40 Cube Logos That Will Give Your Brand The Edge

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Humans love symmetry, which is part of the reason why cube logos are so well-loved by brands. These geometric figures give visual identities a balanced and orderly appearance. It also provides depth, making the design visually appealing. These are great traits to show off, especially when you’re trying to make a lasting impression on your audience. 

Cubes are symmetrical 3D figures that have six different sides. This shape gives you a lot of space and area to work on when Here are some logo categories to give you a boost:

Famous companies with cube logos include Dropbox, 9GAG, and of course, NeXT, which is a classic Paul Rand logo. These brands have made square logos that improved their brand identities. 

Browse through this list and learn how you can create a geometric logo that fits your brand. 

Minimalist logos

If you’ve read any logo design trend article in the past, you’ll know that minimalism always rides high. This design style keeps the symbol inventive because it only makes use of what’s essential in terms of content and design. It reduces visual clutter and guides audiences to focus only on the vital parts of a logo or any marketing collateral such as business cards.

Minimalist design gives brands the advantage of having a straightforward visual identity. Think of it as the definition of the saying, “less is more.” 

3D Cube Tech Logo Design by Connor Fowler

Blue Cube by LogoBrainstorm

Cubix construction by GLDesigns

Play Cube by CreativePixels

Cubix construction by laliconk

HC Cube by ArtLex

R H Remodeling by Andrés Sebastián

S-Cube by Joenet Jayawarna

Storage Box Logo by Alin Ionita

Hexagonal Book Academy by artlogic

Abstract Purple Digital Cube by ions

Cube Arrow by Bojan Guleski

Tech Cube by LogoBrainstorm

Lessening the visual clutter will improve your design. You can do that by using light design elements like fonts and illustrations. For minimalist cube symbols, you’ll see a lot of line art and clean typography. The absence of intricate details allows you to apply your logo to different graphics and keep it looking timeless.

Text logos

Typography and cube figures go hand in hand which each other. The boxy shape gives the text a frame, adding emphasis. 

Text-based logos are direct and put your brand name at the center of attention. You have two options when it comes to designing one. There are two types of text logos called lettermark and wordmark. Lettermarks are initial logos, while wordmark logos spell out the entirety of a brand name. 

Letter G – Giga Cube Logo by Alin Ionita

Line Cube – Letter E Logo by town

M cubed design by masiko

Double G Cube by eightyLOGOS

Combining text and this shape opens up more creative opportunities. The Double G Cube logo above positions the two letters together to create a square silhouette that resembles a cube. Its gradient colors also add more depth to the design. Additionally, the vertex naturally leads the eyes of the audience. 

Do you want to have a trendy gradient logo like the example above? Here’s a video tutorial on customizing colors. Get ready to learn how to customize and use colors like a pro.

A big part of designing a typography-based logo is the font. For starters, you can go with fonts for 3D designs like Audiowide, Daytona, Beon, Omnibus, Douar, and more. When designing a brand mark, always remember that effective logos contain readable fonts. You don’t want to make reading your brand name a challenge for your consumers.

Block Dribbble by Pablo Rozenberg

Cube Logo by Eko Prasetyo


Cube S by CreativePixels

Cube Tech by SimplePixelSL

Blue B Cube by ansgrav

Blue Cubes by LogoPick

Cube Letter C by artlogic

Pro tip: Get constructive criticism

While it may hurt to hear that your design has flaws, it is important for you to reach out to friends and family for their feedback. This test helps brands gauge how well their audience will receive and interpret the design. You can ask loved ones what they understand and recall from your logo. 

Their answers will be a good resource for you to use when revising your design. As an alternative, you can ask for logo critique through online forums if you aren’t fond of asking anyone in your circle. 

Creative logos

For consumers, squares look soothing because of its symmetrical nature. Atop of this, consumers also see brands with square logos as a business that is strong and secure. We’ve seen how this figure can be adapted to text-based symbols in the previous section. 

Now, we’re going to explore more creative possibilities to make your logo memorable. You can use abstract and maybe even illustrations to spruce up your logo. It can take the form of animals, objects, and a whole lot more. 

ONE12th Logos 2 by Insigniada 

Modern Digital Hexagon by ions

Modern Housing Cube by LogoBrainstorm

Audio Crate by Buck Thylacine

Red Cube Heart by sonjapopova

Construction Hexagon by town

Cube Tech Logo by Jue

 DNA Cube by CreativePixels

C & D Cube by a2w

Cube logos are 3D geometric shapes that look trendy. Your brand can look innovative and updated with design trends if you do this. This C & D Cube logo stands as a great example. The logo concept adds a playful touch to the design.

Ice Cube by DeltaDesign

Logo Design – Cube Modren by CreativePixels

LC3D by van klompen

MaaS Blockchain by Designs_Hubs

Property Cube by Rudy Graph

qube by JimjemR

A unique logo can make your brand stand out from the rest of the market. However, it is crucial to be mindful of adding decorative elements. You don’t want to add clutter because it will lessen the adaptability of your design, making your logo hard to use. 


Getting a powerful logo can help you communicate and make the most of the 0.05 seconds it takes for audiences to make a judgment about your brand. 

Want to be remembered by your audiences? Creating a compelling visual identity is a great way for you to do that. After seeing striking designs, you’re all set to conceptualize the badge that will become your brand’s face. 

Increase your chances of getting the ideal custom logo by working with talented freelance graphic designers. Logo design contests are a great way for you to start receiving multiple design proposals for your brand. Launch a project on DesignCrowd today.

Of course, you can always create your own logo and carry out your concept. BrandCrowd’s cube logo maker allows you to finish the design process in a matter of minutes. The gallery is filled with professionally designed and curated templates. Start browsing them today.

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