44 Famous Green Logos Of Big Brands

A logo’s color can sometimes make or break a business’ marketing strategy. It is one of the first things that catches the eye and makes people interested. A logo’s color makes an impression: it can be striking like orange or red, or a bit subtle like blue or brown. If you are looking for a color to match your business, a green logo can be a good option for you. Here’s why:

As a dominant color in nature, green is very easy on the eye. It is often associated with growth, fertility, the environment, luck, money, and ambition. Green offers peace, serenity and is relaxing. Although the color can have certain limitations for other industries, there are still a lot of businesses that can take advantage of a green logo.

The different shades and tints of green evoke various feelings that will help capture the essence of the brand. For example, Monster Energy uses a bright green (with a bit of a dark shade) color that is an energizing shade. Meanwhile, Tropicana’s green is one that many will find in nature.

Moreover, many brands with nature-related names or brand concepts choose the color green and even add nature-related details into the design (i.e the leaf in Tropicana).

Real estates, financing, restaurants/food industry, and other eco-friendly businesses also tend to use green for their brand logo. The color often represents how entrepreneurs want their business to be perceived: nature-friendly, wealth, and healthy. Three aspects that are valued by real estates, finance and the food industry, respectively.

Popular Brands Who Uses A Green Logo

The variety of shades and hues of the color green give off different vibes. Some designs would stick to one shade, others may show a shade progression. In a lot of these design examples, a common design detail accompanied by the color are leaves or nature-related objects.

Although, some designers will include non-nature related items and incorporate it to the design. This gives off a unique twist to the logo concept as a whole. Below are some famous brands that have used a green logo.

Green Logo Design Ideas For Inspiration

If you are planning on opening up a yoga business, an eco-friendly accommodation, a non-government organization that helps the environment or even a golf club, a green logo IS a great option. With its soothing and relaxing color, logo designers can still get creative with a green logo as displayed in the collection below.

Let us take a look at how the logo tickles your creative juices. Check out some green logo design ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Chef Logo Design  by Brandshop

Trowel Logo Design by Brandshop

Pear Logo Design by Brandshop

Teacup Logo Design  by Dalia

Star Logo Design  by Andchic

Bamboo Logo Design by Andchic

City Logo Design  by Realdreams

Town Logo Design by Brandtime

Mouth Logo Design  by Town

Tree Logo Design  by Town

Teepee Logo Design by Danoen

House Logo Design by Danoen

Petal Logo Design  by Ions

Flower Logo Design  by Ions

Chameleon Logo Design by Ions

Swan Logo Design by Dantedesign

Golf Logo Design  by Zhart

Book Logo Design by Kapor

Home Logo Design  by Ions

Shapes Logo Design by Ions

Elephant Logo Design  by Ions

Bricks Logo Design by Angelaht

Leaves Logo Design by Ions

Seed Logo Design  by Ions

We hope you have found enough inspiration with this collection of cool green logos!

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Take the time to work on your branding! A logo can help you win clients and attract potential investors too.