20 Gaming Logos for Hearthstone Players

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Hearthstone is a turn-based video game from Blizzard Entertainment released in 2014. The world is set in the Warcraft universe. 

You can try this game and play your cards right with a gaming logo for Hearthstone. This way, you can create a dominant brand both in-game and out. You may think that you don’t need a logo, but it has serious advantages that you don’t want to miss out on.

A gaming logo lets you become easier to recognize. Plus, it also helps your gaming business name gather more attention from your target audience. Hearthstone-inspired design can help invite people who are looking for content creators involved in this game. 

We created a collection of gamer logos that you can browse for inspiration. Get ready to browse fresh ideas and be impressed. The designs you’ll see are perfect for gamer girl logos, team logos, and more. Find the overview of designs right here. 

Unravel our deck of striking video game logos below!

Clan logos

Are you looking for a symbol that can represent your Heartstone guild? This section of team logos has what you’re looking for. 

There are different designs that teams can use for their brand identity. But it helps to discuss with your team what item or icon will best represent your group. You want to look for something that symbolizes your brand personality. 

For example, if you have an all-woman team, you can use fierce or even kawaii design to let people know. It’s also another way for you to take pride in your team’s unique qualities and abilities.

2x Dribbble Invites Spell Card by Catur Argi

For the Alliance! by Brian Houtz

Hearthsemite by John Flynn

Hearthstone Mascot by God Kils Leo

Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project Logo Localization by Daekeon Kim

Trolden Logo by Nikolay Verin

Pro tip: Create mockups with your logo

Knowing what your logo looks like on different applications is crucial in ensuring a practical design. That’s why it helps to put your logo on various brand assets. This includes materials such as T-shirts, mousepads, and business cards. What this does is give you an idea of how adaptive your logo actually is before you settle. 

Cool logos

To create a distinctive brand identity, you want to avoid using design elements and concepts that are overdone. You want to strive to be as original as possible. So you only want to keep your identity unique and look for a gaming logo with no watermark.

Put your own spin on logo concepts by incorporating elements that symbolize your brand. Look for design elements that represent your brand identity. You can also use design trends to help your logo look updated.

Check out awesome logos in this section!

AtoZ: Epic Text & Logo Effect by Aditya Nugraha Putra

Fábrica de Lendas by Aline Paffaro

Hearthstone by Javier Pasamar

Hearthstone card back by Dim Gunge

Hsc Dribbble by David Plint

Tuhao Gold by Popova

Pro tip: Get feedback

One way for you to improve your design is to gather insight. You can source logo critique by asking people what they think of your logo. Questions about their first impression or what they like the most about your logo will give you an idea of how well the audience will recessive your design. This also gives you time to revise the logo and make it better before your launch date. 

Twitch logos

Do you plan on streaming your games on Twitch like HysteriA and Zeddy Hearthstone? You better get a logo that you can apply on assets like your Twitch banner or video thumbnails. What this does is strengthen your brand identity and drive brand consistency. Doing this makes it easier for your viewers to remember you. 

You can use a cartoon or anime version of yourself as the focal point of your design. This way, your audience can remember your face quickly. But you can also go for a typography-based design. This is an excellent approach that you can do to put more focus on your brand name. 

Find more streamer logo ideas here.

BSOH (Brazilian Series of Hearthstone ) by Caiuan Santos

DadLegend Logo by Benjamin Redington

Hearthstone by Sam Jones

Hearthstone V CS:GO icon by Jhon Ivan

Hearthstone Weekly Brawl by Irrabagon

MassanSC – Twitch Streamer Logo by Darko Efremov

SearchStone by Kevin Granger

Hearthstone 100 in 10 challenge badge by Darren Geers

Pro tip: Set a limit to color

The reason why designers recommend sticking to only two to three colors when designing a logo is to retain simplicity. Otherwise, you may end up with a design that has too many colors. Having a limit enables you to avoid creating a brand identity that is oversaturated.


Globally, Hearthstone has over 23.5 million gamers. It has a rich community of diverse gamers who invest their time honing their card game skills. With a Hearthstone logo, you can display your dedication and build a solid brand identity.

You can source a fantastic logo like the ones in this list through the following approach.

Get the chance to receive up to 50 original custom logos by starting a logo design contest on DesignCrowd. The crowdsourcing platform allows you to post your design concept and receive bids from its community of freelance graphic designers. You can also use it for other brand assets such as flyer design and T-shirt design. Learn more about it today.

The BrandCrowd logo maker is for those who are looking for a DIY option. Brands can use it to create a design in minutes. Its logo design library and editing tool make the process a breeze. The maker also comes with other designs for Twitch banners, Facebook posts, and more. Try it right here.

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