23 Victorious Star Logos To Make You Shine

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A star is a symbol for heroes and leaders. It inspires wonder, exploration and achievement. Thinking of a star logo for your business? Whether you’re in the luxury sector, launching business related to the sea or the sky or creating a sport team, a star logo is perfect to start a branding that conveys success and quality. Having a striking star logo will help your company and your brand to shine!

To help you get inspired, checkout these 23 victorious star logos.

Golden Stars logo

Golden Stars Logo

Golden Star logo for a Store by shirlei patricia muniz

Golden Star logo for a Store by shirlei patricia muniz

Golden Wheat Ears logo by DesignLima

Golden Wheat Ears logo for a brewery by DesignLima

Play Cards Star logo by artpaul

Playcard Tea Logo for a café by artpaul

Indie Rock Black and White Star logo by berron 2

Black and White Star logo by berron 2 for a Band of Indie Rock

Club logo by aksioma

DJ star logo by aksioma for a club

Superstar logo

Superstar Logo

Tents, stars and moon logo

Under The Stars logo

Stars Observatory logo by eagle

Stars Observatory logo by eagle

Stars Catcher logo by cr8ive

Stars Catcher Logo for a film production company by cr8ive

Smiling Starfish logo

Smiling Starfish Logo

Blue Starfish logo

Blue Starfish Logo

Smiling Star logo

Smiling Star Logo

Unicorn Star logo by Natsia 27

Unicorn Star Logo by Natsia 27 for a black market curiosity shop

Golden Star logo

Golden Star Logo

Kaleidoscope Star logo

Kaleidoscope Star Logo

Leafy Star logo

Leafy Star Logo

Triangles Star logo

Triangles Star Logo

Red and Black Star logo

Red and Black Star Logo

Star Trees logo

Star Trees Logo

White Star Lens logo

White Star Lens Logo

American Football logo

American Football Logo

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