44 Mouthwatering Snack Logo Design Ideas

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Who doesn’t love snacks? Whether it’s movie snacks like popcorn, baseball game snacks like hotdogs, or even beach treats like ice cream to cool off on a hot summer day, snacks will remain an undisputed favorite among people.

If you want an irresistible snack logo to promote your snack business, look no further than this article! We’ve compiled a huge list of logo ideas that you can use to entice your customers and boost your business. Need help in further branding your business? We also got our business name generator tool and marketing templates. 

Let’s get started!

Tips For Creating Snack Logos

Before we get into the logo design samples, let us first give you tips on what makes a great snack logo.

Consider your brand identity

Are you a fun and playful brand that sells snacks for kids? Or you are an urban food truck that sells savory and salty snacks. Or maybe your main products are healthy and sugar-free snacks?

Your logo design will change depending on your brand identity and target audience. After all, your logo should be something that fits the image that you want to portray. It should also be something that your audience will find appealing. 

Match it with the right color

Choose the color that will evoke the emotion that you are aiming for. Green logos are usually associated with health, freshness, and natural ingredients. Meanwhile, bright yellows and sunny oranges are usually favored by kids’ brands. Light blue can suggest cold treats. And so on.  

Use the right typography

Just like with your colors, your choice of font matters too. 

Rounded and bubbly fonts are fit for brands that aim to look playful and fun. Clean sans-serif fonts are great for more modern businesses. Meanwhile, handwritten fonts are suited for businesses that sell natural and organic products. 

Aside from the font, the overall typography detail will have an effect, too. Deliberately misaligned fonts can make your brand look more quirky and dynamic. Text angled to the right can give off a sense of speed. And so on. 

Make sure your logo is adaptable

Your logo will be printed on your various snack packaging – whether it’s a small candy wrapper, a paper wrap, or a popcorn bucket. It will also be used in your marketing materials – from your delivery packaging website, to small business cards.

Your logo design should still look good, whether printed on a small or colossal material. If your logo contains text such as your brand name, make sure it’s still legible, especially if it’s printed somewhere small.

Snack Logo Design Examples

Let’s now get into our list of logo design ideas. We’ve divided them into three groups to make it easier. 

Crunchy Snacks Logos

Popcorn, chips, nuts, nachos, tacos – we can’t get enough of their irresistible flavor and that crispy, crunchy sound!

If you sell these products, we have compiled your best logo ideas. Check them out below: 

Taco Food Snack

Brown Taco Restaurant

Mexican Taco Moustache

Popcorn Head Boy

Popcorn Man Cinema

Popcorn Movie Theater

Popcorn Snack Food

Round Peanut Leaf

Simple Almond Nut

Taco Mexican Restaurant

Chef Taco Restaurant

Flaming Taco Snack

Mexican Nacho Skull

Mexican Nacho Chips

Savory Snacks Logos

We’ll now go to the savory snacks – pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, fries, wraps, hotdogs, and takoyaki. These are not only filling but delicious as well. You can also apply any design style here to create an abstract, graphic, 3D, retro, or comic-style logo. 

See our examples here:

Asian Street Food

Takoyaki Snack Food

Mustard Hotdog Sausage

Hotdog Fast Food Diner

Fries Snack Diner

French Fries Diner

Sandwich Triangle Cafe

Egg Sandwich Bread

Pop Art Burger

Fast Burger Flash

Red Burger Restaurant

Pizza House Cabin

Neon Cheese Pizza

Happy Pizza Slice

Flaming Hot Pizza

Sweet Snacks Logos

Let’s get to our sweet treats – ice cream, cakes, chocolate, cupcakes, candies, donuts, and waffles. We suggest using bold colors for these logos to highlight the fun and delightful feeling you get from these treats. 

Scroll down to see our samples below: 

Colorful Donut Chat App

Wheat Donut Anchor

Candy Lolly Letter C

Feminine Lips Candy

Lollipop Candy Sugar

Sweet Lollipop Candy

Sweet Pastry Cupcake

Cupcake Baking

Modern Cupcake Pastry

Minimalist Birthday Cake

Cat Cake Slice

Wedding Cake Minimalist

Ice Cream Sugar Badge

Ice Cream Cone

Melting Ice Cream Cone

Create Your Yummy Snack Logo Today!

Whew! Did you get hungry from the list? We sure did!

We hope you found a logo design that you like. You can also look at our AI logo generator tool for more logo ideas or check out some snack-related logo content from our previous articles.

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