40 Babysitting Logos for Child Care Givers That Rule

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Busy parents outsource child care for different reasons. They may be too caught up with work or simply having a date night. The babysitter they trust will always come to the rescue.

Like occupied parents, babysitting companies and providers may get too caught up in the job to strengthen branding. 

Child care brands work to be and appear as a dependable, responsible, and professional in order to be trusted by discerning parents. Get your message out there with a reputable branding kit. 

Today, we are going to show you how you can become an even more credible babysitter brand through design.

The babysitting and child care industry is expected to grow to $520.4 billion by 2022. This projected CAGR growth of 11.3% was found in a study by The Business Research company. 

Knowing how to market your business right will help you tap into the opportunities brought by the market. Strong brand identity will help you grow your network in real life and through social media. 

Brace yourself to see exciting designs. These are also perfect for other child care companies such as daycare centers, preschool centers, related goods, and more. 


Text-based logos are straightforward and fuss-free. This is great if your audience is comprised of busy parents. 

It uses typography which helps put your brand name forward without additional details. You may see this type of logo being used by HBO, Google, and more. 

There are two types of name logos that you can use. They are called lettermark and wordmark logos.

Cute Green Circle by BrandCrowd

Lettermark is a typography logo that includes only the brand initials. This is a great choice for brands that have long names. Wordmarks make it possible for you to fix a visual identity for your brand in a concise way. 

Wordmark logos, on the other hand, feature the entire name of the brand. This comes highly recommended for younger brands that have yet to establish their name in the industry. 

New Logo for a Sitter Company by Sarah Thomas 

Logo for babysitting company by Elena Riabova

Smooch Baby by eduard131

Gromz by the team

Friendly Blue by BrandCrowd

This Friendly Blue logo from BrandCrowd uses typography to emphasize the friendliness of the brand. It uses a sans serif font called Baloo which looks fun yet retains its readability. 

Cute & Fun by BrandCrowd

Cute Baby Text Font by BrandCrowd

Allie & Bailey’s Babysitting Co. by Bailey Hayne

Baby Smiles by RanaShreeya

 blanqee by magicpen 3

Baby Box Club by Katarzyna Gazarkiewicz

Baby Boy by dalmas

Baby Care Logo Template by Alex Broekhuizen

Baby Chart by shad

Baby Logo by Anton Kalashnyk

Baby Sitters by Nenad Milakovic

Babysitting branding by Mehdi Ayache Berberos

Smitten baby by Jay Design

The Italian Sitters Club by krith

Whether you are going to display your babysitting company name or slogan, typing it out is a great way to do it. The addition of your slogan will add impact to the design.

Playful looking fonts like Flavors, Good Unicorn, Brocha, and Canterbury are just a few examples of what you can use for your name logo. These fonts will help your typography look professional and appropriate to your services at the same time.


Who doesn’t love fluffy animals? 

Adorable animals are often seen in any content for children because they represent positive qualities. Animals like owls can stand for wisdom, while bears are seen as protective, and the list goes on. 

Baby Animal Circle by SimplePixelSL

Daycare Centre – Logo by Vineet Nair

Chicare bear by designcrowd ka hero

swaddle logo by Gregory Grigoriou

You can leverage animal characteristics to your design. This will help you communicate that your brand possesses admirable traits of babysitters. These characteristics can range from patient, polite, knowledgeable, and more.

Chicare by designcrowd ka hero

Bella Sue by sprocket33

To improve your design, you can use bright and pastel colors. The popularization of these colors has been growing continuously since the rise of millennial pink and blue. Subdued colors like mint, soft blue, and others are great for this. 

Additionally, pastel colors can help calm both adults and children, too.


Fantasy is a known source of entertainment for kids. You were probably into dragons, princesses, spacemen, superheroes, and other similar characters when you were young, too. 

It evokes an exciting sense of adventure that makes for remarkable branding. This type of design appeals to the audiences of child-related goods and services.

Artnanny by Darina Darvin

Baby Angel by town

Tummy Turtles and Friends by munart45088 2

NannySit by Fliviu

Precious Peeps by AdriN

Baby Pin by last spark

Babysitting icon by Mehdi Ayache Berberos

Cute Baby Castle by SimplePixelSL

Green Baby Leaf Wrap by SimplePixelSL

Le Lilo by FullStop

Mom and baby logo by Yehezkiel Azizal

Adding whimsical design elements to ordinary childcare symbols like baby bottles, onesies, stars, and pacifiers can take your logo to another level.

Nasci Pequeno by TRUDESIGN

mumeez by M8

The Happy Baby by Neil

When adding illustrations to your logo, make sure that it is simple. Excessive details can lessen your logo’s ability to adapt to different applications. 

Choose fantasy graphic elements that will retain clarity. Think about how your design will turn out even when printed in different colors and monochrome. 


When designing your own logo, it is important to keep in mind how it will look on marketing assets like flyers and websites. 

This is because researchers recommend child care companies to adapt to the rise of technology. Generating brand awareness on the internet through social media helps any brand to maximize its reach and expansion. 

Think about what materials you will be making in the future. Remember that your logo will be the face of your operations and this includes marketing campaigns. Popular promo materials for child care companies include calling cards, social media, stickers, ref magnets, milk bottles. 

Here are BrandCrowd logos in action to help you visualize how your symbol will appear in different applications. Impress your clients and audiences with professional looking babysitting marketing assets.

Are you excited to put your babysitting business idea to life? The logos we’ve rounded up are sure to get your mind running with ideas.

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