25 Facebook Covers to Build Your Presence

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Is there a wrong and right way to doing Facebook cover photos? Truth is, it’s easy to get it done than to get it wrong. The principle of the Facebook cover photo remains simple: attract the audience. 

And there are so many ways for you to achieve that. But honestly, if you keep your audience scrolling further than the covers and the page names — if they continue to read some of your posts — then your cover photo has served its purpose. 

To help you get an idea how your Facebook cover photo should look like, scroll down because we prepared several numbers of well-designed cover photos that are guaranteed to lure the audience to stay. 

Business Facebook Cover Design by Shahadat Hossain I bizbox™

Company Accounting Facebook Design by Kristina Andonoff

Company Facebook Design by bext22

EDENA | FB Event Cover Image by Sebastian

Facebook Cover Design by Apon Sign

FACEBOOK COVER DESIGN by ByPassTech || Social Media & T-shirts

Facebook Cover Design by ByPassTech || Social Media & T-shirts \

Facebook Cover design by Shahadat Hossain I bizbox™

Facebook Design by cahkuli

Fashion Photography Facebook Design by Mathan Jawahar

Fashion sale social media cover template by Al Nadir

Fitness Facebook Cover Design by SHAMIM AHAMED

Fluid Grunge 100k Facebook Cover by brandcrowd

Food social media post or Facebook cover template by Al Nadir

Free Facebook Cover Timeline Template 10 by Mohammad Usama

Furniture | Social Media Facebook Cover Design by Al Nadir

Halloween Horror Stories Facebook Cover by brandcrowd

International Beer Day Facebook Cover by brandcrowd

Luxury Retail Facebook Design by ecorokerz

Real Estate Facebook cover by Creative Clan Team

Special Steak Facebook Cover by brandcrowd

We Support World Environment Day Facebook Cover by brandcrowd

We’re Closed Sign Facebook Cover by brandcrowd

World Pasta Day Doodle Facebook Cover by brandcrowd

Xmas Weekend – FB Cover and post by Marija Đurđević

Final Thoughts

Are there designs that speak to your tastes? If so, no need to duplicate the design from scratch. Some of the templates we provided are customizable in BrandCrowd Facebook Cover Maker

Here’s how to use it. Simply visit the link. Once there, you’ll be presented with hundreds of templates you can instantly customize to make it more uniquely yours. And from there, you can download the finished product. 

No need to crop the size because its measurements are suited for Facebook covers. 

For most brands, the most vital information they can place on the cover photos is the logo. Hence logos are non-negotiable for starting businesses that are planning to establish their presence on social media. 

BrandCrowd is to the rescue again. It can generate thousands of logo templates that can surely cater to your branding needs. Find one or several you can be proud to showcase in your marketing materials.

And if you have no time to design your own visual assets, then hand the responsibility to a professional designer. DesignCrowd is home to hundreds of trusted logo and other graphic designers. Just state your design brief, your budget, and expect designers from coming up a tone-accurate, and appealing designs for you. 

If you look at a Facebook page, the first thing you see is the cover photo, apart from the logo and the name. So it’s only right that we think through what kind of information and details we want to get included and what are the ones we should leave out. 

Although it won’t statistically determine the success of your Facebook page, it doesn’t hurt to be mindful of its content. WIth Brandcrowd, this process shouldn’t be difficult. So have fun designing your Facebook covers. 

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