32 Antique Logos for Shops and Collectors

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Take pride in the history that lies behind your products with an antique logo.

This billion industry is growing both on offline and online platforms. You can go online and easily find valuable collectibles. It is easy to get your products on the radar of your target audience. But you can improve this by developing a unique brand identity. 

You must have a logo that will instantly connect and relay information to passersby, whether it be in brick-and-mortar establishments or in their social media timeline. 

To help you gather inspiration, we prepared a logo roundup. Find the overview of designs you’ll see below.

Antique Fashion Logos

One of the most loved genres of fashion is vintage or antique. Logos can represent your love for nostalgic styles and capture the attention of vintage fashion fans. 

When it comes to fashion logos, you have a ton of options. It would be appropriate to create a text-based design or even add vintage logo vectors as the focal point of your logo. 

Another thing you can do to improve your design instantly is to add color. Opt for neutral and earthy colors to bring the brand mark to life. You can put a creative spin and add contrasting colors like red to make your design pop. There are different ways for you to do this too. Colors can be incorporated in a solid form, gradients, or even brush strokes. 

Classic Antiques for furniture by dalia

Four Winds Antiques by Kimosis Designs

Left Bank Antiques by Carlos Alba D.

Lury vintage clothing brand logo by Brandall Agency

Maejean Vintage by Birdcage

Ron Alambique by theodorusdick14

Simple Elegant Jewelry by town

TRE Clothing – Vintage Logo design by Giovanni Linzas

vintage jewellers by rahman.walker

Vignette by m_designs

Vintage Logo / Retro Label & Badges by Design District

Pro tip: Start with black and white

Designers recommend starting your logo design with monochrome colors. This allows you to focus more on your logo’s shape, lines, and silhouette without the distraction of color. Doing this will enable you to make sure that your logo will make an impact regardless of color.

Antique Furniture Logos

Furniture and antique businesses are all about being able to tell a story. 

Having a distinct logo will allow you to do this. You can use graphic design to evoke feelings of nostalgia and different qualities that set you apart from more contemporary brands. 

Using vintage-inspired design elements such as ribbons, stamps, and calligraphy, you can craft a show stopping face for your brand. But you want to make sure that you include relevant images as well. You could add vectors of chairs, tables, shelves, and other furniture related to your offering. 

Ancient Son by logobaker

Antique by Sumesh | Logo Designer

Antique Chair by lamissol

Brown Vintage Old Camera by JimjemR

Lauren Csaki Antiques by Aida H.

Stinson Antiques & Appraisals by jizzy123

Vintage Moose by Manu

Vintique Antiques Yesterday Today by AlexDev Studio

Wallsmith Logo V2 by Chris

wicked good treasures by Zainny Azuar

Pro tip: Have different file formats ready 

Your logo may be perfect, but if it isn’t in the right format, it may look blurry and pixelated. To prevent this from happening, you should always have a high-resolution copy of your logo in lossless file formats. The standard logo files are PNG, AI, EPS, PDF, and SVG.  

Antique Collector Logos

Whether it be memorabilia, baseball cards, stamps, or figurines, you are sure to find a niche shop for it on the internet or in your local area. 

These items cost a lot of money and require great care not to make their value depreciate. As a store or collector, you want to show your audience that you are an expert in what you do to make them feel at ease when transacting.

You can make a more accountable brand with a logo. It is common for you to add illustrations related to your niche as a collective store. 

It is vital that the design you choose is simple and not saturated with visual distractions. This will help the audience to focus more on your brand name. 

Antique Archaeology American Pickers Badges by Danielle Podeszek

Antique Joy-Rides by geni

Antique Shop by Ashraf Khalid

Bold, Design Logo Design by geni

Bread Vintage by fokp

Lost Worlds Apocrypha by Matt Benson

Mama Americana by Amit Botre – Spin Design

Route 66 Antique Truck Parts  by Buck Tornado

The Boxer by Colin Tierney

Upmarket, Candy Logo Design by GLDesigns

Vintage Motorbike by AMCstudio

Pro tip: Frame your logo

Adding a shape as simple as a circle or square around the focal point of your logo will do wonders for the design. It will act as a frame and give the logo visual prominence. This also makes the logo easy to apply on marketing assets like business cards with little worry about being overshadowed.


Being able to present your brand to the public in a compelling way will allow you to capture your audience’s attention and inform them at the same time.

Logos are great for building a distinct image. Consumers can use this to differentiate you from the hundreds of other companies in the industry. 

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