25 Channel Logos of Top Television Networks

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TV is forever. To this day, mobile use still hasn’t trumped television consumption among Americans. Consumers still spend 4 hours a day on the TV and give their phones three hours and 45 minutes, according to a study by Statista. 

Today, we will pay respects to the top tv channel logos. For this article, we are showing you the channels from Variety’s report on most-watched networks in the US. This roundup will provide information and design inspiration for fans and people who plan to dive into this industry.

Start scrolling to take a look at how the best channels choose to present themselves to the audience. You’ll find entertainment logos, news logos, and other media logos waiting for you below. 


Inspired by hex symbols, creative director Bill golden designed the CBS logo, also known as the Eye Network. This logo has been in use since 1951. The black and white logo is adaptive and striking enough that it doesn’t lose its impact despite being displayed against different visual content. 


The National Broadcasting Company is represented by a peacock featuring six different colors. Today’s version looks more minimalist compared to the first version of the peacock logo in 1965, which has 11 segments featuring different colors. It was designed by John Graham, the company’s in-house design director. 


Iconic corporate designer Paul Rand created the logo for ABC in 1962. It features a black circle with white lowercase typography of the channel name. It gave the brand mark a modern look that stays true today. The monochrome nature of the logo maintains the timelessness it provides to the logo. 


Fox chose a simple yet bold typography logo. The glyphs of the design are stocky and straight to the point. It was created with the help of the design firm Trollbäck+Company which has worked with IMAX, Teen Nick, and Penn State University, among others. 

Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel’s logo features red, white, and blue. These colors are now to communicate patriotism. The design elements that make up the logo have visual prominence provided by the square and rectangle that encloses them. 


The eyes of the audience are lead by the line that strikes the text logo of ESPN. This strike-through logo has been used by the sports network since 1985. It has a red and white color scheme that makes it appear even more distinct.


Owned by NBCUniversal News Group, MSNBC features the same peacock illustration. It differs, however, in the typography. The letters “MS” are placed vertically in the upper left corner of the NBC logo to lead your eyes and build a visual hierarchy. The MSNBC logo was launched in 1996, replacing America’s Talking channel. 


Ion Television logo features a modern and curvy font to create a lettering design. It strikes a contrast between the lowercase and uppercase type used in its brand name. The channel’s most recent modification was done in 2016 to make the tittle or the dot on the letter I angular. 


The home improvement and real estate channel has a logo with a triangle shape atop its brand name to serve as a roof. This stands as a reference to the channel’s homemaking content tv logo images. The old HGTV logo was in blue and green. However, the brand opted for a single color logo when it redesigned in 2010. 


The network’s current logo is one example of a flat logo. It has two-dimensional elements that make it easier to read on digital devices. This American Spanish language channel’s brand mark has four colors: purple, green, red, and blue. This design features both the initials and the entirety of its company name. 

Hallmark Channel

USA Network





Discovery Channel


The CW


Investigation Discovery


Food Network




This roundup isn’t just for TV brands. YouTube channels can also take inspiration from this list of TV channel logos and names.

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