31 Self-Storage Logos for Your Next Real Estate Venture

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The United States has one of the biggest markets for storage units. It’s a profitable real estate niche, which is why this real estate venture is sure to attract investors and entrepreneurs. Get a better chance of finding success in this industry with the help of a striking self-storage logo to help your brand identity stand out.

That’s why we created a list of self-storage logo ideas to inspire you. 

Real estate logos should never be boring. That’s why we rounded up the best designs for you. Take a look at the overview below: 

Shape logos

The standard storage unit looks like a square room. Most storage logos in the market today have a square shape to signify the inventory space. It is a symbol, but it is also an excellent element to incorporate into your logo. 

The shape can also stand like a frame to the design and give it emphasis. This allows you to apply the logo on marketing materials and have little worry of it being overshadowed by other elements. A logo with strong visual prominence will be easier to see and notice by your audience. 

Of course, you can try other shapes such as diamond, circle, and the like to break the monotony.

For color, red, blue, or a combination of black and white are ideal for real estate brands. These colors are bold and dominant to make your logo eye-catching. It also helps to use a single color or monochrome scheme as it adds adaptability to your design. 

Bold Moving and Storage by GrafactoryGrafactory

Conta home by fLva

logo for storage services by Alua Kilibayeva

Moving Box by abiep

New England Auto by Design Nation

New England Auto & Boat Storage by GLDesigns

Red Door Storage by ArtTank

Right Fit Storage by Aaron Gibson

Self-Storage Logo by David BEAUD

Storage Box Logo by Alin Ionita

Storage by BlueEyesbd

West Coast Cold Storage – Logo by Ideaplane Studio

Whitianga Self Storage by victipedia

Pro tip: Add space

You don’t want to oversaturate your design with decor. Make sure to leave enough room for each design element to avoid visual clutter. This also makes your logo remarkable and easy to digest in the eyes of the audience. 

Illustration logos

Let your creativity flow using drawings as the focal point of your logo. These are self-explanatory images that can help describe your real estate niche instantly. It also allows you to break through language barriers and even set up a mascot for your brand. 

Illustrations can add an eye-catching touch to your design. However, it would help if you were wary of the drawings that you source. You want to avoid using ones that have too many intricate details in them, as this takes away your design’s adaptability. 

It is common to see images of locks, boxes, rooms, and arrows to help communicate storage services. 

Belltown Self Storage by Shigh5

Dubbo Self Storage by TechWise

Go Mobile Storage by FullStop

Munford Self Storage by ronimax

Old Ellis Storage by Gita.

Smart Box by ellebrea

Smart Packing by logotipper

storage by tururu

Space 2 Spare Storage by logoworld

UBOX by rikkymoller

Pro tip: Consider your audience

You always want to make sure that your target audience understands and connects with your design. Most targets of storage operators are college students, military personnel, retirees, and divorcees. Knowing who you are trying to speak to allows you to better gauge your design. 

Text logos

Simplicity is one of the most essential traits of a logo design. This makes any design easy to remember and digest. It lessens the likelihood of audiences being confused or distracted by unnecessary elements. 

That’s why text-based logos remain to be one of the most popular options for brands today. 

Contrary to popular belief, you can still create a highly creative design with just text. Fonts let you add a layer of meaning to your design. Serif fonts or text with a decorative tailed and element are great for signifying elegance and luxury. While sans serif fonts or glyphs without this element are seen as modern.

You can browse different free font libraries to help you choose the perfect font that captures your brand’s essence. 

Additionally, you can choose between lettermark and wordmark logos. Lettermark logos are initial logos that are great for brands who plan to abbreviate their long name. On the other hand, you have wordmark logos to showcase your name’s full version and get more people to be familiar with it. 

59 Self Storage by the kiss

Gabox by untitled

Packer Up Logo by STierney

Scatola by Brandvue

Self storage logo by Tomasz Kozłowski CONCEPT

CubeSmart Rebrand by Dylan Menke

OnSite Storage Containers by sidh

Monument Court Self Storage by bijuak

Pro tip: Experiment with modern design

Showing off a contemporary brand identity through text alone may challenge some people. But you can do this by using modern fonts for logos. Or you can also use all lowercase letters for a trendy look. This is done by techy brands like Airbnb and Amazon to appear approachable.


The self-storage industry is slated to grow its value to $49.24 billion in 2024. It is simply one of the best real estate niches today. 

Before you head out to build a storage business, make sure that you get a logo design that will make you a distinct brand. This list has shown you many ways to present yourself and connect with more people through design.

Setting up a logo design contest on platforms like DesignCrowd lets you get the ideal design, all while having a vast number of options to choose from. Crowdsourcing gives you the chance to collaborate with a community of designers who will submit over 50 design proposals for your project. Learn more about it here. 

Or bring out the designer in you and try making your own design. The BrandCrowd self-storage logo maker lets you customize storage logos, warehouse logos, and a whole library of designs for your brand identity. Apply your brand color scheme, fonts, and shapes for a design like no other. 

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