35 Perfume Logos That Are Heavy on Style

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We’ve bottled up some of the best perfume logo designs for fragrance companies.

According to a study by Grand View Research, the industry is projected to grow at $40.91 billion by 2025. Entrepreneurs who plan to launch a scent brand of their own shouldn’t take a willy nilly approach when it comes to presenting themselves in this market. 

That’s why we created a roundup of inspiration. The logos below will help you come up with designs of your own. Check out this overview:

Men’s perfume logos

With Men’s perfume, logos often take geometric and dark-colored designs. You will often see stocky shapes as well. One famous example is Blue de Chanel which uses a neat sans serif typography and a dark background.

There are different ways that you can create a masculine identity for your products. You have the option to incorporate masculine lettering by using bold serif fonts. Adding illustrations of strong characters like gentlemen or creatures such as lions can be a great focal point.

However, make sure that you keep it simple. You don’t want to oversaturate your logo with 

Take a look at this section to learn more. 

ALREFAEE SIGNATURE Fragrance LOGO by Osama Mahmoud

Bold, Perfume Logo Design by Kreative Fingers

Carbón Car Perfume by jizzy123

Dar Suleiman logo l Dar Suleiman for Oud and Perfumes by Ahmed Zaza

Don Parfumo by Darina Darvin

Fakhamat Al Sultan Perfume by Ali Aljilani

Gold Winged Lion Hotel Emblem by Mypen

LA VIE IDÉALE by DesignMe Graphics

RAOUD by Logo Monk

Solid Perfume Co. by kevinmatt

The Scent Collective by Wahyu Punta Rajamanggala

Pro tip: Make it look good in different sizes.

Whatever design you choose, you want it to be scalable. The logo should still look good regardless of its size without losing quality or legibility. A great way to do this is by making sure that your design is a vector rather than raster graphics. Vector graphics use points and lines to create an image rather than raster graphics that use pixels.

Women’s perfume logos

Subtlety is one of the most common characteristics of feminine perfume design. This allows the perfume to speak for itself. Often, you will not see overwhelming graphics for this type of brand. 

Design elements such as flower illustrations, circles, and calligraphy are used for this kind of logo. You will notice that a lot of curvy visuals are involved in women’s logos. That is because femininity is associated with circular and eye-catching shapes. 

Additionally, colors are also a great tool to use to tap into femininity. You can use pink, white, red, and other warm shades in your brand mark. 

AM PARFUM by JTdsign

Bathroom products – Parfum- by Thea_dessagnes

BELLEN PERFUME by marvadesign

Bold, Perfume Logo Design by Kreative Fingers

Brosia by D_Mantra

Eclectic by PrstiPerje

Elegant Leaves Letter R by brandcrowd

Fragrance Peach by karthika vs

Minimalist Watercolor Flower by JimjemR

Nature Rose Garden by Mypen

Perfume Palazzo by hithesh.vinithan

Pink Flower by novita007

Sonetto XIV by Sava Stoic

Vintage Rose Flower by Mypen

Pro tip: Don’t forget about space

Space is essential to design. It may not be the element that people focus on, but it helps tie the design together. This element will emphasize the design and make it more digestible. Without space, the audience may find it a challenge to understand and remember your logo. 

Gender Neutral Perfume Logos

Unisex perfume appeals to people for various reasons. It is a versatile product that doesn’t gender scent. Plus, it can be shared and make someone appear all the more mysterious. 

A unisex brand’s logo can take various forms, such as text-based or even something boldly artistic like an abstract design. You want to use neutral images that aren’t associated with society’s common notions when it comes to gender expression. 

Like the famous unisex brand Le Labo, you could opt for something simple and minimalist. Avoid using colors such as pink or blue to signal your audience that your products are for everyone. 

Get more inspiration on gender-neutral brand identities below.

Adequate Fragrance by Tamás Mihály

AM PARFUM by sushsharma99

Dor logo by Ofelia Andronic

HeavenScent collection by GLDesigns

Janie’s Juju by wonderland

MARVALEA by CanDoDesign

MOU by GLDesigns

Namona Perfume Logo Arabic Calligraphy by M.Aswad Mehtab

Scentlab, selective perfumery shop logo design by Alex Tass

Scent of Toronto by KreativeArt

Pro tip: Know the difference between wordmark and lettermark

Wordmark logos feature the full name of a brand, making it advisable for new companies that want the audience to become more familiar with them. On the other hand, lettermarks feature the initials, allowing brands with long names to shorten them. Monograms or lettermarks are ideal for brands that have been in the industry for a long time.


There is a lot to consider when making a good scent brand logo. 

It must have a lot of space to prevent ending up with an oversaturated design that is hard to understand. At the same time, it must look unique and give your products a distinct appearance. You want to have a logo that looks easy to understand in small assets such as packaging or huge materials like shop signs and posters. 

This can be achieved by running a logo design contest on DesignCrowd. The crowdsourcing platform connects you with a community of freelance graphic designers who can submit up to 50 original designs for your brand. Learn more about it today. 

The BrandCrowd logo maker is an alternative for brands who want to take full control over their design. It has an easy-to-use tool to customize designs in the library. Browse through thousands of scent logos, bottle logos, and more. Get the perfect logo in minutes. Try it here.

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