35 Famous Movie Logos for Cinephiles

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All movie logos have a charm of their own. Today, we are taking a look at some of the most famous movie logos that you can recognize anywhere. 

You might have seen these film logos on T-shirts, theatre posters, or any film hall of fame. They’re just that iconic. They’ve cemented themselves as legendary titles in this competitive billion dollar industry. 

Scroll through this roundup to get inspiration for your entertainment logo. The designs featured in this list will show you how to create a brand that will make a lasting impression on the audience. Movies from giants like Disney are on this list. You will also find movies that continue to influence the industry to this day. 

Popular movie logos 


The 1984 film directed by Ivan Reitman is a supernatural comedy. It has a cartoon mascot logo that depicts a ghost named Moogliee. It was designed by an artist named Michael C. Gross. The design consists of a ghost and an anti-sign as a reference to the movie’s plot. 

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is a  dystopian film directed by Stanley Kubrick and written by Anthony Burgess. Its logo is in a vibrant shade of orange that gives off an energetic feel to the typography. This plays off as a great contrast to the film’s grim message. The bubble-like font used in the design also adds a bold and retro touch to the mark.  

Back to the Future

Released in 1985, Back to the Future was directed by Robert Zemeckis. This sci-fi comedy film has a gradient logo with orange and yellow almost appearing like a trail of fire. An left facing arrow is on the upper right corner of the design, referencing the time travelling the main characters will face.


Director Christopher Nolan wrote and directed this 2010 blockbuster. The action flick is represented by a straightforward wordmark design in a sans serif font. This type of font builds a modern identity matched with an eye-catching shade of red. 

Harry Potter

The novel and movie series Harry Potter revolves around a wizard world and the eponymous hero of the story. Its logo features a lettering design. It is often displayed in a solid color or with a metallic gold finish. The thunder-like stroke in the letter P refers to the scar of the main character.

James Bond

This series was created by Ian Fleming in 1953 and it was adapted for film in 1962. The James Bond movie logo was created by David Chasman. It creatively combines the main character’s agent number with a trigger and tip of a gun. This makes it look like the number 7 stands as the base of the gun. 


Steven Spielberg’s 1975 thriller remains to be one of the most popular shark movies of all time. Its wordmark letter is in a bold sans serif font with the letters spaced close to each other, creating a right silhouette. For color, it uses a vivid shade of red which alludes to bloodshed. It also provides a good contrast to the film which features mostly blue scenes as it is set in the ocean.

Pulp Fiction

With stars like Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, and more, this film by director Quentin Tarantino is the first indie film that grossed more than $100 million. Its text-based logo looks as if it is embossed due to the red shadow under the yellow glyphs. The serif font used also gives it a retro look much like a pulp magazine. 

La La Land

Damian Chazelle’s musical romance flick is set in the glitzy area of Los Angeles. The movie logo has a sans serif font that is heavily-inspired by art deco logos and design. The La La Land font is called Yasashii Bold created by Japanese designer Ryoichi Tsunekawa.

Star Wars

Star Wars is a space opera created in 1977 by George Lucas. The director of this pop culture icon wanted to have a wordmark that fits a fascist regime as a nod to the plot. It was created by Suzy Rice using a font with bold lines and a weighty silhouette. The designer took inspiration from German signages in the ‘30s. 

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You always want to find the right logo for your project like the movie title logos you’ve seen abovet. This will let you become more memorable and cultivate brand consistency. To create an effective brand identity, it must capture what your brand is all about and at the same time, be able to compel the audience. 

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