41 Brand Logos That Have Animal Mascots

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Animals have always played an important role in humans. Aside from naturally being a part of our food chain and our ecosystem, they are a constant source of entertainment and are often treated as a part of the family. That said, it is easy to see why animal logos are quite popular with brands no matter how big or small or what industry they are in.

When using an animal image or mascot in a brand logo, we don’t just put them there to make it look cool and engaging. There is usually a significant symbolism behind it. An animal logo can represent a particular characteristic that a brand wants to portray or it can even have a deeper connection as to why a business was put up in the first place. Regardless of the reason behind it, using an animal logo is more symbolic than other types of logos.

How To Use An Animal Logo as a Brand Representation?

Some popular brands today have successfully used an animal logo to represent their business. Each one as unique as the next of course and has a distinct design that we instantly recognize. Let us take a look at how they help portray a brand personality:

Animal logos can be as friendly-looking such as Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger or as intimidating as the San Jose Sharks’ mascot. There are also animals designed to be neutral and formal such as logos for tech brands and/or companies. Take for example the Twitter and Hootsuite logos. These logos have a minimalist and modern design.

Depending on the target audience, beverage brands such as Red Bull that are targeted towards older consumers, have logo designs that are edgy and with dark, muted colors.

On the contrary, food manufacturing companies like Kelloggs with its variety of cereal and food brands have friendly and vibrant animal mascots in their logos. As for sports and esports, fierce animals are often chosen as logo mascots and complemented with dark cool and warm colors.

Animal logos can portray various brand personalities. They can be warm, cuddly, fierce or terrifying. Depending on the business owner’s preference, an animal logo can be as creative as they’d like it to be.

If you are starting a company or maybe forming a team, you can use an animal logo to represent your brand. Below are some examples of big and famous brands that use an animal mascot to their logo design. We have also included some logo design inspiration to give you more refreshing ideas that you can use for your business logo too.

Tech Business With Animal Logos

Any tech company or brands will want to give a sense of reliability to its consumers. What better way to show that in an animal-inspired logos?

These logos often give off a friendly vibe with the animated design style. There are other designs though that stick with the minimalist, modern, and geometric aesthetic to fit the technological progress.

The following are some of the tech companies who use an animal mascot to represent their brand.

If you want to open up a tech company of your own, or maybe you are working on an application or software that just needs the right packaging, the following animal logo design ideas are perfect!

Penguin Logo Design by Ions

Ninja Logo Design by 77Zack

Fox Logo Design by Dantedesign

Dog Logo Design by Dalia

Eagle Logo Design by Jenybaba

Cat Logo Design by Shctz

Koala Logo Design by Inovalius

Data Logo Design by Ions

Food and Beverage Business with Animal Logos

Animal logos for food and beverage brands vary from fierce and edgy designs to animated and friendly. Usually for hard drinks or beverage brands that cater to an adult audience, the logos are edgy and formal, using cool, muted colors.

In contrast, food and beverage brands that cater to a younger audience opt for family-friendly designs with bright and warm colors.

Some popular brands that we love are featured below. Each logo is as engaging as the next one!

If you too have a food business or a cafe that just needs a bit of a rebranding, an animal logo is a good idea. Let us take a look at some cute and cuddly examples:

Cow Logo Design by Mypen

Buck Logo Design by Grigoriou

Tiger Logo Design by Manu

Lion Logo Design by Vorbies

Pig Logo Design by Ions

Crab Logo Design by Brandshop

Cup Logo Design by Simplepixelsl

Porcupine Logo Design by Inovalius

Sports and ESports Teams with Animal Logos

Sports and ESports team can also become a brand, depending on how the organization wants them to be. Various sports teams have successfully transitioned their teams into popular brands that don’t only play games but do business as well.

A common feature in sports and esports logos are crested, of various forms, as an outline. This is then accompanied by the animal design that represents the team’s mascot.

Intimidating-looking animals – and even the not so ones either – are usually chosen by brands for their logos. Grayed cool and warm colors are usual choices but vibrant colors are also utilized.

Below are some popular teams in both physical sports and esports that uses an animal logo for their brand.

You may also have a team that needs a bit of a push to get noticed. Well, why don’t you take a look at these wildly fierce animal logo designs!

Shield Logo Design by Eclipse42

Blue Logo Design by Jenybaba

Snake Logo Design by Xgigantoomx

Bull Logo Design by Xgigantoomx

Gladiator Logo Design by Ions

Rabbit Logo Design by Madartzgraphics

Don’t you just love looking at great logo design ideas? We hope you did, especially when you are on the verge of designing one for your business too!

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