’s Cleaning Helpers
  • Sparkle and Shine Cleaning Services
  • Cleaning Fairy
  • The Maid Company
  • Doctor Clean
  • Happy Helpers

Art Business Name Ideas

Below is a range of cute to creative business names for your art business. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or digital art, the suggestions below will surely grab the attention of your market to make your art hobby a profitable business.

  • The Art Knight
  • Lord of the Hues
  • Culture 4 A Cause
  • The Wizard of Art
  • Paint It Right
  • The Brush Brothers
  • Art Click Ireland

Real Estate Business Name Ideas

Lastly, we have the real-estate niche. With people looking for homes and renting spaces for their shops, it’s an excellent start for your business to shine. 

  • The Godfather Estates
  • Estate Palace
  • Equitable Property Group
  • Apogee Property Advisors
  • Brick Lane Realty
  • Banyan Tree Realty
  • Granite Real Estate

Business Name Idea Tools

Now you know some ideas for your niche-centered businesses, let’s get into some of the name generators you could use to create your business name. It’s hard to think of original words sometimes, so these tools help you decide which one is best for you.

Just type the industry, niche, and or other keywords to help you find the perfect name idea for your business. It’s one step closer to strengthening your brand identity.

Check out the list below and find the perfect tool for your business.

  • BrandCrowd: Type your business name idea, and press enter. Your screen will direct you to our logo library, which has thousands upon thousands of logo templates you can pick. It’s hitting birds with one stone since you finalize your business name and logo. You also have the choice to create a simple website design for your business linking to pages where your market can connect with you.
  • Shopify: The platform will ask you to describe your brand in one word and generate around 100 business names and domains to help you create your website.
  • Business Name Generator: For BNG, type keywords related to your business and suggest 64 business names on the first page. There are more pages after that, depending on which business name you want. And like Shopify, they provide you with a domain name you must pay.
  • Namelix: First, they’ll ask you to type a keyword. You’ll choose a randomness degree ranging from low to high. Lastly, they’ll ask you which name style you want, auto-generated, non-English, short phrases, etc. You can now pick a logo design for your business name and save your desired visual.
  • Truic: For Turic, type two or more keywords for your business name. The platform will ask your location. After that, they’ll suggest a domain name and offer to create free logo creation.
  • Looka: For Looka, also type the industry you’re in and choose the type of logo design you like. After that, you can pick three for your final color combination, type your company with an option for a slogan, select as many icons as you want, and direct you to their logo suggestions you can customize and save for yourself.

Make Your Iconic Business Name Today

And there you have it! The complete guide to helping you name your business.

Careful not to copy some of the names above since they’re a mix of real businesses and made-up ones. Check your country’s Trademark Checker and entity name availability to avoid infringement.

When you decide on your final name, we can help you with your logo design, social media posts, and more. Create your business name today and pair it with beautiful, eye-catching designs for your business.

Good luck naming and designing your brand!

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