45 Supermarket Logos for a Memorable Customer Experience

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Hey there, supermarket owners! Are you ready to make your mark in the bustling world of grocery retail? It all starts with your supermarket logo—the face of your brand.

Whether you’re revamping your current logo design or starting from scratch, we’ve provided tips and inspiration for creating a logo that represents your supermarket’s unique identity.

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How To Design A Supermarket Logo?

Designing a standout logo for your supermarket is a thrilling journey that can define your brand’s identity. Your logo is the first thing customers see, so making it memorable and reflecting your supermarket’s personality is crucial. 

We’ve compiled some tips on how to design a grocery logo:

Understand your Brand Identity

Before starting the design process, define your supermarket’s brand identity—consider your target market, brand values, and unique selling points. 

Are you a family-friendly neighborhood market or a trendy urban grocery store? Understanding these aspects will guide your design choices and ensure your logo resonates with your audience.

Keep it Simple and Versatile

Your logo should be easily recognizable and scalable across various platforms, from signage to social media profiles.

Avoid cluttered designs and intricate details that can get lost in translation. Instead, opting for a clean, straightforward logo will ensure maximum impact and versatility.

Incorporate Relevant Symbols or Icons

Consider incorporating relevant symbols or icons into your logo to communicate your supermarket’s offerings and values effectively. This could include images of fresh produce, grocery carts, or stylized depictions of your store’s name. 

Using these visual elements conveys what your supermarket offers and helps establish a connection with your target audience.

Choose Appropriate Colors and Fonts

Color psychology plays a significant role in branding, so choose colors that evoke the right emotions and associations for your supermarket. For example, green logos convey freshness and health, while blue logos suggest trust and reliability. 

Similarly, select fonts that align with your brand’s personality—modern and sleek or warm and inviting.

Supermarket Logo Design Ideas

Are you looking to inject some personality into your supermarket’s brand identity? Your logo is the perfect place to start! Explore these creative supermarket logo design ideas to find inspiration and give your grocery store a new look.

We’ve divided them into three major categories below:

Grocery Cart Logos

When you think about supermarkets, what comes to mind? Probably the grocery cart, right? It’s a symbol of shopping convenience and abundance, so using a grocery cart in your logo makes perfect sense.

It instantly tells customers what you’re all about—providing an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. So, if you want a logo that speaks volumes, consider incorporating the trusty grocery cart.

Check out our grocery cart logos below:

gunstigtrend.de by Nikolina

g + grocery cart by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Organic Food Delivery by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Shopping Cart logo – U+D letter logo by Sunny Ahmed

Trendy Shop – E Commerce Logo by Jahid Hasan

Unique Cart by AtikCreation

Grocery Store Logo Design by ~idiaz~

Upmarket, E-Commerce E-Commerce Logo Design by ecorokerz

Playful, Grocery Store Grocery Store Logo Design by nikkiblue

Geometric Grocery Cart

Fruit Grocery Cart

Shopping Cart Grocery

Fast Grocery Cart

Grocery Bag Logos

Like the cart, the grocery bag symbolizes the essence of shopping—convenience, variety, and abundance.

Incorporating a grocery bag into your logo design not only pays homage to this familiar symbol but also instantly communicates your supermarket’s core values: providing customers with an easy and fulfilling shopping experience. 

Browse through our grocery bag logos below:


Concept: BazaarPoint – Logo Design (unused) by Sabrina Abdur Rahman

N + shopping bag Logo Design by Mahjabin Afrin

Z + Shopping Bag by Kakha Kakhadzen

Letter A Shopping Bag Logo by Yusuf Asyari

E-commerce logo design by Designer Nishad | Logo Designer

Bold, Industry Industry Logo Design by nandkumar

Modern, Online Shopping Online Shopping Logo Design by maria-kaz

Modern, Simple Supermarket Logo Design by DyzDesign

Modern, Food Store Food Store Logo Design by trufya

Supermarket Building Logo Design by vladst2004

Online Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping Box

Food Shopping Grocery

Grocery Apple Shopping Bag

Wordmark Logos

When discussing supermarkets, wordmark logos often emerge as a prime branding choice.

Wordmark logos encapsulate the brand’s essence by prominently featuring the supermarket’s name in a unique and stylized font. 

Whether a sleek and modern font or a classic and timeless one, wordmark logos convey reliability, trustworthiness, and a commitment to quality—all essential attributes for any successful supermarket.

Choose from our wordmark logos here:

TradeFair Monogram Logo for Whole Foods Supermarket. by Edwin Chidi

Hypermarket Logo by Saima Rahman

vivifix logo design by Triangle Designs

whole mart logo design by ANN JANSZE

Los Laureles Supermarket Logo Design by Aldi Ramdan

Logo Design for a mini Supermarket in Mexico by Alonso Garcia

Zovq Supermarket by Braind

Elegant, Crowd Crowd Logo Design by jaime.sp

Bold, Marketing Marketing Logo Design by Atvento Graphics

Building Building Logo Design by Ana Paula

Modern, Busy Logo Design by Trident

Bold, Caribbean Foods grocery Logo Design by adelvalle

Bold, Marketing Marketing Logo Design by Marcia


Choosing the suitable logo for your supermarket is more than just a design decision—it is about creating a memorable customer experience. Whether you opt for a grocery cart, bag, or wordmark logo, each symbolizes convenience, abundance, and quality. 

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