36 Hot Sauce Logos That Are The Bomb

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Do you think you have the secret sauce? 

It’s high time you turn it into a business. Make sure you have a striking hot sauce logo to stand as the face of your brand. 

The sales of the hot sauce industry are ever-growing. According to Statista, it is expected to hit $1.65 billion in the US market by 2022. While globally, it is estimated to reach 3.77 billion by 2026, as said by Fortune Business Insights. 

We created a roundup of logo designs packed with heat. You’ll be inspired by the designs fit to be placed on hot sauce labels and bottles. Take a peep at the overview of designs to expect from this list.

Start scrolling the roundup for fiery inspiration!

Shape logos

Shape logos provide a good structure for the design. Take Tabasco, for example. It has a shape logo composed of a diamond shape with a circular figure inside. This helps it stand out when applied to hot sauce bottles.

Different shapes relay a variety of meanings too. Like color psychology, you can use shapes to associate your brand with positive traits. Triangles can represent edginess, circles symbolize harmony, squares depict stability, etc. You can explore this and use it to your advantage.

Apart from messaging, this type of logo also provides visual prominence. The figure acts as a frame and gives a solid silhouette to your brand mark. Additionally, this makes the design less likely to be drowned out by other design elements when applied to different collaterals like brochures.

Chili Love logo by user1512730669

chili pep by djredsky

Daily Logo Challenge – 10 by JP Fawcett


francine’s hot sauce by Branding Boy

Gourmet Hot Sauce Logo Design by Potestass

Harry B’s handmade hot sauce by happytummy

Jalapenos Logo by soezandthonny

Sauceology by ELOISE LIND

Pro tip: Try brand mascots

Whether it’s chili with a hat on or your nana who invented the sauce recipe, it helps to find a mascot for your brand. Pringles and Wendy’s are just some of the biggest food brands that do this. This brand representative makes your brand more memorable. The character will also be good standing as the focal point of your business logo. 

Text logos

It’s a common misconception that text-based designs are boring. But not the ones that you’ll see below. Lettering allows brands to communicate with the audience directly without using other elements that may serve as a distraction. 

The Hot Ones Hot Sauce is one of the most recognizable text logos in the world of spicy sauces. It has carried out this type of design well, and so can you.  

The key to creating a good chili logo is finding the perfect font. You can try restaurant-inspired fonts such as Thirsty Soft, Rigatoni, Dealers, and more. However, the internet is replete with font libraries like Google Fonts for additional inspiration. 

When picking a text logo, you always want it to be readable and scalable. It has to be easy to understand regardless of size. 

Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce by Joey Carty

Chilli by Tarjadesign

Chip Mate” Sauce Clip by christianpoetoe

DRAGON BREATH by sayasuka

El Diablo – Green Chilli Sauce by Joel Rosen

Habanajo by Daniel Gómez

Hot Energy by Upperhigh

Little Devils Hot Sauce by Tyler

Local Sauce Tours by Bat GD

Mustang Hot Sauce by FourtuneDesign

Pepper Lab Sauce Co. Branding by Amy Civetti

Seventh Circle Hot Sauce – Visual Identity by Jake Neece

The HOT SAUCE Kiosk by ArtSamurai

Uncle H’s Dry Hot Sauce by Victor

Pro tip: Use appetizing colors

Some colors are more appetizing than others. Color psychology suggests that the colors yellow and red are best for food brands as it encourages appetite. These colors have an eye-catching quality and, at the same time, help influence your buyers into purchasing your sauces. So, if you’ve ever wondered why fast food brands like McDonald’s love using this color scheme, now you know. 

Illustration logos

Drawings are great for adding decorations to your branding. Most importantly, it helps bridge gaps in culture through the use of universal and self-explanatory symbols. 

By adding simple illustrations of hot peppers, you are instantly informing your audience that your product is spicy. However, you can use other objects to help signify your goods. Try using illustrations of spices, flames, the grim reaper, and other imagery that is relevant to your goods. 

Sriracha even uses a picture of a chicken to represent the sauce’s tenacity. You can be as creative as you want with your logo design. 

Make sure that you use simple vectors. Remember that overly detailed illustrations take away from the adaptability of your design. As a result, you may end up with something that is hard to read.

 AHi! Hot Pepper Sauce Company by Yesternight Studios

Atlas Hot Sauce by EdgeCreative

Challo Spices by Modal Tampang

Chili Ship Logo by ramelan550

Dante’s Piquoso Hot Sauce by Torchlight Creative

Death Chilli by Manu by him555

High Five Hot Sauce Brand Logo by Amduat Design

Peppa by snzyworks

Spicy Chef by PrakashCreative

Spicy Garlic by dalia

Toraja Api Chilli Sauce by ecorokerz

Wp Final by Java Acosta

Pro tip: Don’t forget to get feedback

It’s best to get the insight of people you like before deciding to go with a logo. Try asking them questions about their first impression of your sauce logo, its strengths and weaknesses, and similar queries. This helps you gauge how the public will react to your brand, and you can use their notes as a guide for your revision too.


To grow brand awareness, hot sauce brands and chili garlic brands can try distributing brand assets such as stickers, t-shirts. It is also useful to delve into video and social media marketing to have a strong online presence for your products. 

Whichever campaign you choose, you want to make sure that your brand identity is at the forefront of everything. This familiarizes audiences with your brand, your identity, and your unique qualities. 

A custom logo will help capture your brand identity fully. One of the most effective ways for you to source one is by starting a logo design contest on DesignCrowd. The crowdsourcing platform opens your project up to its established community of designers. Find the winning design from over 50 submissions today. 

You can also try browsing logo makers such as BrandCrowd. The library holds showstopping sauce logos, pepper logos, and more. Personalize the designs and put your own brand name using the hot sauce logo maker. Try it here.

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