48 Luxurious Logos For A Regal Brand Identity

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What word comes to mind when you see the logos of brands like Dior, Hermes, Swarovski, or Versace? That’s right, it’s luxury! 

A luxurious logo is the way to go if you want to channel the same feeling of luxury and glamor. This logo design can help you classify as a high-end brand or simply convey that you treat your customers as royalty. 

Today, we’ve curated a list of elegant logo designs that will evoke that feeling of prestige. Let’s take a look at them!

What Makes A Luxurious Logo?

Ever notice how some logos look fancy while some look down-to-earth and approachable? Certain graphic elements and design choices can separate a fancy logo from a normal one. 

If you’re aiming to create a luxurious logo, keep these in mind: 

Use metallic colors or jewel tones.

Gold and silver are commonly used in luxurious logos, as these colors are usually seen in jewelry. You can also add effects such as glitter, chrome, or shine in your logo to mimic how jewelry looks in real life.

You can also go for jewel tones such as sapphire, jade, and ruby, as these rich colors can also be associated with gemstones. 

Focus on your typography.

Flowy calligraphy scripts are recommended. These add a sense of sophistication and elegance to your brand.

You can also go for traditional serif fonts. This font type is commonly associated with an old-school and classic vibe. These are great if you want to be more straightforward but still look elegant. Famous examples include logos of Tiffany & Co and Vogue.

To be stylish, you can also go for fancy initial logos. Use this if you have a lengthy brand name and want to make it easier to remember. A great example of this is the YSL logo. 

Use icons associated with luxury.

Nothing makes it easier for your customers to know that you are a luxurious brand by using icons commonly associated with luxury. Icons are influential as it only takes one image to portray the message and identity you want to convey.

Go for crowns, scepters, robes, or even use a mascot of a king and queen. 

Keep it tasteful and balanced.

Whether you go for an intricate design or a minimalist logo, it’s best to keep it tasteful. This means understanding the rules of graphic design. Keep everything aligned, leave ample white space to make it look clean and uncluttered, and use appropriately coordinated colors. 

Don’t go overboard on the details. Avoid overly bright colors and mismatched designs. Remember, rich people always look poised and intentional with their style. Emulate that same thought to your logo design.   

Luxurious Logo Design Examples

Ready to start creating your logo? Take a look at these classy logo designs first to get inspired. We’ve categorized them into three categories below:

Regal Animal Logos

Strong and fierce animals are a great symbol of power and confidence. Lion logos are mainly famous for high-end brands, as lions are known as the jungle kings. Use them if you want to portray authority and dominance over other brands.

Some other regal animals to choose from are swans, doves, peacocks, tigers, owls, and butterflies. Browse our samples here:

Kraker – Geometric Logo by Taymoor Ilya

Lion Head by Aris Komara

Owl And Eagle Logo Design by Sixtynine Designs

MONTAIGU Brand Logo Design by Jowel Ahmed

BPRS by Nacer Filez

Luxurious Gryphon Logo Design by Sixtynine Designs

Elegant Clothing Brand Logo Design by amongraga

Upmarket, Business Logo Design by Step Forward 2

Serious, Elegant Cannabis industry Logo Design by arcoalex

Elegant, Luxurious Financial, intellectual and real estate services Logo Design by nilpori 103

Modern, Creative Fitness Logo Design by Omee

Bold, Sharp Clothing Brand Logo Design by ThiagoB

Gold Bird Outline by arishu

Gold Deer Animal by BryAd

Gold Fish Animal by vixiiiart

Gold Fox Animal by marcololstudio

Gold Lion Animal by chavalenzuela

Fancy Accessories Logos

Nothing screams luxury more than shining, shimmering accessories. These could be crowns, scepters, keys, gemstones, rings, necklaces, or other jewelry. 

Pair these icons with gold or metallic colors, and you’ll instantly look fancy. Check them out below:

Bonya Jewelry logo E2 by Afshin T2Y ✪

Handmade Jewellery logo concept. by Elshan Valijanov

jewellery logo by warehouse_logo

Minimalist Logo Design by Idea Touch

Serious, Elegant jewelry Logo Design by Mr_Ank

Upmarket, Calligraphy Retail Logo Design by ds | designstructure

Elegant, Jewelry Jewelry Logo Design by GLDesigns

Elegant, Company Logo Design by Gree™

Diamond Boutique Logo Design by JL 2

Modern, Diamond Logo Design by Zak Yassine

Diamond Logo Design by Irfan Renaldi

Crystals Jewelry Hand by vixiiiart

Luxury Lady Jewelry by Enso2

Elegant Jewelry Boutique by VinP

Gold Jewelry Ornament by AleksandrO

Gold Diamond Jewelry by RainDraft

Chic and Classy Logos

Make your brand look as luxurious as possible by going for fancy patterns as a border or embellishment for your business name. Ornament logos in particular are a great option as the intricate details show a high level of craftsmanship and artistry, perfect for aspiring upscale brands. 

Of course, fancy doesn’t mean always going all-out with the design. You can just stick to chic wordmark logos where your typography is the main focus. You can see this in the logos of Salvatore Ferragamo, Calvin Klein, and Chopard. 

Pandox Logo and grid by DAINOGO

Icon design for JK by INDUSTRIA BRANDING

Luxury logo by Krish Patel

Inversiones JM by Filip Panov

Circle Line Flamingo Logo Designs by Sixtynine Designs

Masculine, Square Painting Logo Design by Samantha Ward Design

Luxury Logo Design by Ashani Bhattacharya

Upmarket, Company Logo Design by H-H Arts

Modern Logo Design by geni

Brown Logo Design by aneesh vs

Restaurant Eatery Luxury by ernestjdx

Premium Luxury Boutique by harvector

Luxury Podcast Microphone by AK_Designs

Luxury Golden Letter M by AlvinA

Gold Luxury Hotel by Chinobi

Design Your Luxurious Logo Today!

Luxurious logos are not only for brands selling couture or high-end jewelry. They can also be used by businesses that aim to portray confidence, authority, or power. They could also be used to signify high-quality products and services.

If that resonates for you, craft your luxurious logo today! You can get one through our beginner-friendly logo maker tool. Simply enter your business name and wait as we generate logo designs that are suitable for you. You can also customize them as you fit — add more sparkles, use a darker color palette, and many more. 

Creating your logo has never been easier. Pair it with a premium business card, an elegant email signature, or a fancy Facebook cover. All of that and more with BrandCrowd! 

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