36 Elegant Beauty Product Logo Ideas 

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Beauty and cosmetics have always been a lucrative industry. It’s even projected to generate a total revenue of $646.20 billion in 2024. And despite the rising inflation and global recession, it continues to grow in an upward trend, particularly for organic and natural products.

Want to jump into this market? Aside from having quality products, a strong branding can also help you stand out. Branding is composed of many elements, but let’s start with the most important one – your logo design

In this article, we’ll share the secrets behind creating a great beauty product logo that will capture the eyes of your customers. We’ve also rounded up various logo ideas that you can use as inspiration. 

Ready? Let’s begin! 

How To Design A Beauty Product Logo?

Your logo will serve as the face of your business. It’s your main visual identifier that will be splashed across all your materials – from your products, packaging, shopping bags, stickers, website, social media, and more. 

To create a well-designed logo, follow these steps:

Choose a suitable icon

Icons or illustrations can help you convey your brand’s message or values to your audience. It can also help in letting them know what products you offer.

You can go for a straightforward approach or an abstract one. For example, a lipstick icon can convey that you sell lip products. Meanwhile, a swan can be used to symbolize grace, elegance, and beauty – which your audience can feel when they use your products. Flowers and leaves can represent nature, which you can use if you sell organic products.

Using an illustration of your target audience is recommended as well. For example, a beautiful lady decked out in glamorous makeup and fancy headgear can convey that your products are for glam and artistic looks. While a lady in minimal makeup and looking all serene can be used by a cosmetics brand that offers a more natural and casual vibe.  

Match the right color

Your color palette, along with your icons, can help convey your message. 

For example, muted color palettes are great for brands that aim to look more approachable and modern. Green logos are for organic and sustainable brands. Red are for those who aim to look bold and sexy. 

Pink is also a popular choice as it’s the color for femininity and beauty. So why not use a pink logo?

Aiming to target a high-class audience? Go for black, whites, silvers, and golds. 

Use the right font

Similar to your colors, your font choice can also help in emphasizing your brand’s personality and vibe.

Let’s dissect popular brand logos as an example. Urban Decay focuses on avant-garde and rebellious looks. Which is why they use a gothic style font that stands out from others. Meanwhile, Glossier with its clean-girl aesthetic uses a very simple and clean typography without any frills and embellishments. 

Luxury brands like Estee Lauder, Lancome, and Dior Beauty all use an elegant serif font to represent sophistication and tradition. While modern brands like Nyx and Tarte use a rounded, “friendlier” font style to appeal to their younger target market. 

Beauty Product Logo Design Examples

To give you a better idea of what your logo should look like, we gathered the top trending logos in the beauty industry today. They are:

Face Logos

Face logos that feature a beautiful lady are a great option for your logo design. You can also just use a particular body part, such as the eyes, lips, or hands. This is incredibly versatile, as you can go as simple or detailed as you want. 

Check out our collection here:

Serious, Salon Beauty Salon Logo Design by Gabriel T. Marques

Masculine, Beautiful Women products Logo Design by Amethystica

Feminine, Beautiful Beauty Logo Design by Smart Stuart

Circle Logo Design by creative.bugs

Beautiful Logo Design by dskyvbc

Better Logo Design by wonderland

Serious, Beauty Salon Beauty Salon Logo Design by DreamzINSIDE

Personable, Calligraphy Logo Design by an-designs

Organic Face Woman

Natural Woman Face

Floral Beauty Face

Face Cosmetics Beauty

Kiss Cosmetics

Flower Lady Face Spa

Maid Woman Face

Icon Logos

Another option for your beauty product logo is to use icons related to beauty, femininity, and styling. These can be butterflies, birds, flowers, or diamonds, or makeup brushes, lipstick, mascara, or nail polish for a charming makeup logo

Abstract shapes and patterns can also be used to create a chic minimalist logo. You can see this in popular makeup brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and The Body Shop. 

Get inspired below:

Modern, People Nail Salon Logo Design by luckdesign

Elegant, Natural Beauty Logo Design by step forward 2

Elegant, Feminine Beauty Salon Logo Design by Irina Makedonska

Colorful, Company Artists Logo Design by logo_s, a British designer

Modern, Angel Makeup Logo Design by prodesigns99

Elegant, Natural Beauty Logo Design by DominicDesign

Elegant, Bright Logo Design by wonderland

Lipstick Flame Beauty

Modern Red Lipstick

Purple Butterfly Boutique

Flower Hand Butterfly

Butterfly Beauty Cosmetics

Mascara Beauty Cosmetics

Makeup Cosmetic Beauty

Wordmark Logos

Wordmark logos are another popular choice for cosmetics brands. In fact, most of the popular beauty brands in the world use a wordmark. These are Maybelline, Colourpop, L’Oreal, Benefit, and Pantene, to name a few. 

Scroll down to see our samples below:

Elegant, Company Logo Design by Designoid

Modern, Leading Logo Design by MOH Studio

Feminine, Sophisticated Beauty – Permanent Makeup Logo Design by Sizuka

Feminine, Beauty Salon Beauty Salon Logo Design by Hung Phung

Bold, 1970s Cosmetics Logo Design by GBDESIGN

Text Logo Design by Stingdau

Elegant, Salon Beauty Salon Logo Design by CreatorBW

Design Your Beauty Product Logo Today!

There you have it! Those are our glamorous and stunning logo ideas. You can use them as inspiration or customize them in our logo maker tool. 

The success of your business won’t end with just a logo, though. A solid marketing strategy can help propel you to success, and take you from an unknown brand to a household name.

We recommended creating an engaging Instagram Story, a YouTube Short where you show a quick makeup tutorial, or a beautiful Facebook Cover that shows off your products. Here’s more – all of these marketing materials are available as customizable templates on our site. Check them out now!

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