35 Animal Crossing Logos to Complete Your Island

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Gather around the plaza and take a look at these Animal Crossing logo ideas. 

The 2001 classic is one of the most popular social stimulation video games right now. It was created by Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami. You play as a citizen of an island, and your mission is to help build a community of your own.

Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out in March 2020, gamers all over the world have not gotten enough of the game. This Nintendo switches exclusive stands behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, with 22.4 million copies sold in the first quarter. 

Establish your island with the help of graphic design. Make sure you have the perfect emblem to represent your community.

Take a look at this list to get inspired and create your own design. 

You can use this as a symbol for your island, use it to decorate your flag, and more. This is also great for clans and Animal Crossing content creators. 

Font logos

Typography lets you directly communicate with your audience. A text logo puts your brand or island name in the forefront, minimizing distractions. It’s a simple type of design that allows you to communicate a lot. 

You can easily add meaning to your design by knowing the difference between serif and sans serif fonts. Serif fonts are glyphs with a “tail” element at the end of each stroke to give each letter an emphasis. These are often used by traditionalist or vintage brands. 

On the other hand, you can opt for sans serif fonts. These are glyphs without the tail element for each letter. This is a popular choice for modern and more playful brands. 

Don’t worry about creating a design that looks too plain. You can use a combination of fonts to make a high-contrast logo. Try getting a logo that matches your island’s design theme. Popular ones include zen gardens, arcade, maze, city, camp, and more. 

Animal Crossing – Manila clam fish bait logo by Jess Bright

Balloon by Spencer

Bitplex by Sergio Coelho

Craft Brewery by claudia_alsom

Fox Graphic Design by Phuong Anh

Leif by Kim Zib 

Little Fox by Mihaela

Pointed Questions! by Lauren Beltramo 

The Great Indoors by Eric Pavik

“Wing Fest” by A Adcock

Pocket Camp: Breezy Hollow by Jantine Zandbergen

Pro tip: Utilize shapes

Figures like triangles, circles, squares, and more aren’t just for decoration. You can use this to help frame your design and make it pop. This is extremely helpful for text logos that could use a little more design elements to help them stand out. 

Giving your logo a strong silhouette will make it easier for you to apply it to marketing assets like brochures without being outshined in the design. 

Leaf logos

One of the well-known symbols of Animal Crossing is the bitten leaf icon. Gamers say that this is a nod to mythical stories about tanuki or Japanese raccoon dogs who garner powers from magic leaves. This is a reference to Tom Nook, who runs the real estate company in the game. 

You can create a design of the same theme with a stunning leaf logo. It can hold different meanings for your island, too, as leaves can communicate life, nature, and beginnings. 

This type of design can go well with islands that have gardening, maze, and other nature-related themes. 

Are you looking for a way to make your emblem more creative? You can experiment with art styles like minimalism, modern, vintage, and other concepts for your leaf design. 

Bee Organics by xianworks

Bird Leaf Rounded Logo by BrandPixel


Go Grow Organics by JoGraphicDesign

Green Buddy by madeli

Leaf Duck by arishu

Home is Where We Park it by Emma 

turtleaf by zhArt

Pro tip: Ask for feedback

Try sourcing feedback from your gaming pals or family about your design. Doing this will give you insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your logo. Afterward, you can revise and improve your brand mark accordingly. 

Cute logos

This lighthearted game can be associated with illustrations of fossils, pixels, beach-related objects, and more. You can use these symbols and portray them using cartoon-inspired images, soft colors, and fonts to create an endearing design. 

If you have or plan on creating a kawaii island, you should check these logos out. 

 “ACKCSC” “2021” by Art_Seduction

Animal care logo by valeriakozlovskaya

Cat And Dog by meepopstudio

Dog Hat by Moonley

Flick from Animal Crossing! by Jennifer Whyte 

Love Therapist by Manu

Modern graphic on by Graphic_Studio3

Monkey Bear Yoga by nanocb72

Orange Frog by SilverFire

Pet Restaurant by amir66

Rakun Burger by soezandthonny

The Fun Farm Soft Play by Rendi Art

tom nook by Daniel Mackey

Wedding graphic by kariiika

Z Media by MooseJoose

Vectober 02 – Wisp by Alaina Johnson

This Animal Crossing logo vector uses creepy imagery and depicts it in a cute way. It is also a reference to the ghost character named Wisp. 

Pro tip: Be strategic with color

Different colors carry various meanings. Color psychology explains what type of characteristics people associate with red, blue, yellow, etc. Getting familiar with this helps you add more meaning and message to your video game logo.


Having a great logo to represent your brand will let visitors know what type of island you have. Your logo can easily communicate what theme your island has and even help tie everything together. It could be the missing detail that you have been looking for. 

Get a custom video game logo with the help of a design community. DesignCrowd lets you connect with international designers through a logo design contest. You’ll receive up to 50 original design bids for your island!

Or you can use BrandCrowd’s Animal Crossing logo maker today. Start browsing the gallery of ready-made designs and customize them to your liking. 

There are tons of fonts, colors, and illustrations that you can use to make the ideal insignia. You can also use the maker to craft assets like business cards and flyers. Make Isabelle proud and try it today. 

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