30 Famous Shoe Logos from Australian Brands

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Find the best shoe logo ideas from the most popular Australian shoe companies. 

The country isn’t just known for vegemite and kangaroo leather. The Land Down Under also has a competitive shoe industry. According to IBISWorld, the footwear manufacturing industry has increased revenue to $703.3 million. 

This roundup features some of the most renowned Australian-made running shoes, men’s shoe brands, women’s shoe brands, and more. It features a variety of sustainable brands to established brands from the ’30s. 

Browsing this list will surely get your mind running with design ideas and inspiration, regardless of what industry you’re involved in.

The footwear logos and sneaker logos you will see below are charged with inspiration that you can use to start your own shoe empire today.

RM Williams

Founded by Reginald Murray Williams, the brand has been around since 1932. It has a signature-inspired design with a longhorn bull in the center. The text is emphasized by the animal’s horns, making it eye-catching.


Feit is often stylized with capitalized letters. This NY-based brand offers natural-made products such as shoes and wallets. The shoe manufacturer has a black and white logo that allows it to be versatile and easy to apply on brand collaterals. Its typography uses a sans serif font, creating a modern look.


Founded by Marina Tokarski and Gus Arga, the minimalist shoe brand takes pride in ethical practices. Its name is a combination of different words that translates to “on route.” This brand’s logo is two horizontal stripes that look like an equal sign. Its wordmark is an orange sans serif text that is in all caps.

Christian Kimber

Christian Kimber is an award-winning brand based in Melbourne. The footwear logo of this brand consists of a serif font with proper capitalization, creating a professional and sophisticated look. Blue and white colors used in the logo keep the brand image appear masculine and classy.

Jaggar Footwear

This Australian brand is based in London. It is known for feminine and vintage-inspired pieces. For its brand identity, it has a sans serif typography logo. It doesn’t have illustrations and other ornaments, keeping it simple and easy to remember.

James Smith

Breeana Smith and Matthew James established the brand. Its name is stylized as JAMES | SMITH. For its brand mark, it incorporates a light sans serif font for a subtle design. The logo brings in a minimalist touch to the design/

Nelson Made

Nelson Made is a shoe brand committed to sustainability. It operates in a clean energy studio in Melbourne. This brand incorporates bold typography using a minimalist-inspired font with rounded edges to keep the design feminine.

Christopher Esber

Since 2010, the brand by award-winning designer Christopher Esber continues to create contemporary clothing. Using capitalized sans serif typography, the brand evokes modernity and dominance at the same time. The design also has minimal ornaments, making it more adaptive to different applications.

St. Agni

This brand from Byron Bay focuses on luxury and minimalism. It has an old-fashioned brand logo that utilizes a serif font. This keeps the brand mark readable, especially on printed materials, while creating a classic feel to the brand identity.

Alias Mae

The leather shoe company got its start in 2011 with a focus on women’s footwear. It has a bold sans serif logo. This keeps the design simple but still dominant. The brand also has a lettermark logo design using the same font.

Find more Australian shoe logos below.

Tony Bianco


Wanted Shoes



Bared Footwear

Eve & Kane



Julius Marlow


Department of Finery

Sol Sana


Studio Amelia


Radical Yes





Shoe logos let you stay connected with your audience and create brand loyalty. 

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