44 Hexagon Logos To Get Your Brand Out of The Box

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Let’s delve into the fascinating world of hexagons – a shape that’s as intriguing as beautiful. Picture this: a hexagon is a six-sided marvel, a geometric wonder that you can find everywhere, from the microscopic patterns of a snowflake to the vast honeycombs created by bees. What makes hexagons so unique? They represent balance, efficiency, and strength. They’re nature’s way of showing us how combining simplicity with intricacy can lead to something truly remarkable.

Now, imagine infusing these prime features of hexagons into the identity of a brand, a.k .a. logo designs. Why? Like the hexagon, brands are often intricate and complex, yet they strive for a clear and impactful message. Incorporating a hexagon logo into a brand can symbolize the harmony between style and professionalism. 

I’m beyond excited to present the top X hexagon logos. This collection showcases how hexagonal logos can bring a unique and sophisticated perspective to your brand. 

So, dive into this collection if you’re ready to take your brand to the next level with a design that’s as multifaceted and compelling as your business. Let these stylized hexagon logos inspire you to think outside the box and embrace the intricate beauty of your brand’s story.

Why Choose Hexagon Logos

While hexagon logos are not primarily used in business, there are a lot of advantages to having it as your main image. If you think that a hexagon logo is your perfect icon, then here are some benefits that might push you to go with it:

  • Unique Visual Identity: In a market often filled with round and square logos, the hexagonal shape helps your brand stand out with a distinct visual identity.
  • Symbol of Balance and Efficiency: The hexagon, found in nature’s most efficient designs like honeycombs, symbolizes balance, strength, and efficiency – ideal qualities to associate with your brand.
  • Versatility in Design: Hexagons are incredibly adaptable, fitting seamlessly into various design aesthetics, from classic to modern, and intricate to detailed, from professional to casual.
  • Strong Brand Recall: The unique and striking nature of hexagon logos makes them more memorable, enhancing brand recognition and recall among your audience.
  • Conveys Stability and Harmony: The symmetry and balance inherent in hexagonal shapes convey a sense of stability and harmony, resonating with audiences seeking reliability and trustworthiness in a brand.

Hexagon Logos to Get Inspired From

Now, it’s time to improve your logo design journey. Here are three categories to get inspiration from. Drawing from the concepts and ideas of hexagons, we have curated the top three design styles that will best suit your design needs. 

Geometric Logo

There’s something truly captivating about geometric hexagon logos. Imagine clean, sharp lines forming a shape that’s both simple and complex at the same time. That’s the vibe these logos give off, making them a perfect fit for brands all about innovation and cutting-edge ideas. Brands like ‘The North Face’ and ‘Adobe’ have nailed this concept. You might think they’re just images, but they’re a story of adventure, resilience, creativity, and forward-thinking.

What I love about these geometric designs is how they pair up with the simplicity of sans-serif fonts. This blend of minimalist typography with the hexagon’s perfect angles creates a memorable visual identity. And the best part? Geometric shapes and icons are incredibly versatile. You can add a triangle or a square, play with patterns, and suddenly, you’ve got a logo that can embody your brand’s ethos and aspirations.

Chemistry Lab Logo Mark by Susana Costa

Hexagon Logo Design 2 by Jamie Fang

Hexagon mandala by Manitou

Rainbow Hexagon by Maria Grønlund

eyelink tech logo by Deividas Bielskis

Serious, Hexagon Landscaping Logo Design by ecorokerz

Modern, Hexagon Flooring and athletics Logo Design by Blessing Angel

Masculine, Red Software Logo Design by madeli

Serious, Hexagon Engineering Logo Design by rozT

Hexagon Patriotic Stripes by town

Hexagon Logistics Arrow by town

Modern Gray Hexagon by ions

Hexagon Dumbbell Gym Fitness by SimplePixelSL

Hexagon Media Player by town

Blue Hexagon Logo

Blue hexagon logos blend the trust and professionalism of blue with the balance of a hexagon. Ideal for industries like finance, healthcare, and tech, they evoke stability and intelligence. These logos suggest calmness and authority, traits crucial in sectors where trust is key.

Typically paired with bold, simple typography, blue hexagon logos ensure clarity and convey a message of dependability. While no globally known brand may come to mind, this style would resonate with businesses handling crucial aspects of life, emphasizing their commitment to precision and innovation.

A blue hexagon logo is a strategic choice for brands aiming to project reliability, intelligence, and forward-thinking in their identity.

hexagon logo exploration concept by MD Mahfuj

CloudPeak by Deividas Bielskis

Hexa Tiger by zaza.dsn

Lighthouse by Valentyn Ananiev

Hexa launcher by Dalibor Pajic

Professional, Purple Bitcoin Mining Logo Design by pici_timici

Modern, Hexagon Solar Energy/Construction by ecorokerz

Modern, Hexagon Technical Logo Design by creative.bugs

Masculine, Apple App Logo Design by Kzodiackgraphs

Modern, Company Food Production Logo Design by lightning.1972

Modern Blue Hexagon by ions

Blue Hexagon Technology by royallogo

Hexagonal Thunder App by eightyLOGOS

Hexagon Water Whirlpool by user1517801027

Business Hexagon Company by town

Modern Hexagon Logo

Modern hexagon logos are all about taking the classic shape and giving it a contemporary twist. Think sleek lines, bold colors, and innovative typography that make these logos pop in our digital, fast-paced era. 

They’re perfect for brands that want to scream youth, innovation, and boldness – like startups, digital agencies, or any forward-thinking company. These designs go beyond the traditional, embracing progressiveness and energy, ideal for businesses that are all about breaking new ground.

In these logos, playful adjustments to the hexagon’s shape, gradient colors, and abstract elements paired with experimental fonts often appear—this style suits tech and new media industries, where innovation is key. A modern hexagon logo is not just a brand mark but a commitment to a contemporary audience.

Portalhex logo design (AR app) by Vadim Carazan

Celestial Wings by Tommy Chandra

burn corpo shit by Kotinov Baatr

PH Wellness – Logo Design by Emir Kudic

Hexagon with arrows concept logo design by Bora

Hexagon Logo Design by Finley Johnson

Bold, Geometric It Company Logo Design by Pv_999

Elegant, Simple Logo Design by step forward 2

Yellow Logo Design by ecorokerz

Hexagon Logo Design by FourtuneDesign

Hexagon Silhouette Dog by JimjemR

Geometric Link Hexagon by JimjemR

Hexagonal Crown Pomegranate by shad

Abstract Business Firm Hexagon by Alexxx

Colorful Camera Hexagon by town

Design your hexagon logo.

And there you have it, the world of hexagon logos in all its glory! From the sleek and sophisticated geometric designs to the cool and contemporary modern takes, hexagon logos are a fantastic way to give your brand a unique edge. But why stop there? The real fun begins when you start designing your hexagon logo, bringing your brand’s personality and story to life.

First, embrace the challenge and let your creativity flow to get there. Think about what your brand stands for and how a hexagon logo can encapsulate those values. 

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So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of hexagon logos, and let your brand’s identity shine in every aspect of your marketing. It’s your story; tell it in a way that’s uniquely you!

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