48 Real Estate Logos that Keep it Real

Are you managing a real property business? Or perhaps you are a broker who help families to own their homes? Or maybe you have an agency who hires agents to help small and large businesses sell condo units, apartments and other real estate properties? If yes, then we have a great branding leverage for you: an effective realtor logo for your business!

Over the years, real estate is becoming a key player to the progress of the society as a whole. And it’s no wonder that many businesses and business minded people are also investing and at the same time getting into the business. If you are one of those, then for sure you’ll know how tough the competition is. And the only way to beat them is to have an impressive, trust-worthy and quality-oriented branding. Without a doubt a good realtor logo will give you that competitive edge that you are so longing for.

Personal logos for realtors selling estates, houses, and properties, and even those mortgaging are mostly geometric, playing with shapes and angles. Monogram logos are also popular, especially for realtors with their names as their brand name.

One of the most recognisable realtor logos is that of Hilton & Hyland, Beverly Hills’ most prestigious brokerages, with their simple logo of their initials forming a hexagon. Williams & Williams Estate Group is another popular brokerage in Beverly Hills with their gold logo of a structure with trees at the background. Julian Pilarski real estate services logo is also a great example of a monogram design.

Below are more examples of realtor logos that you can use for your business. Check them out to get more inspiration!

Logo Ideas for Real Estate

Most logo designs for real estates are geometric, often puts homes and buildings as the main subject of the logo. Artists get creative in showcasing these geometric shapes and angles. Other logo designs simply highlights the company name, with its initials slightly more emphasised. These designs use light-toned colours, while a few may use darker shades.

Box Logo Design by Starlogo

Rocket Logo Design by Tweasel

Lines Logo Design by Adrian.Le2596

Oak Logo Design by Oszkar

Logo Designs for Brokers

These logo designs are ideally for personal business cards, hence the minimalistic designs. The point of emphasis is the person’s brand name in beautiful font texts, whether they’re in bold or in italics. Details such as houses and roofs are added depending on the broker’s business. For example, a broker with a real estate in a coastal community may add in an image of a home with ocean waves into their logo design.

Key Logo Design by Mistcreative

Wave Logo Design by Ecorokerz

Logo Design Ideas for Mortgage Business

Some mortgage logo designs are geometric. Some logo designs make good use of negative space to show an image of a house or a building. One thing in common for these designs is that they are all minimalistic.

Alligator Logo Design by Revotype

Eco-Friendly Logo Design by Oszkar

Logo Ideas with House Themes

These logo designs clearly emphasise houses of different shapes and sizes. Some incorporate other symbols like stars and trees. They also vary in colours from darker to lighter tones.

Environment Logo Design by Oszkar

Star Logo Design by Logotrail

Trees Logo Design by Ismaeldesignsp

Pyramid Logo Design by Musiquedesign

Crescent Logo Design by Oszkar

House Logo Design by Oszkar

Logo Designs for Properties

Property logo designs emphasises brand name, often creating a logo around the initials or letters of the company name. Other logo designs are quite scenic with images of a house over the ocean or a house standing over a hill. Light colours are mostly utilised in these logos.

As a Realtor, have you found the right logo inspiration for your brand?

How to Acquire a Realtor Logo?

You can easily create a real estatge logo through BrandCrowd’s realtor logo maker! Pre-made logos are available for use. Just add text, change fonts, mix and match colours and you are good to go!

It’s that easy! What are you waiting for? Make your business a priority through effective logo branding!