42 Fun Supermarket Logo Concepts

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In the crowded aisles of the retail industry, a well-crafted supermarket logo can be the key to attracting shoppers and earning their loyalty. 

These logos are not only a representation of the products within but also a promise of quality, convenience, and a pleasant shopping experience. 

Whether you’re a business owner seeking inspiration, a designer looking to expand your portfolio, or a curious observer, our logo maker and business name generator can help you capture people’s attention and have them enter your supermarket.

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How do you design a good supermarket logo?

A well-crafted logo can help your supermarket stand out and convey essential information about your business. Here are four key elements to consider when designing a compelling supermarket logo:

Simplicity: A successful supermarket logo should be simple and easily recognizable. Avoid clutter and intricate details. Opt for a clean and straightforward design that is easy to read and understand, even from a distance. Simple logos are more memorable and versatile, making them suitable for various marketing materials.

Color Palette: Select a color palette that evokes feelings of freshness, trust, and reliability, as these are essential for a supermarket. Common choices include shades of green, blue, and red. Consider incorporating colors associated with your products, such as the earthy greens of fresh produce or the warm tones of baked goods. Ensure your chosen colors are compatible with your branding and resonate with your target audience.

Typography: The choice of typography is vital in a supermarket logo. Use legible and professional fonts that reflect your brand’s personality. Avoid overly decorative or complex fonts that may make your logo difficult to read. The font should complement the overall design and convey a sense of trustworthiness.

Icons or Symbols: Consider including relevant icons or symbols in your logo to help convey the essence of your supermarket. Standard options include shopping carts, fruits, vegetables, shopping bags, or any other symbol that reflects the core of your business. These visual elements can enhance the recognizability of your logo and make it more memorable. Read more on iconography here.

Supermarket logos to capture customers

Supermarket logos serve as the first impression of a store, instantly conveying its identity and values. Through a harmonious blend of design, color, and symbolism, these logos aim to capture customers’ attention and trust, inviting them into a world of convenience and quality.

To give you some ideas, we have collected supermarket logo designs. Check them out in three major categories below:

Shopping Cart Logos

With their intuitive design, customers will know they’re in for a seamless shopping experience. These logos exude efficiency and accessibility, making them the perfect choice for supermarkets, online marketplaces, and delivery services. 

Explore our selection of shopping cart logos below:

Biomart by Anuka Kvezereli

Super Mart Logo Design by Sadaf Baloch

Online Grocery Delivery Logo Design by Jowel Ahmed

Ezeelo Logo Design by Arpit Dawar ⚡️

Grocery Company Logo Design by Muhaddas Naim

Elegant, Crowd Crowd Logo Design by ecorokerz

Bold, Industry Industry Logo Design by mrSergio

Playful, Grocery Store Grocery Store Logo Design by graphicssquare

Playful, Grocery Store Grocery Store Logo Design by nikkiblue

Modern, Dairy Logo Design by Gigih Rudya

Grocery Store Logo Design by ~idiaz~

Grocery Shopping Cart by Santipanes

Geometric Shopping Cart by Mypen

Supermarket Shopping Cart by shen02

Grocery Store Cart by Dessy

Shop Logos

Our shop logos collection is a treasure trove of brand identity solutions for any retail business. These logos encapsulate the essence of your store, from local boutiques to multinational chains.

From elegant and upscale to friendly and approachable, these logos help create a unique and inviting atmosphere, enticing customers to step inside and explore.

Check them out below:

Supermarket by 小尾巴

Store Icon by Sandor

Organic Food Store Logo Concept by HaLAL’s Workshop

Upmarket, Grocery Store Grocery Store Logo Design by CanDoDesign

Traditional, Friendly Grocery Store Logo Design by luiz otavio I DESIGN

Modern, Supermarket Grocery, Retail Logo Design by Graphic_Dune

Bold, Food Supermarket Logo Design by jaime.sp

Modern, Fruit Logo Design by Ng V Duc

Bold, Caribbean Foods grocery Logo Design by cre8vpixDesign

Supermarket Store Shop by SimplePixelSL

Red Shop Store Mart by SimplePixelSL

Fruit Vegetable Supermarket by marcololstudio

Piano Music Store by SimplePixelSL

Grocery Bag Logos

Discover the charm and practicality of grocery bag logos designed for supermarkets, eco-friendly markets, and food delivery services.

With grocery bag logos, you can assure your customers that they’re making responsible, wholesome choices while shopping.

Browse through our customizable templates below:

Retailers Icon by Javon Greaves

Grocery bag by Sunayana Dash

Gyngers Market Easily Logo Design I G Letter by Sohanur Rahman

Gather Grocers Logo by Megan Monismith

Serious, Cool Grocery Logo Design by Ana White

Serious, Small Grocery Logo Design  by D_Mantra

Modern, Company Logo Design by soulpro03

Bold, Industry Industry Logo Design by nandkumar

Elegant, Brown Logo Design by GLDesigns

Elegant, Brown Logo Design by saulogchito

Grocery Online Shopping by Mypen

Grocery Apple Shopping Bag by Mypen

Shopping Food Supermarket by ernestjdx

Supermarket Grocery Shopper by Mypen

Design Your Supermarket Logo Today!

The design of a supermarket logo plays a vital role in shaping the overall perception of your brand. 

A well-crafted logo, characterized by simplicity, an appropriate color palette, legible typography, meaningful icons or symbols, and versatility, can leave a lasting impression on customers. It captures their attention and communicates the values and quality associated with your supermarket.

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