55 Famous Green Logos Of Big Brands

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(Updated July 23, 2020)

Brand recognition is heightened by the strategic use of color. 

It is one of the first things that catches the eye and makes people interested. A logo’s color makes an impression: it can be striking like orange or red, or a bit subtle like blue or brown. 

Some brands, however, use the color green for their insignia. As a dominant color in nature, green is very easy on the eyes. Color psychology suggests that the audience associated it with growth, fertility, luck, money, and ambition. 

The different shades and tints of green also offer a spectrum of emotions that help depict brand identities. 

For example, Monster Energy uses an electrifying shade of bright green that invigorates and provides a visual jolt to the logo. Meanwhile, Tropicana’s green is one that many will find in nature. This takes their all-natural products to the forefront. 

Real estate, financing, restaurants, and other eco-friendly businesses also tend to use green for their brand logo. The color often represents how entrepreneurs want their business to be perceived: nature-friendly, wealth, and healthy. These three attributes positively impact businesses from the said sectors.

Today, we’re going to take a look at famous logos that will make you green with envy.

But don’t worry, we also included green logo ideas at the end of the list to inspire your own brand logo.

Popular Green Logos

The variety of shades and hues of the color green communicate different messages. Some designs would stick to one shade, others may show a shade progression. In a lot of these design examples, a common design detail accompanied by the color are leaves or nature-related objects.

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Below are some famous brands that wear their green badges with pride:

Acer Logo Design

Acer Logo

Acer’s wordmark didn’t always start out as green. The Taiwanese manufacturing company used to have its wordmark in the colors blue, violet, and red. It was only until 2011 that they decided to give it a fun redesign by using a lime shade of green.

Android Logo

Bugdroid has always been the company’s mascot that is meant to symbolize the open-source nature of the brand. The android logo used to be in lime green, similar to that of Acer. However, they switched it to a more subdued and cooler shade of green in their most recent redesign.

Spotify Logo Design

Spotify Logo

The music streaming platform has an eye-catching logo that depicts soundwaves traveling onward. Spotify utilizes the vividness of the color green to create a contrast between the dark interface of its app.

Holiday Inn Design

Holiday Inn

This hotel chain has been around since the ‘50s. The brand has always used nature-inspired color schemes in the past like yellow and orange to contrast its predominantly green logo. Currently, its logo stands alone great even without complementary colors.

Nvidia has a weighty brand text on its logo, but the design is balanced out by the bright color and abstract illustration. It creates an elegant and sophisticated design.Grab Logo Design

Grab Logo

This Southeast Asian cab-hailing app has a logo that will instantly make you think of traveling. Grab’s wordmark resembles the lines you see in roadways. The sans serif font adds a touch of modernity to the design.

Fiverr Logo Design

Fiverr Logo

The freelancing platform has a straightforward logo using a slab serif font called ChunkFive. Looking closely, you’ll notice that the letter F and I are actually connected. Many internet users have theorized about the Fiverr’s logo secret meaning because of this.

Founder Rene Lacoste was considered The Alligator of tennis. The pro tennis player founded his own brand and adorned it with his symbol. In 1927, artist Robert George created the reptile logo for this French brand.Heineken Logo  Design

Heineken Logo

The majority of the top valued brands have logos designed with only two or three colors. This beer company’s logo is an excellent example of a great color choice. Heineken’s logo easily pops out by using the complementary colors of red and green.

Starbucks Logo  Design

Starbucks Logo

Terry Heckler designed the iconic logo of this coffee giant. It is inspired by Norse and marine aesthetics, hence the enthralling mermaid focal point of the design. The color green represents freshness, just like the freshness of every cup they brew.

We’re hulkin’ out with more green logos

Whole Foods Market Logo

Razer Logo

John Deere Logo

Animal Planet Logo

Sprite Logo

7 Up Logo

Sesame Street Logo

Green Lantern Logo

Sony Ericsson Logo

Subway Logo

Vine Logo

Green Logo Design Ideas For Inspiration

If you are planning on opening up a yoga business, an eco-friendly accommodation, a non-government organization that helps the environment, or even a golf club, a green logo is the one for you. 

With its soothing and relaxing color, logo designers can still get creative with a green logo as displayed in the collection below.

Chef Logo Design  by Brandshop

Trowel Logo Design by Brandshop

Pear Logo Design by Brandshop

Teacup Logo Design  by Dalia

Star Logo Design  by Andchic

Bamboo Logo Design by Andchic

City Logo Design  by Realdreams

Town Logo Design by Brandtime

Mouth Logo Design  by Town

Tree Logo Design  by Town

Teepee Logo Design by Danoen

House Logo Design by Danoen

Petal Logo Design  by Ions

Flower Logo Design  by Ions

Chameleon Logo Design by Ions

Swan Logo Design by Dantedesign

Golf Logo Design  by Zhart

Book Logo Design by Kapor

Home Logo Design  by Ions

Shapes Logo Design by Ions

Elephant Logo Design  by Ions

Bricks Logo Design by Angelaht

Leaves Logo Design by Ions

Seed Logo Design  by Ions

We hope you have found enough inspiration with this collection of cool green logos!

Green Logos You Can Root For

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Take the time to work on your branding! A logo can help you win clients and attract potential investors too.

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