35 Body-Relaxing Pilates Logos For Flexible Pilates Business

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Pilates is a form of exercise that was developed by Joseph Pilates. It focuses on flexibility and core-muscle engagements. And it incorporates ab-exercises, slow movements, breathing exercises, leg lifts, etc.

Pilates is a worldwide-known exercise. It’s practiced in Asia, America, and Europe. Currently, there are 11 million people practicing Pilates and there are 14,000 instructors in the United States.

If you’re starting out on your Pilates business journey, then getting a pilates-inspired logo is your top concern. Here in this article, we present to you several logos from different Pilates brands. 

Pilates Pose Logos

To represent your Pilates brand, one type of image always stands out: Pilates poses. If you look at the prevailing logos of most Pilates businesses, you’ll see a recurring concept done in different ways. It’s the use of a skinny woman doing Pilates poses. 

You can never go wrong if you use the same concept. There are many ways to design it uniquely. You could improve it by using a different color. You could change the pose. 

There are 34 original exercises that John Pilates taught to his students and included in his book. But modern instructors expanded the list. So that means you have lots of poses to choose as images for your logo. 

Some logo designers also include different body shapes and gender. They use plus-size bodies and men’s bodies as the main image. And then there are those who used abstract shapes. Ones that mimic energy flow, which is a major concept in Pilates practice. 

Branding your Pilates business may come off daunting if you have no design idea in mind. So to help you figure what kind of image is best, here are some of the logo designs we’ve curated to fit your needs:

Brand Piece by Jeremy Worley

Daily Breath by Gabriel Figueiredo

Espace Pilates by Arnaud Saunier

 Finelines Pilates by *mary

Flexfit Pilates by BluePencil

Inferno Hot Pilates by chynthiadewi91

Infinity Film Business Card by BrandCrowd

 Pilates Instincts by Hardcore Design

Pilates Logo by eko wahyu asmoro

PilatesWitch Logo by Patti Glenn

PiYo gym logo by razi

Sculpt Shop Logo Design Project by Christopher Jones

Sunshine Studio Pilates by J Mahesh

The pilates guy by Stina Norgren

Yoga Fitness by Dessy

Yoga Person Leaf by SimplePixelSL

Yoga Wellness Meditation by azus

Zen Yoga Meditation Guru by novita007

Pilates Word Logos

There are brands that choose a logomark, that is using an icon or a symbol as logos such as the logos of Apple and Twitter. And then there are those who opt for a wordmark, that is the use of words and letters as logos, such as in the case of Google and Coca-Cola. 

So if you have not chosen any symbols for your Pilates brand, why not opt for wordmarks. Wordmarks can be an effective way to brand your business. It’s easy to read and people will already associate it with your business and not with anyone else’s. Because it clearly states your brand name. 

The key is to have a unique typeface that is legible and clear. For instance, you can use serif fonts for more modern angles and sans serif fonts to represent a more traditional take. Decorative and cursive fonts can do wonders if you have a professional designer who can make yours extra unique while still being legible. 

If you’re looking for some logo samples of some Pilates brands, we did the work for you. We’ve curated some pictures of wordmark logos you can use for inspiration. 

360 Pilates by Cubex

A.R.C Pilates Studio by Dustin Ryan

Aura by -SD Design-

Classic Purple Text by brandcrowd

Core Pilates Method by Happy Creatives

Energy Pilates by Tessa Portuese

Feel Good Pilates Logo by Jessie Farris

Flex Pilates by TolTol Studio

High Fitness Logo Design by Ana Gocheva

Josephine Pilates identity by Matt Causbrook

Klea Pilates by Primoprint

Mobile Pilates by GreenLamp

Sparkly Brush Text Wordmark by shen02


The Pilates Refinery by phosphorus


Final Thoughts

Branding your business won’t stop just creating a logo. While a logo is the first and step and most vital, if you want to gather as much audience as possible, you need to design more than just the logo. 

For instance, social media is a great platform for marketing. You need to establish your presence there or else you will miss out on the opportunity that a massive user-base will bring. 

To help you create posts for social media, you can turn to beginner-friendly tools of BrandCrowd Social Media Templates. There are so many professionally designed posts for your marketing needs.

Another helpful tool to attract customers is a business card. Business cards are relevant even in the digital age. It’s especially important when you’re interacting face to face with people who are likely to buy and promote your business. 

Look no further for some designs. Just head to BrandCrowd business card maker and customize your own business cards in minutes. 

All these materials, including logos, are accessible either for free or for a small amount of monthly fee. Designing your first Pilates-inspired logo is neer this easy and cheap. So good luck!

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