30 Charming Logos for Beauty Apps

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Mobile applications are not taking beauty for naught. 

The steady market is finding its place online. It’s no longer just about brick and mortar stores. While eCommerce platforms for beauty are expected,  other app types are now being created for on-demand beauty services, augmented reality, and much more.

App brands that are just starting out have different marketing strategies up their sleeves. But as different as those techniques may be, nothing will beat the impact of an effective branding kit that resonates with your audience. 

Logos are powerful tools for visual communication and storytelling. This is a strong way for you to create a remarkable first impression that will give your brand advantage.

Learn how you can achieve brand wellness through graphic design. Peep these beauty app logos you should check out:


Think about the apps you use daily. We bet there’s at least one with an icon as the app logo’s main element. Apps such as Instagram, Facetune, Perfect Me, and more feature some sort of illustrated component in its design. 

The following icon logos portray different personalities with the use of direct and expressive illustrations. Unlike other logos, these icons strike audiences without having to use excessive graphic details. App icons do this to avoid using complex details that make the design difficult to use on other channels. 

Water Beauty Lips by sonjapopova

Woman Beauty Face by podvoodoo13

Woman Fashion Lipstick Sunglasses by DanikBrt

Woman Hair Beauty by podvoodoo13

Woman Logo by Christina Muxlow

The best way to select a logo design for app icons is to shoot for scalable concepts. You can do this by checking if your logo will retain its legibility and effectivity regardless of its size dimension. 

As a rule of thumb, your logo should be with a height of at least 60 pixels and a maximum of 250 pixels wide. It is also recommended that you keep a jpg and png file of your logo. These formats will allow you to keep the quality lossless and avoid pixelation. 

Taking these measures into mind and action yields better results even if you plan on making your software available on different operating systems.

Salony by Creathrive

Sofia Luxe Dermaceuticals by ew4828752

Makeup Beauty Box Basket by radkedesign

Flower Castle Logo by Yansuari Shakti

Hair And Beauty by DanielV02

Japanese Geisha by SimplePixelSL

Neon Pink Flower by eightyLOGOS

Practice Logo Design by Hazera Tasnim

Lotus by Masum_Rakib

Beauty Flower Company by DanikBrt

Beauty Salon by Black Stallions Impressive Solutions

DOLLHOUSE Cosmetics by jawi!

eko by hih7


One common mistake app logo designers make is incorporating overly complex concepts into the logo. Doing this may reduce legibility especially when app logos are displayed in small dimensions. You can avoid making a mistake by going with a text-based logo.

There are two types of text logos. For this section, we are going to look at wordmark logos. These logos feature the full brand name in the design. Famous app logos like Grindr, Duolingo, Flickr, Huff Post, and USA Today, among others, carry their wordmark logos well.

The Rose Shop by isabel.paoli

Zara & Co. – Hair Salon Logo by Hazel Sabbun


B.A. Store by Maycon Prasniewski

carmen – make-up artist by Daniel Prundeanu

Butterfly App by eightyLOGOS

Make sure your logo looks good in monochrome colors or black and white. Stripping color off of a logo will allow you to identify the weaknesses of the concept. This is a common practice done in other design services such as packaging design because it is a good test for versatility and practicality. 


Concise design says a lot about your brand identity. Lettermark logos are text-based symbols that only use initials. Big companies such as NASA, KFC, Facebook, and more have initial logos. This is a popular choice for brands that have long names. The lengthy characters of their name do not sit well with graphics that are put on small spaces such as app logos. 

speed Beauty by girlandhavean

Fashion Feminine Letter G by BrandCrowd

CK ColourKing Hair & Beauty by Fadillah Abdi

Beauty Spa Logo by Lucky Day Logos


Some brands may feel limited to using fonts and colors alone. But typography opens up another door for powerful app design. You can use different fonts to create interesting logos. Try out fonts such as Roboto, Raleway, Quicksand, and Poppins.

Lettermark logos are great canvases for you to experiment with design trends. One of the best mobile app logo design trends right now is gradient coloring. This is a process of incorporating color that gradually blends from one color to another. It’s an eye-catching trend for sure. 

You can try other design trends out and see what you like. Just make sure to comply with trends sparingly. You don’t want to lose the timelessness of your design and have a logo concept that’s incoherent with the rest of your interface.

A women by AmbikaStudio


The perfect logo is the lifeline of any branding strategy. Looks are everything in the industry, after all. Who would trust a beauty brand with an aesthetically disagreeable icon?

To get it right, you can check out this library of available beauty logo designs that you can use for foolproof branding. You can play around with fonts, contrasts, and the entire color spectrum to make a design that is uniquely you.

The design template is just a launchpad for you to explore your creative capabilities.

Customizing the professionally made designs will get you closer to the icon of your dreams. This will help you make sure that you have a scalable design that will look good anywhere and not just the play store. 

Jaw-dropping logos from BrandCrowd are designed to look good on other platforms as well. Check out these logos that look amazing on different collaterals. It looks good on shopping bags and other print materials. 

Needless to say, these beauty app logos look amazing on social media, web page design, ads, and more.

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