40 Park Logos That Capture Nature’s Beauty

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Parks are the go-to places on a nice sunny day – it’s perfect for having a picnic, playing some Frisbee, walking your dog, or just hanging out with friends. Parks are beneficial for communities as well as they create a safe and peaceful environment for people to gather and enjoy nature’s beauty. 

Whether you have a community park, national park, or adventure park, a beautiful park logo might be just what you need to catch people’s attention and encourage them to visit. This logo design is also incredibly versatile, as other nature and environment-related businesses such as zoos, landscaping companies, hiking clubs, botanists, or environmental engineers can also use them. 

Scroll down to see our tips on creating a refreshing park logo, and browse through our wide collection of logo ideas below. 

What Makes A Great Park Logo?

A great park logo can be created by following these tips: 

Incorporate elements related to your park

Use the power of iconography and incorporate symbols or illustrations related to nature. This can be a grassy lawn, a small pond, sun, trees, flowers, and so on. 

You can also add the activities they can do in your park. For example, do you have a kids park? Add icons related to a playground, such as swings, see-saws, or sandcastles. Do you boast of having a tranquil park where people can just relax and enjoy nature? Add icons of wooden benches, ponds, picnic blankets, etc. 

Use a green color scheme

As parks are typically associated with nature, try using a green color palette to create green logos. You can choose between using just one main color or using a green gradient palette. You can also go for a summer vibe and use bright colors like sky blue or yellow as accent colors. 

Of course, the theme of your park will affect your color choices. A more vibrant color palette will suit you if you have a kid’s park. If you have an adventure park, darker colors like brown, black, or dark blue are better. Meanwhile, a chic modern park will find a black-and-white color palette more suitable. 

Pair with the right font

Like the color, your font choice should complement your park’s theme.

A park aimed at a younger audience can use a more whimsical and cute font. Some fonts you can use are Nicolast, Sunny Spells Basic, or Copyduck.

Have a safari or adventure-themed park? Fonts like DCC Ash, Jungle Fever, or Whiterock can work for you.

If you’re unsure what font to choose, we recommend using a simple and clean, san-serif font like Arial or Helvetica, as these are universal fonts that can complement any design style. 

Park Logo Design Examples

It’s now time to look at awesome and creative park logo ideas. Take your pick from our collection below:

Tree Logos

Trees and leaves are the most popular design element for this logo design, as it is what usually comes to mind first when people think of parks. Whether you go for an intricate tree illustration or an abstract leaf icon, it can bring forth an image of lush greens and the great outdoors. 

Choose from our samples below:

Heartwood Planning Group Logo by Shmart Studio

Cloud + Tree by Burak Bal for Elbu Studio

Tree by Sergio Joseph

Tree Logo by Patrick Tuell

Tree Logo Inspiration by enter_design for QClay

tree logo by imazinator studio

Tree logo by Kursia Khatun

Geometric tree logo design by Hadisur Rahman Rafsan

Tree Logo by Daniel Ayers

Tree logo by Amadul

Nature Logos

You can also use other parts of nature, such as a green lawn, mountains, lakes, flower gardens, or even a grassy playground to depict your park. To capture that welcoming vibe, you can pair them with happy colors like sky blue, warm orange, or bright pink.

Browse our samples here:

Nature & Book Logo by LogoFarmer’s Studio

Hossa-nature logo by Tanya Shegol

Monoline Nature Logo by ponuppo

Nature Logo by Neat Lineart

Ultimate Nature logo, Modern logo by Md Abdul Hakim

ORGANIC by Shamim Akter Joba

nature drop – logo design by Milon akando

Deer Leaf Nature Logo Design by Sore_studios

Logo with nature by Sanchita Mukharzee

Nature logo by Enrike Puerto

Blue Generic Wordmark by brandcrowd

Simple Minimalist Company by brandcrowd

Natural Eco Tree by brandcrowd

Green Natural Forest Park  by brandcrowd

Natural Tree Nature by  brandcrowd

Nature Lawn Garden by  brandcrowd

Green Nature Tree by  brandcrowd

Nature Pine Forest by  brandcrowd

Tree Flower Nature by  brandcrowd

Nature Conservation Planting by  brandcrowd

Animal Logos

Last but not least are animal logos! You can go for cute pets like dogs, cats, or birds at your community park. If you’re looking for logos for safaris, zoos, or adventure tours, you can use animals such as deer, horses, owls, pelicans, fish, bears, and so on.

Check out some fun animal logo ideas here:

Peacock Animal Monoline by  brandcrowd

Kiwi Bird Animal by  brandcrowd

Giraffe Animal Wildlife by  brandcrowd

Wild Kangaroo Animal by  brandcrowd

Rhino Animal Wildlife by  brandcrowd

Animal Smiling Monkey by  brandcrowd

Golden Bull Animal by  brandcrowd

Head Fox Animal by  brandcrowd

Gold Sea Turtle Animal by  brandcrowd

Design Your Park Logo Today!

Let everyone know about the beauty of your park with a stunning logo! Go to our beginner-friendly logo maker tool to get started. Simply choose a template from our wide range of designs available, then click to edit. You can change the color, font, background, layout, and more. Once you’re happy with the design, feel free to download it to use!

Then pair your new logo with marketing templates to further advertise your park. Add your logo to your Facebook cover, create a fun TikTok video that shows off your park, or create an Instagram Story composed of aesthetic nature shots. All of these can easily be done with BrandCrowd as well. Check it out now! 

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