35 Easter Logos to Celebrate this Wholesome Season

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Easter was yesterday, but the celebration doesn’t stop there. It’s the meaning behind it that makes this season special.

Allow us to celebrate Easter with you through what we do best, graphic design. Thus, let’s look at Easter’s brief history and check out templates from our online logo maker you can use even after Easter.

Easter: A Brief Summary

Like Christmas, Easter has its origins in the pagan holiday to celebrate Eostre or Eostrae, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility and spring. Or Ishtar, the Sumerian goddess of fertility.

But aside from those mythological goddesses, we have the Easter Bunny. The rabbit association started through a holiday named Ostara, the German goddess of fertility.

According to mythology, the existence of the Easter Bunny happened because Ostara saved an injured bird. It was winter, and Ostara saw the bird with frozen wings.

This scene prompted Ostara to turn the bird into a rabbit instead to save it from its suffering. Hence, the rabbits became one of the poster boys for Easter.

But aside from pagan belief, we have Easter as the representation of hope for every Christian. Jesus is alive—resurrected on the third day after his death (Good Friday).

Predominantly Christian countries like the Philippines celebrate Easter longer. It starts with Maundy Thursday and ends with Easter Sunday. The three days before Easter are considered non-working holidays to commemorate the hardship of Jesus before his resurrection.

Aside from religious and pagan beliefs about the season, there are scientific phenomena that create the well-known practices we do during Easter.

Some instances include:

  • Chickens start to lay eggs again after the hiatus during winter.
  • Bunnies go at it during Springtime, cementing its place as a symbol of fertility.

And there you have it, a brief rundown of how Easter started. Now let’s get into the graphic design aspect of the article.

Easter Logos for this Wholesome Season

Easter ended yesterday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an Easter-themed logo to last you until the following years.

Check out our logos for the season. We divided them into three categories just for you:

Easter Bunnies

A well-known figure of Easter is the bunny itself. Let’s check out the fun logos you can try out for your business:

April by Hayden Walker 

Bunny by Roy Smith

Bunny Rabbit Egg by rbalica

Easter by Dmitry Stolz

Easter Bunny by Alejandro Esteller

Easter Bunny by Alyssa Gibson

Elegant, Creative Logo Design by ecorokerz

Fast Blue Rabbit by JimjemR

Geometric Rabbit by shen02

Happy Easter 🐰🥚 by Nick Budrewicz

Rabbit Logo Design by Maxo-Biz

Rabbit Road Pictures by borzoi

Rabbit Silhouette by Rasofficial

Unique Veterinary Logo Design by Gree™

Violet Easter Rabbit by spayro

White Rabbit Art Bildermanufaktur, by aiproject

Easter Eggs

The early bird always catches the early worm. Be the first to get a fresh new look to one-up your competition. Check out our top picks of bird-related Easter logos you can use for your business:

Agents Egg by shakuna

Easter Egg by Ahmed Hamdy

Easter Egg by Nataliia Manych

Golden Easter Egg by ions

Goose by Sleeping Sun

Happy Easter by Simon Raczka

Happy Easter my friends! by Zsolt Baritz

Simple Business Logo Design by permana91

Skeleton Egg Mask by town


Say your business name out loud with these wordmark designs. They look cute and hip at the same time.

Get inspiration before:

Blue Cool Text by brandcrowd

Easter @ Rise by Jake Givens

Easter 2021 by Carter Smith

Easter at The District 2019 by Jenny Tod

Easter Illustration & Badge Design by Gage Hunt Creative

Easter Sunday by Jake Givens

Easter Sunday Lettering by Lindsey Kellis Meredith

Happy Easter  by Gustavo Solís Núñez

Happy Easter Lettering by Yurlick

Twin: Easter logo by Flatstudio

Let’s Celebrate the Wholesome Season Together

And there you have it. Easter-themed logos you can use even beyond the season. We hope you have a meaningful and fun celebration.

If you need any help creating designs by yourself, allow us to help you. Here at BrandCrowd, we have 75,000+ logo templates and more to aid in your design endeavor.

Happy Belated Easter everyone and enjoy your coming days!

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