30 Discord Server Logos to Channel Brand Growth

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Effective graphic design is one of the main parts of building a community. Creating a symbol that will resonate with your members is an essential part of your operations. 

This rings true for Discord servers. In case you don’t know, Discord is one of the emerging social media platforms right now. It was launched in 2015 and right now, it has 250 million active users. It is quite a saturated platform, trumping its known competitor Slack.

The VoIP application opens up a lot of doors for different industries. Big voices in sectors like video games, content creation, marketing, and even customer service use the group chat platform for their operations.

It provides another way for communities to get in touch with each other and thrive in the online landscape. 

No matter how you plan on using the platform, selecting the best Discord server logo will unlock opportunities for you. These popular design themes are something that you should definitely check out:

Make your group chat awesome with these designs. 

Chat bubble

One of Discord’s main functionality is its chat option. Servers moderated by content creators or fans always have a message thread that’s buzzing with conversation. This is one of the platform’s many charms. Communities connect and customize how they interact with each other. 

Chatting Letter B by ions

Gear Message by MDS

Modern Chat App by ions

Number 5 Messaging by wasih

Speed Message by SimplePixelSL

1 + fire logo concept by Vadim Carazan

Acuconnect by mera design crowd

Eyes Multimedia by Jose_luiz1978

To symbolize community discourse, you can use a speech bubble logo design. 

The symbol goes far back. Chat bubbles help indicate who is speaking or who wrote a certain message. Interestingly, it is a sign that Mesoamericans used in their art way back in 600 and 900 AD.

Featuring self-explanatory symbols allows you to communicate a message without the need to add complex details. This is a good move for server logos. Discord server logo dimensions are only up to 512 x 512 pixels, which is not a lot of playing field for intricate design. 

This professional design is also great for those who plan using their servers for corporate matters such as marketing, sales, and company customer service.


The coolest gamers, influencers, and celebrities are on the platform with their own servers. You will find The Try Guys, Carson King, Tyler Blevins, and other big names on the platform. These public figures are famous because they are all cool in their own way. Just like them, your group can be considered hip, too. 

iTech Professionals by Atec

Nextdish by prasoon mohan

Old client logo for a trending channel by Mixo

Constant Origin by Chelzea

8Ters Burger & Doner by GLDesigns

E & M Cube by shad

Arrow Number 3 by wasih

Aura by Jultopull

Graduate Leaders by mera design crowd

Interior design channel by Justina

For cool logos, you want something that looks modern and in with the times. 

One of the biggest logo trends right now is flat logos. These minimalist logos appear better on digital devices. Since your server will appear on monitors and mobile phones, you might want to try this style out.

Hipster Gaming Esports Gamer by JimjemR

If you’re in the mood to be a contrarian, try vintage or retro-inspired logos. When executed right, hipster style designs push boundaries in a remarkable way.


Did you know that Discord’s motto used to be “Chat for Gamers”?

The platform had set its sights to creating a platform that is optimized for gaming. However, that all changed when communities ranging from different backgrounds found value in starting their own servers. There are communities dedicated to music, sci-fi, anime, and a whole lot more.

Badskull by Iblowyourdesign

Blue Fibre by FireFoxDesign

Gaming Demon Mascot by JimjemR

Eyes Multimedia by ESolz Technologies

Apostrophe Number 6 by wasih

The bag of users of this application is now more diverse, but its original target audiences are still on the platform. 

Regardless of your group’s shared interests, setting up a great gaming community logo is a great way to build meaningful connections. Even if you like PUBG, Overwatch, or other video game titles, there are hundreds of gaming logo options that are fitting for your group. 

KillerSquad V2.0 by Mark Lester Jarmin

MironGracz Twitch channel logo by Miron Mrozinski

Mister Pencil by kokiedan87

Planck – Discord bot logo by Tom M

Score by ESolz Technologies

mytv logo design by AK

Show how you can dominate the game with your strategy and ferocity through edgy branding. 


Build a strong community of like-minded individuals on Discord. Branding your server properly will help you become a more credible group and attract more members. 

Plus, creating a balanced logo will make it easier for you to put your logo on assets like t-shirts, caps, pins, and more. You’ll never know when the community will meet up during conventions, right? 

It goes without saying that the logos look amazing on ads, videos, web page designs, and more. Check out these Discord logos from BrandCrowd that are designed to look good in any application. 

Those logos sure got you excited about giving your group of pals a symbol to connect with. 

Try customizing a logo with the help of the gang using the BrandCrowd logo maker. Using the tool, you can let your creativity run wild with illustrations, fonts, and other graphic elements to create the symbol you want.

Get the community involved in the process and share a stronger bond. It’s probably about time for you to change the logo you’ve had since the inception of your server. 

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