40 Red Logo Ideas For Innovative Businesses

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(Updated August 18, 2020)

The use of color in logo design is not merely for decorative or aesthetics purposes. 

Color often symbolizes a particular characteristic that a brand wants to be known for and remembered by. This is particularly true when a business uses the color red in their logo design.

According to color psychology, red is a warm color often associated with love, passion, elegance, danger, and power. It also signifies optimism, courage, and energy. More often than not, different shades and hues of red evoke various emotions. 

This color also influences the appetite of your audience, making it perfect for food-related brands.

Take, for example, Red Bull’s powerful and fierce red logo. Aside from the obvious color and theme choice, the design emphasizes the drink’s effect when consumed. Who can’t say they feel a lot more invigorated after taking a sip of the energy drink, right?

Aside from food and drink companies, the color can be seen across other industries and businesses too. 

Each application of the color comes with a different meaning and symbolism on its own. Some red brand marks are used by gift and outdoor gear shops, eSports teams, entertainment, automotive companies, apparel brands, and even the digital industry. To name a few, some popular brands that are represented by red logos include Netflix, Youtube, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Target.

If you have an innovative business idea that just needs an awesome logo to jumpstart your marketing strategy, you may want to consider using a red logo. You can use it for your one-of-a-kind restaurant, your photo studio, your lifestyle center, or your brand new app that is ready to be launched. 

With its natural color prominence, red is eye-catching. And if you match it with an impressive design, you will be turning heads in no time and getting those customers.

Red Logo Design Ideas

The color red can be used in various businesses and can complement any object. Depending on the brand’s essence and concept, designers can play around with the shades of red. 

There really is no limit to what you can achieve with a red symbol concept. You can create a red and white logo or maybe even design a red logo with names. If you’re up for it, you can also add a brand mascot logo to go with it.

If you are looking for more awesome ideas, below are some great examples of red logo design ideas that you can get inspiration from. 

Enjoy browsing!

Phoenix Logo Design by Mds

Shield Logo Design by Simplepixelsl

Chicken Logo Design by Town

Heart Logo Design by Anghelaht

Puppy Logo Design by Ions

Dog Logo Design by Grigoriou

Maple Leaf Logo Design by Arthagraphic

Shape Logo Design by Pitbox

Ribbon Logo Design by Shail.Pawar

King Logo Design by Vishnudesigns

Chair Logo Design by Amir66

Cup Logo Design by Logtek

Pro tip: Start with black and white

When designing your graphic mark, designers recommend that you start with monochrome first. You can think about adding the color of your choice later. This method will help you create a design that will stand well on its own, even without color. It will also give you a single-color version of your logo that will look great on packaging, merch, and other marketing collateral.

Making use of the color red in your design will let you uncover a bolder brand identity. Plenty of brands have been using this color as a way for them to stand out in the market. In fact, 23% of the most valuable companies today use the color for their insignia.

Not sure how to create a red logo?

Have you got enough inspiration to start working on your very own red logo? We certainly hope so! 

Now, all you have to do is carry out your design concept and make it come to life.

You can get a custom red emblem design fast by launching a logo design contest. DesignCrowd is a platform that gives brands access to original design bids from professional graphic designers. This way, you can have more than one design option to choose from. 

However, you can speed up the process by creating your own design. With BrandCrowd’s red logo maker, creating a logo for your business is easy.

We have hundreds of logo design ideas to help you get that logo you desire. Simply browse through the gallery, click your preferred design, customize it, then download. It is as simple as that.

Our customizing tool is user-friendly, too. You will learn to navigate it in no time at all, even without professional experience with design. You don’t have to be a computer whiz to use it.

The logo maker tool has lots of user-friendly tools that can help you customize your design. You can add text, change the font, add various shades of color, rearrange the layout, and even change the logo color to your liking.

If you want more ideas, you can also add other keywords on the search box or just use our food logo maker, energy logo maker, and urgency logo maker. Simply play around with keywords, and you are bound to discover spectacular designs that fit your brand vision.

Don’t waste any more precious time. Today is the right time to start working on your business logo!

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