25 Comedy Logos to Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Discover comedy logos fit for brands with a sense of humor. The designs are great for making a distinct identity in a serious market.

There’s a number of ways for you to show your sense of humor to the audience. The funny logos in this collection will help you achieve that with the use of visual communication. Each design gives brands the power to impress their audience at first glance. 

It’s important to have a remarkable design as a business. This is, after all, the image that your audience will associate with your content or service. 

Peep at the overview of logos that are waiting for you in this list. 

Standup comedian logos

Dreaming of becoming a standup comedian that is just as iconic as Patton Oswalt or Robin Williams? Start by developing your brand with a standup logo. 

You want to give the audience something to remember when you’re on stage. Plus, you can also use this for your social media accounts and website, letting you present your brand in a consistent way.

One thing that you can do to create a comedian logo is to feature an illustration of yourself and use that vector as the focal point of your design. 

However, you may opt for other illustrations featuring microphones, show curtains, clowns, smiling faces, and more. This will let you communicate to the audience that your brand is involved in performing and entertaining.

Take a look at more ideas below.

Comedic Chameleon by cahayafatimah

Grits & Giggles by yudaharv

Microphone Podcast by MDS

Open Mic Logo Animation by Slavisa Dujkovic | logo

New Logo by Denis Pushkar

Stage by sicasimada

Standup by Levon

Взрослые Люди (Adults) by Dmitry Krino

大大脱口秀 BIG BIG TALK SHOW by Bryan Butler

Pro tip: Add a frame

Regardless if you have a text logo or an illustration logo, you want to make sure that it pops. Putting it inside a frame will allow it to stand out. This element provides visual prominence that will make your design easier to apply to different collaterals such as web design and business cards.

Comedy show logos

A logo is important for any brand that offers content especially for those who are planning to start a comedy series or a comedy YouTube channel.

It may be challenging for some brands to pick a symbol that will symbolize their content. But symbols like play buttons and laughing characters are a good way to represent your specialty. 

Text logos are also another option. This type of design is versatile and easily fits any brand. Plus, it works no matter where you are from. Typography empowers you to create a design using your own language such as Japanese or Telugu comedy logos to target a specific audience. 

You can try this design for your show logo to achieve a straightforward look. The key to finding the right typography logo is by figuring out which font works best for you. Serif fonts or letters with a tailed element at the end are best for professional brands. 

On the other hand, sans serif fonts or letters that don’t have a tailed element at the end. This makes it ideal for modern or laidback brands.

Ecomedie logo by Ioan Decean

Elegant, Company Business Consultant Logo Design by joshsel3

GIMPROV by Pv_999

Loud Mouth Comedy Logo by Jay Smith

MomFoolery by Maxo-Biz

Neon Vintage Microphone by JimjemR

Playful, Colorful Entertainment Industry Logo Design by  Ashani Bhattacharya

Playful, Feature Logo Design by rahman.walker


Pro tip: Start your design in black and white

Using monochrome colors in the early parts of your design lets you concentrate on commonly overlooked elements such as composition, lines, and silhouettes. This allows you to come up with a logo that doesn’t rely on color to shine.

Comedy club logos

It is typical to see bar logos with bright brand logos and an illustration of their niche. For example, wine bar logos have vectors of wine glasses and bottles on their design. 

As a comedy club, you want to make sure that you depict your niche in your logo. But you also wanna do this in a way that can be eye-catching and easy to see in the dark. 

Try making a bright design featuring vanity bulb mirrors that will highlight your brand name and add a Hollywood touch to your brand identity. Using a neon logo is also a great choice for a light-inspired design. 

Whichever design you choose, you can add depth by incorporating colors. You could even try using color psychology to give people an idea of what traits your brand possesses. For example, you can use red to communicate passion or yellow to represent joyfulness. Logo by Bobby Bell

Diamond Comedy Club Logo by Mathias Temmen

Glowing Neon Microphone by town

Grapevine Comedy by PsyPen

Red Flag Comedy Logo by Ross Shafer

Skene Comedy by David Hultin

THE COMEDY CLUB by dochita cristi

Pro tip: Ask for feedback

Before you download comedy logos to use for your brand, it helps to ask for logo critique from either your friends, business partners, or the internet. Doing this helps you identify the points you have to improve in the design. This way, you can improve those weaknesses before you introduce the design to the public. 


Set the right impression when the audience sees your logo. This will allow you to grow brand recognition and foster customer loyalty. 

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