35 Lawyers’ Business Cards to Stay on Top of The Legal Field

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Lawyers are one of those professionals who could benefit from good old networking. The success of their legal profession and their firm rests on how good they are at connecting with potential clients. But for this tactic to work, business cards are non-negotiables.

That small piece of paper could relay as much information as a full-on conversation. Plus, business cards eliminate the possibility of miswriting contact details. In short, a business card is an essential tool for all those in the legal profession. 

To give you an idea and an inspiration to the world of business cards, we curated the best samples on the net. And we hope you could create your own too based on the list. Remember, the hallmark of your career could be waiting in line, waiting to be tapped by a sleek paper called business cards. 

Check the overview here: 

  • Modern Lawyer Business Cards
  • Classic Lawyer Business Cards
  • Creative Lawyer Business Cards

1. Modern Lawyer Business Cards

This type of design is a blend of the creative and classic design. It has just the right combination of icons or emblems and letters and font styles. The colors range from black, yellow, green, blue, and other colors not typically found in classic lawyer’s cards. 

Pro Tip: Use unusual colors as accents but don’t make it a dominant color. 

View some of the best law business cards here: Law Business Cards

AMC business cards by Jose Arroyo
American eagle law business cards
Business CARD – lawyer by Moustafa Nour
Business cards and letterhead for barrister by Sandaruwan
Fresh Justice Business Card
Hexagon finance legal lawyer scales business card BrandCrowd
Serious, Modern Business Card Design for Hueberli Lawyers AG in Switzerland by MDesign
K&P Law Firm by bison studio
Law Office of Laura E Cowan by alpesh9520

lawyer business card by Jacek Macha Machowski
Lawyer Business Card Design by vr028
Bryant E Esquenazi lawyer business card by studio4design

2. Classic Lawyer Business Cards

This type of business card is the usual business card found among attorneys and law firms. It showcases few to no icons or logos but more wordings. 

Because it capitalizes on words, it uses a coherent and classic font style such as serifs to grab attention. Such types of cards are used in authoritative and longstanding law firms that have established clients and following, specifically for those who wish to retain their clients with a minimal and recognizable design. 

Pro-tip: Use traditional font styles such as serif typefaces to communicate an established and classic brand identity.

Why not engross yourself in some of the best-styled attorney business cards here: Attorney Business Cards

Brent Dellsworth Business Card by creationsbox2015

Business cards for a lawyer by Fahrudin Seferagić

Creative Lawyer Business Card – 2 by Mohamed
Esquenazi Law by studio4design
Greek Column Business Card
Law Firm Business Card by Colby Fayock
Law office logo by Platonova Alina
Legal Justice Scales Business Card
Modern Geometric Justice Business Cards
Mountain State Law Business Cards by Aaron Johnson
Oh the possibilities by Adam Danielson

3. Creative Lawyer Business Cards

Business cards don’t have to follow the traditional format to be effective. Some of the business cards that pop up nowadays are unusual and creative. Some defy the common sizes, i.e., 3.5 x 2 format or shape, rectangular.

There are vertically oriented business cards. There are foldable cards. There are pop-up cards, transparent cards, engraved-letters cards, and so much more. Smaller law firms specializing in less bureaucratic and rigid systems such as animal or child welfare, non-profit and humanitarian organizations can use creative business cards. 

Pro Tip: Use different shapes and color palette combinations to stand out.

Inspire yourself by looking at some samples here: Lawyer Business Cards

Annie O’Dell Business Card by graphic flame
Annie O’Dell business card by Sandaruwan
Law Business Card by Paul Aleman
Lawwise | Law Firm Branding by Mockup Cloud
Lawyer Business Card by Gowrob Sarkar
Maltos Brand Development by Juan Barrera
Professional Legal Lawyer Attorney Business Card
Rice Law, PLLC by Sarah Mathews
Simple Lawyer Business Card Design by Right_D
SSL Business Cards by Infinitive Technology
Telma Gonçalves Business Card by Humana
Udolf Law Firm Logo by Prio Hans

Final Thoughts

While networking is an excellent strategy to widen your professional reach, it may not be as impactful without business cards. Because that small piece of paper is the only way you could let a person connect to you online, say through your websites, emails, or social media pages. 

So it’s safe to say that there’s no doubt over the importance of a business card. But how do you make a business card? That is the question. Fortunately for busy and design-inexperienced professionals like lawyers, business card makers exist. And at a very minimal price, you could get one that suits your taste. So happy networking! 

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