25 Gaming Logos for Minecraft Clans and Servers

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Grab your pickaxe and crack open this roundup of Minecraft logo inspiration. 

Minecraft is a sandbox video game series created in 2009. Players can create and take part in different worlds within the game. Themes can range from parkour, Middle-earth, ranch, and more. 

You can do a lot in this game. And there’s so much you can do to create a standout brand in this game. 

Any brand needs a logo design. Not only is it a pretty graphic mark that adds a creative look to their collaterals, but it also helps companies grab the attention of their target audience. Logos give them the power to strike connections and invite people to learn more about their brand. 

This roundup we created offers different styles for you to choose from. You can explore epic design options for server logos, skin logos, clan logos, and more. Learn what design concepts you’ll see in this overview.

Cool logos

If you plan to be a Minecraft YouTuber like DanTDM or PrestonPlayz, you need to have a fantastic design. This graphic mark will go with your channel, banner, and other collateral. The same goes for servers. A Minecraft SMP logo can help invite more players to check your creation out.

You can incorporate illustrations to transform your brand. Drawings of bears, skulls, decked-out pickaxes are great for this kind of design. It’ll help people associate your brand with Minecraft and attract players of the game.

Find more ideas below. 

3D Gaming Blocks by lazeefish

3D Multicolor Cube OGN by town

Craft This – 2 by Steven Tieulie

Gaming Weapon Letter M by JimjemR

Minecraft by Rafael Serra

Minecraft Learning Lab Logo Concept by Matthew Aaron Dimmett

Minecraft Steve Logo by Marek Trela

Minesrv by Vlad Iftimescu

Orange Gaming Castle by CreativePixels

Pro tip: Ask for logo critique

Getting insight into your logo design will help you spot features that need improving. This way, you’ll have the chance to revise them before you launch your company to the market. You can do this by showing your logo to friends or family and asking them about their first impression and other similar questions. 

Cute logos

Aiming for cute brand identity? This section of adorable logos is just what you need. 

Anything can be cute with the right art style and color palette. But you can add other elements to provide a special touch to the design and take it to the next level. Sparkles, anime eyes, ribbons, fruit, and other similar illustrations make for great kawaii logos. 

You can even use color to do this. Soft and pastel colors have a subtle look that is perfect for creating a feminine design. You can develop pairings of these colors by using the color wheel to whip up combinations. But you could also use color psychology to help guide your design.

Get the best inspiration in this section. 

3D Burger Sandwich by MusiqueDesign

HookSMP logo commission by Elijah Santostefano

Loka by Holy_Gun

Minecraft – Let’s Go On an Adventure by katie campbell

Mineplex by madisonhamm

Mineplex by Summit Creative

SAPPHIRE – Minecraft project logo by MoonStudio

VeganCraft Logo by Luke Dowding

Pro tip: Keep it simple

Avoid putting too many intricate details on your design. It’s tempting to dress your logo with different colors and ornaments, but it will make your logo hard to use. It pays to have a simple look that can translate well in various applications when it comes to logo design. 

Letter logos

The right font will help you make an effective logo that is functional and fitting for your personality. 

You can go for script, serif, sans serif, and other styles of typography. Different fonts will let you set the mood you want for your design.

However, you want to make sure that you pick fonts that are still easy to read. This makes it less likely for your audience to get confused when reading your logo. 

Find more letter logo ideas here.

36 days of type – M (Minecraft) by Tom

Black Logo Design by nano@creative

CHEESY by Omee

Games Logo Design by Summit Creative

L by Creativeart

Minecraft Text by Andrei Marius

N – Cube by Sean O’Brien

spearhead gaming by Alexand3r

Pro tip: Set a limit to color

Don’t get too excited about adding colors to your logo. It can bring it to life, but it can also negatively affect your design when you incorporate too many colors. To avoid an oversaturated look, designers recommend sticking to two to three colors. This is the right amount of color to give you an excellent palette to work with and not worry about oversaturating it.


No Minecraft clan or server is alike. That’s why you need to have a logo that will allow you to build a distinct brand that people can easily recognize. Whether your brand is masculine or feminine, it is vital to have a symbol to represent that.

The video game logos in this list demonstrate different ways to use graphic design for developing a unique presence in your industry. If you’re feeling inspired to start creating a logo, here are some ways for you to do that.

Connect with a community of freelance graphic designers to bring your design concept to life. DesignCrowd is a platform that lets you run a logo design contest. This option is great for brands that want access to different design proposals to choose from. It also has features for flyer design, merch design, and more. Get up to 50 design bids today.

The BrandCrowd logo maker is an alternative for those who want to DIY. It has a library of designs that you can explore. Plus, it has an editing tool to personalize the graphic marks. It lets you change design elements like font and color to fully capture your brand’s personality. 

You can also work on different brand assets like business cards and social media posts by using its other makers. Try it right here. 

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