43 Soap Logos for a Squeaky Clean Brand Identity

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Soap is a part of our daily lives, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. That’s why we prepared a roundup of impressive soap logos. 

No matter what type of market you’re in, it’s essential to have a visually striking identity that will let you invite more consumers to learn more about your product and lead further along the conversion path. Graphic design is one of the best tools that you can use to do this. 

Below are some of the logo designs that are on this list. They’re great for different applications, such as liquid soap logos or cleaning logos. In addition, it provides brand identity ideas for Laundry brands, beauty brands, handmade soapmakers, even TikTokers, whose content revolves around soap making and soap cutting. 

Find the overview right here.

Liquid soap logos

Liquid soap products come in a convenient pump bottle and reduce the exchange of germs. It deserves a unique brand mark that will help you differentiate it from bar soap. 

One of the quickest ways for you to relay your edge to the audience is to use illustrations. These visual tools help you incorporate self-explanatory symbols that the audience can comprehend in a matter of seconds. Objects that you can use include water drops, suds, pumps, sparkles, and more. You can even make it more creative by using different concepts and art styles as well. 

Find more ideas below. 

Cove Road Soapworks by ecorokerz

DeLora Bathworks by sejo.zunic

Artsy Soap by GLDesigns

Feminine, Retail Retail Logo Design by Irina Makedonska

Hand Washing Soap Bubbles by town

Island Pacific Soap Co. by

Logo Design by agustian spades

Luna Luxe Soap Co. by Kirsten Schwenzer

ManSoap by Arham Hidayat

mijep by kame hame 2

Minna Makes by ~idiaz~

Mint Drop Wash by town


Sugar & Skull Soap Co. by Joshua Noom

Tallahassee Soap company by GLDesigns

Taurus Soap – Logo Design by Dunja Bosanac

WEEKLY WARMUP // PROMPT #30 by Leeleebefrank

Pro tip: Get inspired by trends

If you’re feeling unsure of making a brand mark that looks modern, logo design trends are a great source of ideas. It will help your brand look more up-to-date. But it is best to incorporate only two trends at a time to make sure your design still ends up looking timeless. 

Beauty soap logos

When it comes to beauty products, looks matter. It helps you set the right first impression among your sophisticated audience. Find more ideas on how you can do that below. 

You will often see illustrations of body parts depending on what your soap is for. For example, if your goods are brow soaps, it would be best to feature eyes or eyebrows in your logo. It also helps to add decorative ornaments to make your design more appealing.

For brands in the wellness and beauty industry, you will often see subtle and feminine color schemes in use. This includes pink, white, and neutral shades like peach and brown. 

Asian Woman Bathrobe by marcololstudio

Bathing Betty by Michael Mahaffey

Canary Bird Soap by mintcreative

Evanthe logotype by Vladimir Garabas

Laven Soap branding by Nicho

Lemon Fresh by jjeahh

Modern, Company Logo Design by trufya

Organic Cosmetic Beauty by marcololstudio

Purple Dahlia Flower by JimjemR

Seneca Soaps by kaps01

Shipshape Soapworks  by Anna G.

Silver Birch Fine Soap by Jaden Hilgers

Skinned. Get Skinned Alive. by li_rudi

Soap Badge Concept by Raymond Gardener

Uncle Yeti’s Handmade Soap by I²D² – Indigenous India Design & Development

Vera Luxe by GLDesigns

Pro tip:  Picture your logo in different collaterals

Your logo isn’t going to be put only on your product labels. It will also be used for other assets like posters, social media, and business cards. That’s why it helps to ensure that your design is adaptive and scalable. Creating mockups will help you ensure that your logo will look good in anything. 

Laundry soap logos

When you think of detergent logos, you automatically think of big brands like Tide, Ariel, and Arm & Hammer. You can create an iconic design for your business as well. Continue browsing more ideas below. 

One of the best ways that you can make your brand mark memorable is to keep it simple. It will free your logo of visual clutter and make it easier to remember. 

It is common to see logos with drawings of whirlpools, bubbles, and shirts when browsing detergent logos. However, you can also develop a creative logo using different art styles like abstract design or gradient design. 

Color also helps you evoke a cleaner design. Green, blue, and white are some of the best colors that you can use to produce cleanliness, hygiene, and purity. 

Blue Laundry Bubble by royallogo

Gradient Sparkle Lettermark by brandcrowd

Luna Luxe Soap Co. by Kirsten Schwenzer

Logo – Branding by Innocent Mapfumo

Playful, Home Bathroom Logo Design by Gojo Design

SOAP by Ashley Paul

Soaperior by GLDesigns

SorbetSoap – logotype by Sergey

The Sloth Soapery by prodesigns99

Vintage & art deco style logo for a soap brand! by Toukir Khan

Pro tip: Add a frame 

There are benefits that come with using a frame for your logo. It provides visual prominence that makes your logo less likely to be overshadowed by other design elements. Simple shapes like circles and oblongs work great for this. However, you can also use decorative frames like ribbons, bubbles, and other subjects for this. 


The roundup features various ideas that you can apply to your brand. 

Are you bubbling with creative inspiration? Then, it’s time for you to direct that energy to find or design your very own soap brand mark. Learn how you can do that below. 

Try launching a logo design contest on DesignCrowd. It is a crowdsourcing platform that lets you work with a community of freelance graphic designers who will submit up to 50 design bids for you to choose from. This platform also lets you run other graphic design contests too. 

Or you could take the DIY approach and express yourself fully. With the BrandCrowd soap logo maker, you’ll get access to a vast library of paid and free soap logos. Customize elements like color, fonts, and layout to best match your brand. Try it right here.

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