46 Book Logos for a Best-Selling Brand

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Books have a unique charm that draws everyone in. Whether it’s the comforting smell of fresh pages or a bookstore’s quiet, cozy vibe, people just love being around books. 

But in today’s world, where competition is everywhere, how do you make your bookstore stand out? How do you grab people’s attention and get them to check out your store? One way is through a great book logo.

With the help of our logo maker tool and our collection of book logos below, you can surely turn your bookstore into a best-selling brand.

Let’s check them out!

How To Design A Book Logo

A good book logo is important because it represents your bookstore’s identity and can make a lasting impression on customers. 

A well-designed logo helps your store stand out, attract attention, and convey the right message about your brand. It’s a key part of your marketing strategy and can turn casual browsers into loyal customers.

Here are four tips on how to design  great various books logo:

1. Keep It Simple

A simple logo is easy to recognize and remember. Avoid cluttering your design with too many details. Think of famous logos like Apple’s or Nike’s—they’re simple yet powerful. Your book logo should be clean and straightforward, making it easy for people to identify your brand quickly.

2. Choose the Right Colors

Colors can evoke emotions and convey messages. For a bookstore, you might use calming colors like blues and greens or warm, inviting colors like reds and yellows. Make sure the colors you choose align with the vibe you want your bookstore to have. 

Also, ensure your logo looks good in black and white, as it might be used in different formats.

3. Use Relevant Imagery

Your logo should include elements related to books or reading – an open book, a bookmark logo, or a bookshelf. Using these images instantly tells people that your business is about books. Be creative, but ensure the imagery is relevant and precise.

4. Make it Versatile

Your logo will be used in various places—on your storefront, website, social media, and promotional materials. It should look good and be readable in all sizes and formats. A versatile logo maintains its impact on a business card or a large banner.

Book Logo Design Ideas

To give you an idea of what your logo could look like, we’ve collected book logo design ideas. You can start and design your logo from scratch with our tool, or you can choose and customize one from the designs below:

Books Logos

What better way to tell people you’re selling books than a simple logo? A book logo instantly communicates the essence of your business. It’s clear and direct and immediately tells potential customers what they can expect from your store.

A book icon can be stylized creatively, from a minimalist outline to a detailed illustration. You could feature an open book, symbolizing the endless stories and knowledge within, or a stack of books, representing variety and abundance. 

Check out our book and e-book logos below:

Knigi (K + Book) by Kakha Kakhadzen

Book and T letter – 2 by Burak Bal for Elbu Studio

Next Chapter Books Logo by Curvepixel

P book by asif iqbal  logo and branding expert

Modern Stories Logo by Deanna Bains

Education Book Tree

Music Note Audio Book

Classic Tree Book

Nature Moonlight Book

Book Library Planet

Tree Book Knowledge

Butterfly Flip Book

Orange Learning Book

Education Learning Book

Green Star Book

Bookshelf Logos

A bookshelf logo is an excellent visual cue that immediately communicates the essence of your business. It tells potential customers that your store is packed with books and ready to be explored.

You could go for a sleek, minimalist design that highlights the clean lines and organized structure of a bookshelf or opt for a more detailed and cozy illustration that includes a variety of books and decorative elements.

Choose from one of our bookshelf logos below:

Books logo mark by Aleksandar

Bookshelf logo by Yubaraj Singh

Book Logo by Arafath hossain (Palash)

BOOKLY – Online Library by Devayani Borse

Library logo by ttiw69

Book Shelf Furniture

Book Cube

Home Bookshelf Furniture

Brown Bookshelf Cabinet

Library Bookshelf Furniture

Bookshelf Furniture Cleaning

Bookshelf Flower Vases

Brown Library Bookshelf

Bookshelf Letter B

Bookshelf Cabinet Furniture

Feather Quill Pen Logos

A feather quill pen logo is a classic and elegant choice for a bookstore. Combining the imagery of a book with a quill pen immediately conveys a sense of tradition, wisdom, and the timeless nature of reading and writing.

A quill pen symbolizes creativity, knowledge, and the art of storytelling, making it a perfect element to include in a bookstore logo.

Get started with one of our feather quill pen book logos below:

Quill by Badr errouichaq

QUILL PEN Logo design by MD. ABID

Book&Quill. by Jay Castruita

Book and Quill by Andreas Wikström

Book + Pen Logo by Raselhsm

Book Pen Writing

Book Torch Pen

Quill Pen Book

Book Quill Pen

Red Pen Book

Book Pen Nib

Feather Book Author

Graduation Learning Book

Quill Feather Writing

Quill Feather Writing

Design Your Book Logo Today!

A well-designed logo can capture attention, convey your store’s identity, and make a lasting impression on customers. By keeping your logo simple, choosing the right colors, using relevant imagery, and ensuring versatility, you can create a logo that helps your bookstore stand out in a competitive market.

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