40 Bag Logos to Keep Brands Stylish

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Bags are a massive deal with its market valued at over $47 billion and a CAGR of 5.4%. Right now, there a ton of bag business ideas that you can try, such as purses, tote bags, travel bags, and the like. You can take part in this booming market, too. But you want to make sure that you build a brand identity using a bag logo that will stick to your audience. 

The perfect logo lets you connect with the consumers and let them know what makes you different. We’ll show you the many different ways for you to use graphic design and achieve this. Take a look at the overview of logos here:

Text logos

Using typography as the focal point of your design creates an informative and adaptive logo that serves both form and function. It is easy to apply to different graphic formats such as packaging and store signs. 

One of the advantages of text logos is their versatility. This type of design is used by Steve Madden, one of the producers of the best-selling handbags today. The bag brand logo it uses features a modern and bold font to display the brand name with dominance.

You have two choices, which are wordmark and lettermark logos. Wordmark designs feature the full brand name. It is a design best for brands that are still new and aim to familiarize their audience with their unabbreviated identity. 

In contrast, lettermark or initial logos are the opposite. It uses the shortened version of a brand name to achieve brevity.

Bayn Logo Design by Second Eight

Bc Identity by Robert Jones

Blogger Traveller Logo by Granada J Munif

BM Monogram Logo by Kanades

Canvas bag co by Canvas bag co

Handbag Connoisseur by Gree™

Modern, Retail Retail Logo Design by ApurbaMan

Munbilla Backpacks by creative.bugs

Pangolins with Packs by Logo Blox

The Perfect Clutch by Gulzaar khan

Travel55 by golamislam

Travel Bag Life by Logo no 1

Travel Bag Life by STierney

Travelslick Logo Design by Aditya | Logo Designer

ZoeBells by blue eye

Pro tip: Don’t forget about space

It is vital to provide enough space for your design to help make it pop. Space emphasizes your design and reduces visual clutter. Text logos are elevated with the wise use of space. You can get creative by form silhouettes or intriguing shapes between each letter.

Shape logos

Looking for a way to add visual depth to your logo? Try shape logos. 

Doing this is a way for you to frame your design and add visual prominence, making it pop even when put in busy backgrounds. Established bag brands like Coach use apply this style to their brand mark as well. It uses a rectangle shape with curved corners that resemble a ticket. 

Figures have meanings, too. You can use shape psychology to associate your brand business with positive traits. Consumers view shapes like circles as harmonious, squares with stability, and the like. Learning this lets you take a more strategic approach to your design.

Bag to basics by sushsharma99

Bag to basics by Logo no 1

Green Eco Bag by AMCstudio

HeartBag™ by Casign

Leisure On Tour by LemonV

Online Shopping Bag by FishDesigns61025


Bag Hunting Logo by Grafast Studio

The Brown Bag by GLDesigns

Pro tip: Add color later

Designers recommend starting your logo design with monochrome. Not having colors while creating your logo will let you focus more on the form, lines, and other elements of your logo. This allows you to create a design that stands well on its own without relying on color. 

Illustration logos

Illustrations or drawings are self-explanatory symbols of what you offer. For businesses dealing with accessories such as bags, this lets you create an immediate connection with passersby. You can use illustrations of bags, wallets, shopping bags, and other related elements to signal your audience that you have what they are looking for. 

With drawings, you can instantly inform your audience of your specialty. For example, you can incorporate vegan symbols if you offer vegan handbags. 

Additionally, this type of logo will also help you create a bag logo design with beautiful ornamental elements. There are different ways you can use bag vectors and drawings to create an eye-catching logo that will impress your audience. 

Organic Grocery Bag by town

Camera Bag – Logo Design by Kreabie

Elegant, Best Logo Design by LogoPorn

Frog Bag Logo For Online Shop by Sazeed Ahmed

Fruit Shopping Bag by Mypen

Happy Shopping by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Home Shopping Bag by MusiqueDesign

Luggage Buddy by Bojan Gulevski

Luggage Travel Vlog by wasih

Modern Colorful Panda Bag Logo Design (for sale) 🐼+🛍️ by RI Rafiq 🚀

MY ASFAR by Ana 15

Office Luggage by SimplePixelSL

Outdoor Camper Bag by town

Shopping Bag by MASK

UKPack by PHDesign

We Take Your Bags by Gayan

Pro tip: Keep it simple

Look for something that is not busy with details. You want to keep this in mind when searching for bag vectors. Intricate elements produce visual clutter, which may dampen the impact of your logo. A straightforward illustration will help you communicate your expertise and, at the same time, be functional.


With a beautiful and strategic design, you can easily make your bag business stand out. It lets you create a distinct identity and voice for your brand. You can use graphic design to encourage consumers to buy your bags and purses.

Find the perfect custom logo design on DesignCrowd. This crowdsourcing platform lets you launch a logo design contest for a community of graphic designers. Expect to receive over 50 submissions for your projects. You can also work with a single community designer that you prefer. Try it today.

Alternatively, you can try designing one yourself with the BrandCrowd logo maker. There’s a massive library of purse logos, wallet logos, and other designs that you can customize. Express yourself through fonts, colors, and other elements to make it more unique. Try it right here.

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