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30 Empowering Logos for Your Women-Owned Company

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Women are still greatly outnumbered by men in higher corporate settings. They make up less than 5% in the Fortune 500 CEO list. Thankfully, people are working to mend that huge disparity in different ways. You can even do so through the simple means of branding and design.

Letting your audience know that a company is women-owned works wonders. Consumers in a study claimed that they’re more likely to buy something even if it’s out of their way in order to support a women-owned brand.

You can call this devotion either the cause or effect of women powered businesses’ steady growth. In the United States, businesses owned by women have grown significantly enough to earn $1.9 trillion in revenue. This fact alone is strong enough to be the marketing hack of girl bosses everywhere. If you have it, flaunt it (as they say).

Display your feminine pride with these logos that we’ve curated according to industry. We have adaptive concepts for the following industries:

  • Healthcare & Fitness
  • Tech and Consumer Services
  • Wellness

Healthcare & Fitness

Women CEOs in digital health companies are growing faster each year. They’ve strived to build women-led organizations for women because they feel it’s the best way to address gender-based health problems rampant today.

Explore this opportunity by adding cool colors in your branding. 

Colors in the cooler part of the spectrum are often seen in any healthcare design. Plus, it’s the top favorite color of women around the world. Theorists suggest that the color blue makes people feel calm which can be beneficial for people who are seeking tranquility and assurance. 

Human Genetic Chain by Logobrainstorm
Abstract Gradient Company by DanikBrt

Dental Bunny by MDS
Green Dove by Inovalius
Blue African Stroke Print by JimjemR
Gym Timer by skippadouza

This color also helps your brand be perceived as a dependable and trustworthy brand. Industries that do business with crucial subjects like medical help and services may get value from this branding fact.

Gradient Edgy Owl by Mypen

Next to blue, violet is the second color women love the most. Using this in your design gives your brand a feminine look that can get rewarding. 

Women make 80% of decisions in the healthcare market. Tapping into this number is only common sense. These companies are making a difference for their advocacy, but they’re also knocking onto the hearts of the major purchasing decision-makers.

Technical Services

We define technical services as businesses that provide solutions in the form of public relations, law, accounting, and more. This is still a fairly male-dominated industry, but this is changing. Private tech companies are said to earn higher ROI than those led by men.

Futuristic Green Flower by Logobrainstorm
G bubble by town
Hexagonal Conferewce Table by shad
Infinity Target by shad
Purple Abstract Business by neostudio
Metallic Flower by vitoktimon
Handyman Octopus by SimplePixelSL
Oil Drop by kolvic

Investors used to take startups created by women for granted. But now studies have shown that they perform better as time passes by based on a five-year period study.

Circling back to that fact, you may have noticed that a lot of these logos are round. It is common practice to use round shapes to communicate softness and consistency. This is associated with broad positive judgments of your brand as being attuned to the needs of your consumers and becoming better over time.

You can still use angular shapes like triangles or square logos often used in the technology industry. The shape is often translated to strong foundations and innovation in brand perception.

Server Cube by shad
Company Chart by Logobrainstorm
Sun Home Square by jjeahh
Abstract Polygon A by AHATOJIb


Entrepreneurs see potential in the wellness industry because it has grown 6.4% in the span of three years. The growth shows no signs of stopping as it is now valued at $4.5 trillion globally. 

This industry covers a lot of categories including, but not limited to personal care, nutrition, fitness, disease prevention, spa, tourism, workplace wellness, and more.

Abstract & Geometric by JimjemR
H & P by SimplePixelSL
S Flame by town
Abstract Gradient Star by neostudio

The wellness industry is chock-full of warm colors. A lot of these logos have gradients that look like the setting sun and therefore seem comforting and at times, uplifting.

Luxury Golden Cross by MDS
Mane & Lion by LogoBrainstorm

Most of these brands use visual harmony to create a sense of peace when seen by the audience. What we mean by this is, the logo elements create a pattern with a single axis. This gives a more satisfying output because the human mind is predisposed to recognizing and making connections in everything.

Oval Number 8 by wasih
Metallic G & C by sonjapopova
Red Cobra Logo by SimplePixelSL

These illustrations with curvy and slender elements are also seen by consumers as feminine as opposed to pointy shapes which are perceived as manly.

Marching on

Businesses lose conversions by missing out on the opportunity to market their unique selling propositions. Being a women-led business holds great advantages in the market. 

Consumers generally view this business type as something that provides better goods and/or services. Of course, that shouldn’t be the end-all, be-all of your company. But it sure is a great starting point that many men-owned businesses simply don’t have despite their economic dominance.

So pick your head up and we hope our logos have rekindled that entrepreneurial spirit you have within.

Much like women, our logo collection has been diverse and can adapt to suit different facets. But we get it, it’s not a one size fits all situation. This is why we offer great logos for different companies and let you edit them to make it even better. 

You can get amazing logos for your women-led start-up by visiting our logo maker here.

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