30 Gaming Logos for Gamer Girls

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For the longest time, the women population has long been regarded as a minority in the gaming industry. Today, women from all over the world are breaking that stereotype as the community grows bigger. Girls now make up 46% of the gaming population.

The competitive scene calls for equally competitive branding, too. 

If you haven’t started thinking about how you’ll fix your visual identity yet, don’t worry. We’re here to guide you. To help encourage the community members to make a name for themselves, we rounded up great gaming logos that will serve as your branding inspiration and keep you confident as you create decisions for your brand. 

The following concepts have proven to be effective and well-loved by the demographic:

As different as these logos themes may seem, each design is versatile enough to support your brand objectives—whether it be to gather more audiences for your streams or have your team noticed by the pro league.


It’s no rocket science. People like cute things. Science explains this as an evolutionary feature that encourages people to take care of vulnerable creatures. For gamer girls, it’s a common thing to be cute, yet be an absolute killer in-game

Cute brands gravitate towards soft pastel colors or kawaii-inspired illustrations. Kawaii design is characterized by expressive faces, big heads, and Japanese-inspired illustrations. As for fonts, you can play around with  Viksi, Milkshake, Brusher, Hamster, and more. These fonts pair well with feminine themes because of their bubbly characteristics. 

Cute Female Gamer by arishu

Gamer Avatar by Paulina Corona

But if quirky concepts are not your thing, you can also try Nintendo NES that takes inspiration from the pixelized games in the 90s. You’ll look cute and retro at the same time. 

Eye Gamer by town

Feminine Heart Gamer by arishu

Gamer Girl by Montserrat Vázquez Prendes

Samurai Dog by Benjamin Lipsø

Mascot logo animal cute cat by Barbarich

Miracle by Lisaly

Adorable animals are popular for cute gaming logos, too. Creatures like unicorns, cats, and the likes make for endearing results. You can also add details to make it even cuter like this Miracle logo created by designer Lisaly above. The sparkling elements that surround the unicorn horn also add a whimsical air to the design. 


As a gamer, it’s challenging to come off as run-of-the-mill. You can instantly communicate your strengths and other winning qualities with a creative logo that can steal the show. Remarkable graphic design can help you look striking at a single glance.

Game like a girl by Lisaly

Pink Gaming Number 4 by podvoodoo13

Game Quotes by town

Gamer Girl Illustration by Taylor Carr

You can tap into art styles that aren’t commonly used by your competitors. Take minimalism for example. This Game like a girl logo looks simple and adaptive. It provides a good contrast even if you put it on different backgrounds. 

Red Dragon Gaming by JimjemR

La Chica Gamer by Szende Brassai

Logo Wingsmob by Miracle Valentine

Keeping a versatile logo in mind will make it easier to use for various channels whether in print or digital channels. This can also be used for social media which is an important tool for marketing yourself as a game critique, streamer, and other types of gaming content creators. 

To become a reliable source of information, you need to provide graphic assets that have a professional and credible look.

Stream Queen Mascot Logo by William-Alexandre Hébert

YouTube Vlogging Gamer Girl by JimjemR

Rebylicious logo by ilham prambudiharjo

Gamer Girl Vector Illustration by Heavtryq 

Although there isn’t much typography or color involved, this gamer girl vector logo has enough depth to make the design interesting. It does that without oversaturating it with different elements. 


Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you’ll go easy on your opponents. You can demonstrate your ferocity in a number of ways. With good logo design, you can show your audience nad opponents that you are capable of being competent, too. You can be like the legends of girl gaming such as Scarlett, Ricki Sophie Ortiz, and Mystik, among others.

There is more than one way to brand yourself as a gamer girl. 

Aeorius eSport mascot logo by rasiorise designs

Amazonas Gaming by DekMario

DEEENG by Axolo

Esport Logo for Warface player Yufort by Dima`saz`Zelenko

Girl Gamer logo concept by Anand Sharma

GIRLS ONLY by Topocho DG

Gunslinger Girl Logo Template by Heavtryq

Gaming Girl Logo by Tafhim Abdullah

The method first is through the strategic use of colors. Applying dark colors such as violet like the logo above can communicate royalty and luxury. People have preconceived notions when it comes to color. You can use color psychology to your brand’s advantage. The same goes for other colors in the spectrum. If you want to read more about them click here

Shapes are also good elements to use for this. Audiences tend to think of a brand as feminine and mysterious. On the other hand, cornered and stiff looking shapes are associated with masculinity. 

Pink Ghoul Esports Gaming by JimjemR

Pink Queen Hair Crown by JimjemR

If you’re wondering what design trends are taking the industry by storm, we’re here to tell you that flat art styles are huge right now. The 2D style gives accessibility to the design and keeps your logo free of clutter as well. Content creators like Ninja, VanossGaming, and iHasCupquake are a few examples of top gamers with a flat logo.

Regardless of your niche or genre, building a good brand image is important to rise above your competitors. PewDiePie wouldn’t rise to fame if he had a vanilla personality, right?

With a fierce logo, you can intrigue them with your personality and show them that you are capable of doing what the other gamers are doing regardless if you’re in a male-dominated sport.

Ready, gamer girl?

Branding is an essential step for any gamer, even for newbies. As you have scrolled through this design list, we hope you have gathered enough confidence to decide on your logo. 

Additionally, try to think about your audience as early as possible. You revolve your design strategy around this, too. Start thinking about which logo design will help you create a connection with them. The most popular PC games to stream right now are LoL, Rainbow Six: Siege, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Minecraft, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Pursue a hobby or set out for a fruitful career in the pro league. 

Whether you are a boy, girl, or binary, gamer success starts with an effective logo design. Check out our gaming logo maker to create a great one fast and dominate the game. 

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