40 Beauty YouTuber Logos That Will Make You Say Yas Kween

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The YouTube beauty industry has grown exponentially throughout the years. It’s quite a competitive landscape, generating 169 billion views so far. A variety of video content makes up this brand of YouTube such as tutorials, reviews, branded videos, blogs, and more. 

Like color correcting and priming is the key to a great look, a stunning beauty YouTube channel logo is the key to a flawless base for your channel. 

A variety of beauty content creators are posting their videos on different specialties. This includes hairstylists, skincare gurus, makeup mavens, SFX artists, and more. There are tons of methods and trends you can apply to make your branding stand out. They are as follows:

Rushing into your career without a solid plan may result in a lackluster career. It’s hard to see the fruit of your labor rot and be wasted. Even though the industry is profitable, there is no guarantee for a successful career. Taking a strategic approach to branding yourself is the best way to go about your business. 


Jeffree Star is the second most subscribed BeauTuber at the moment. Star has been on YouTube since 2006, garnering 17.6 million subscribers and establishing a makeup line of their own. The beauty guru symbolizes their channel with a pink star logo that features two letter Js back to back. It creates a bold pattern within an otherwise plain figure.

Making use of shapes can help you communicate your brand personality, too. If you are an edgy channel, cornered shapes will work well for your logo. Shapes like a star can allude to fame, triangles symbolize security, circles are associated with balance, and so on.

Shiny Gold Crown Flower by town

Beauty Pink Rose Flower Heart by Mypen

Beauty logo by aju pulickal

Nikky James by A R T I S T ™

Head African American young woman with afro hairstyle logo by Sergii Syzonenko

Other shapes like the one used for the logo you see above is a smart way to highlight your niche as well. The smooth curved edges of the round figure look like that of an afro. This works well for channels that specialize in ethnic beauty and care. Plus, it helps your target audience relate to you quicker.

Woman Abstract Beauty by podvoodoo13

Woman Hair Beauty by podvoodoo13


Beauty transcends language barriers. 

Huge beauty trends originate from places like Korea, China, France, and more. Content creators provide translated subtitles, making content accessible to audiences outside their culture. 

For branding, illustrated logos allow brands to bridge the gaps between cultural barriers such as differences in writing systems. Symbols help get messages across through visual language. After all, the industry is all about engagement, right?

Drawings allow you to be more creative with the use of details and symbols. Brands often use illustrations of facial features to signal that they create beauty-related content. 

Skin Sanity by AnA_design

Royal Penguin by logomonroe

practice logo design by Tamanna Rahman

Natural Beauty Logo FOR SALE by Gabriela Maria Pascenco

Italian Beauty by radkedesign

Luxurious Beauty Face Stroke by JimjemR

Unwind Hair & Beauty by (&) ..

Blonde Queen by SimplePixelSL

Beauty and Sense by bkami

Dream face and beauty logo by Al-Ghaniy

As seen above, Designer Al-Ghaniy’s silhouette design has a very feminine and minimalistic vibe. Even though it does not carry complex details, it does the job of communicating the qualities of this beauty brand. 

The Rose Shop by isabel.paoli

Unwind Hair & Beauty by davebowman

Beauty and Sense by wonderland

 Beauty and Sense by LOGO247

The Chopping Block 4 Hair by DP

The One & Only Hair and Beauty Bar by BaluSiddu

Beautiful Woman With Flowers by Mypen

Pro tip: Keep it simple

Opting for simple logos will also make it easier for you to incorporate it into different channels and marketing assets. In some ways, logos can be likened to some makeup products. A little goes a long way for your brand. An excess of graphic elements won’t guarantee a good logo. It’s an art of keeping your concept balanced. 

We have another big brand example for you. American vlogger, model, and YouTuber Nikita Dragun has a showstopping logo that depicts a dragon head. This captures her personality that is assertive and fierce. The logo design is often seen in a vivid shade of pink and stark black.


Typography unlocks a wider world of creativity. People may perceive them as “too simple”, but that’s a common misconception.

You can express different brand identities by simply choosing the right font. Popular fonts in BeauTube include Impact, Bebas, Roboto, Open Sans, Lato, Bangers, and Brusher. These creative fonts are well-loved by gurus for different types of graphics. 

Brands also have a choice of lettermark or wordmark. Lettermark logos are characterized by initials. Make-Up Art Cosmetics (MAC) is a great example of brands with this kind of name logo. 

For wordmark, this type of logo design depicts the full name of a brand or company. Logos of this design use the brand name as the main focal point, making it a popular choice for beginners who want to get their name out there.

Speed Beauty by girlandhavean

Chic beauty logo by Volodymyr Kudlyak

Glam beauty logo v2 by Robinzon

Hein Beauty by Agata Bednarska


Beauty logo Design by Mohammed Elias

Beauty — logotype by koszetrawnik

BEAUTY LOGO by Neiska 99designs

EAVAO by Kristina

Q-Beauty Logo by PANTER

Yuya Tienda, the most popular beauty content creator on the video streaming platform, has a simple calligraphy wordmark. It is a straightforward and recognizable design that works well for an established online celebrity like her. You will see it on Tienda’s official website and different merchandise as well. 

If you’re at a loss for color, don’t sweat it. We’re here to help. 

When it comes to subjects that society considers feminine such as makeup, pink is the most popular choice. It’s cute and most cultures already associate it with “girly” things, so you might as well tap into this, right? 

Allure by @m

Beauty B Logo by Brand Semut

Beauty Bright Wreath by BrandCrowd

Beauty Outline by JimjemR

BeautybyRB by 3Guys

Colour King by debdesign

However, beauty today is not just for women. It’s for anyone who wants to feel and look good. For brands that do not want to take the beaten path, you may want to consider taking inspiration from your competition, but not in the way you’d expect. Study the colors your competitors use and instead of imitating their scheme, try to choose different ones. 

Using that unique color will let audiences differentiate you from other brands. Plus, if you use it consistently, you can drive brand recognition by 80%

You’re all set to slay

Now that you know what great beauty channel logos are comprised of, you are ready to create one for yourself. 

Select the best design from this gallery of beauty and YouTube logo maker for a great branding payoff. 

If you’re feeling extra, you can even take it up a notch using BrandCrowd’s logo editor. You can experiment with different art styles, fonts, and colors to create the perfect design. Try it today for free. 

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