20 Facebook Logos of Top Fan Pages in 2020

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Facebook is the biggest social network platform based on reach and total active users. As of writing, the page has 2.7 billion monthly users. People use it to connect with friends, families, and other related interests, hence its popularity. 

This makes it an excellent environment for fan pages to thrive. Whether it be for business or leisure, many people plan on creating pages on this platform. For Facebook logo inspiration, we rounded up the most popular pages today. 

Although there’s a lot of news and discussion around social media addiction, 74% of millennial consumers still share that social media now influences their purchasing decisions. The social network is one of the most influential channels right now, as found by the report called A Marketer’s Guide to Reaching the Generations.  

Building a credible image of your brand on Facebook is vital if you want to start a community. It’s a way for you to connect with your audience or maybe even attract sponsors. 

That’s why you need a logo that you can consistently use for your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. 

You can take a study and get inspiration from this list of big brand logos. 

The pages you will see down below are involved in food, sports, tech, and entertainment. This range of industries will surely give you ideas on what design will and will not work for your company. 

Famous Facebook logos


The most liked page on the app as of writing is Facebook. With over 214 million followers, the page has an initial logo. You will also notice that the letter is written in lowercase. This design style is done by many modern brands like Amazon to build a more approachable image. 

Facebook also redesigns its logo every now and then to observe world events. This is the brand’s way of paying tribute to movements like Black Lives Matter, Cat World Domination Day, and more. 


The South Korean tech company has over 159 million fans on the platform. It keeps a clean and straightforward wordmark to represent itself. The text is designed with a sans serif font without the horizontal bar. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo has a strong social media presence on both his Facebook and Instagram pages. 

The football player’s initial logo creates contrast with different font-weight. The letters C and R are in bold while the number 7 is in a lighter font. For a creative touch, the logo adds a thunder-like design to the number.

Real Madrid C.F.

One of the most liked sports teams on the page, Real Madrid C.F., has 111 million likes. This team’s royal logo is a reference to its name because the Spanish name translates to “Royal Madrid.”

The team has kept the same design of its crest logo from 1941. 

Coca Cola

Food companies are popular on the social network, but Coca Cola reigns supreme. The company keeps its original Spencerian typography logo and keeps it creative. For its social network logo, the wordmark is paired with an illustration of the iconic cola bottles. 

FC Barcelona

Inspired by the emblem made by Claret Serrahima, the football crest of FC Barcelona is designed with a deep connection with the team’s hometown roots. The left region of the logo represents Catalonia’s patron saint, while the top right represents the Catalan National flag.


This Colombian artist has 99 million likes on her Facebook page. Shakira has a black and white logo that portrays her initial and her stage name. The wordmark is designed with a serif font that gives it an elegant silhouette.


Buzzfeed’s food-centric page has over 98 million likes. The page is known for its recipes and videos. You have probably seen its brand mark that is designed with an outlined typography. Its black and white text is against the backdrop of a sky blue background with various items laid out. The brand certainly knows how to make an appetizing design. 

Vin Diesel

Known for his work in The Fast & The Furious film franchise, Vin Diesel has the support of 96 million fans on Facebook. The actor keeps it simple with a signature logo. 

Leo Messi

The page is dedicated to yet another football icon. Leo Messi has 90 million likes on his Facebook page. He represents his brand with a crest shape that is common for soccer logos.

Found inside the shape is the letter M, which is the initial of this Adidas ambassador. It was created by Nathan Shinkle and Adidas design teams in 2010. Did you know that it was designed with Adidas’ three stripes? 

More Facebook logos for you

China Daily


Mr. Bean




Will Smith

Justin Bieber

Manchester United

Harry Potter


On average, people spend 58 minutes a day on Facebook. 38% of people also say that they have been using it significantly more ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can seize this opportunity and increase your chances of being seen by Facebook users with a unique brand identity. 

The page you are running for your brand or business will bloom with a distinct graphic mark.

Logos are the foundation of everyone’s first impression of your brand. It represents you and distinguishes you from your competitors. 

Custom logos are perfect for this. To acquire one, you can start a logo design contest and get the help of graphic designers to bring your design concept to life. Running one on DesignCrowd will give you the chance to receive over 50 design proposals. Learn more about it today,

But if you’re feeling creative, you can try creating a logo yourself. 

BrandCrowd has a library of ready to use logos for your company. Like the logos you’ve seen above, you can try experimenting with text, illustrations, and colors to establish your brand. In a few minutes, you can download your logo and start using it on your social media. Get started now. 

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