39 Fantastic Restaurant Logo Ideas

A restaurant’s success relies mostly on the food served, the impeccable service and the inviting ambiance. But what you need, especially when you are starting, is an eye-catching and inviting restaurant logo to get people through your door.

Over the years, we have seen restaurants being established all the time. Some failed while others have become successful and are now industry giants that people flock to no matter where they are located.

The food industry may be overly saturated with thousands, and even millions of restaurants, food chains, and fast foods opening up left and right – each with a unique dish to offer their clients and an equally unique ambiance to match. But with a good marketing strategy in place, success may just be around the corner.

To penetrate the restaurant market and get a piece of the market share, one of the best marketing tools that you will need to get started is a memorable and unique restaurant logo that will make people curious about what you can offer. It is the best tool to establish yourself as a brand and will convert passer-by to buying customers.

What Are The Common Design Trends For A Restaurant Logo

A great restaurant logo is usually characterized with simple and accurate fonts, eye-catching colors that make people hungry and memorable yet simple shapes. But, like most logo design, the designer can play around with other elements to make the design more interesting.

Depending on the restaurant’s theme, logo designs come in a wide variety of bright and dull colors. Take, for example, the bright colors of Burger King as opposed to the monochromatic logo of Steak ‘n Shake. They can be trendy and quirky in style (i.e KFC, Hooters) or classic and formal (i.e Olive Garden, Red Lobster).

Designers usually use symbols that are associated with the restaurant’s theme and incorporate them into the logo design. Sometimes, graphics artists get crazy creative by twisting these symbols into a somewhat unrelated object, which ultimately creates a rather eccentric logos.

Common symbols associated with restaurants such as spoon, fork, and plates are recurring elements in these logos too. Modifying these symbols into other objects is a common theme among these designs.

Restaurant Logo Design Ideas for Inspiration

Are opening up a local restaurant in your area? Or maybe trying to rebrand to give your restaurant a new look? Well, we know how frustrating it can be to feel like you are losing ideas.

Below are some cool examples of restaurant logos that you can use for your business. Enjoy browsing!

Trees Logo Design by Hailsatan

Plate Logo Design by Giyan

Fan Logo Design by Justlife

Italian Logo Design by Dalia

Menu Logo Design by Smg

Tomato Logo Design by Amir66

Windmill Logo Design by Shad

Piano Logo Design by Mekarim

Man Logo Design by Amir66

Heart Logo Design by Brandshop

Sun Logo Design by Shctz

Signal Logo Design by Shctz

Chili Logo Design by Amir66

Toque Logo Design by Kelvinotis

Vinyl Logo Design by Oliverakos

Igloo Logo Design by Amir66

Boat Logo Design by Moonley

Mexican Logo Design by Maccreatives

Baby Logo Design by Vhcreative

Fishbone Logo Design by Alexpours

Snail Logo Design by Tavi

Gold Logo Design by Dalia

Mango Logo Design by Lgdesign

Fork Logo Design by Henbi

Spoon Logo Design by Brandshop

Pepper Logo Design by Town

We hope you have enjoyed looking at this logo collection as much as we enjoyed collecting them for you!

Are You Ready To Create A Mouth-Watering Restaurant Logo?

We know that you are busy but creating a beautiful logo on your own won’t take that much of your time.

BrandCrowd’s restaurant logo maker is an easy-to-use logo maker tool that will give you a cool logo in no time at all. Our tool has thousands of designs to choose from, each as unique as the next one. You can browse through them and pick the logo that matches your vision of how your logo should look.

If you think you still haven’t found the right design, you can also search through our cafe logo maker, bar logo maker and bistro logo maker for more ideas.

The tool has customizable features where you can edit the logo color (optional), add text, change the font and even add shapes and symbols to make your design more interesting. The only restriction you have is your imagination, so let it soar!

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What are you waiting for? Spare some time working on your logo and get amazing marketing results in no time!