49 Graffiti Logos That Are Full of Swagger

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Modern graffiti is said to have started in Philadelphia back in the 1960s. It started with Darryl “Cornbread” McCray, who had fallen in love and started to tag walls to get this girl’s attention. Since then, it has become a form of self-expression, a way to freely express their creative skills even without connections to high-end museums. It also became a platform to express resistance and empowerment regarding discrimination, politics, and social inequality. 

Want to take this hip and urban chic aesthetic to your brand? A striking graffiti logo is the way to go. Check out our huge list below of creative street and graffiti-inspired logos. 

We’ve also shared some tips on creating your own, made easy with the help of our AI logo generator tool. Curious? Let’s get started! 

Tips For Creating Graffiti Logos

Want to design your logo? We are here to help. We recommend following the steps below to create the best street logo:

  • Incorporate common street elements.

There are tons of visual elements that are typically associated with graffiti. These are skulls, spray paint, X-marks, caps, skateboards, crowns, etc. Be guided by urban culture, street aesthetics, city lifestyle, or hip-hop elements, and include references to those in your logo.

  • Be familiar with graffiti style.

Take inspiration from real-life graffiti art and infuse it in your logo. Some examples are sticker bombing (where artists draw on blank stickers or layer multiple stickers as part of their design), murals (large street art that contains faces, objects, or animals), throw-ups (characterized by overly bubbly letterings), or wildstyle (extremely exaggerated typography filled with sharp or spiky edges). 

  • Use bold colors

Now is not the time to be a minimalist. Use bold and neon colors such as bright yellow, cherry red, highlighter orange, or electric blue. You can also use clashing colors or lively color palettes to add visual interest to your logo. 

  • Go all out with your design.

Graffiti is about freedom of expression, so go with your logo! Don’t stick to graphic design rules. You can get creative by playing around with distorted letterings, exaggerated typography, unique composition, and textures and filling it with decorative elements. 

You can also combine graphic design techniques such as shading, layering, highlighting, and outlining to add more depth to your logo. 

  • Add a compelling narrative or story.

Artists use graffiti to communicate a message or story on personal, political, social, or cultural issues. You can take inspiration from your own story or experiences to create your logo and use it to convey your message. 

  • Make use of design tools.

Want a graffiti-style logo but don’t have graphic design experience? We got you. Our AI logo generator tool can give you suitable logo designs based on a prompt you provide (ex. “red and yellow graffiti logo” or “hip-hop inspired text logo with crown”). You can then use these logos as is or customize it further to fit your style. No need to start from scratch! 

Graffiti Logo Design Examples

Let’s get this party started by looking at our curated graffiti-inspired logos! Some logos can even be customized through our beginner-friendly logo maker tool. 

While graffiti art comes in different styles and forms, we’ve categorized them into three major categories below. These are:

Skull Logos

Skulls are commonly associated with danger and death. However, it can also signify transformation, change, and strength. All of these are things that graffiti artists want to explore, which is why skulls are a common feature in graffiti. 

Check out our skull logos below: 

Cute Skull by Alien3287

Cute Skull Note by Septak

Skulltura by Darijus B. | Logotypr

Cracked Skull by Andrea Wijaya

Skull Icon by Chelsey Chambers

Sun Skull by Jason K Yun

Skull Typography by PDD

skullfire 💀🔥 | logo, mark, symbol by Oleg Coada

Bart Skull by Adam Robinson

DWFP Old Skull by  Gustavo Zambelli

Skull logo by Mersad Comaga

Skull by Travis Hitchcock

skull fire by Modal Tampang

Skate Graffiti Skull by by FishDesigns61025

Graffiti Skull Horror by by realdreams

Skull Graffiti Art by by marcololstudio

Graffiti Skull Paint by by J-lao

Skull Crown Graffiti by by FishDesigns61025

Text Logos

These are wordmark logos whose primary focus is the graffiti-style text. It features thick and bold lettering, exaggerated strokes, and stylized embellishment. You can also see many drips, splatters, or fluid lettering to mimic paint dripping off. 

Browse our samples here:

Graffiti by Oster Oleg

Graffiti Logo Illustration by Gideon Olaboye

Kooks Graffiti by Petar Kilibarda

GraffCorner – Experimental Graffiti Logo by Ascanio Paonetti

Graffiti Logo Design by Mahbubur Hamim

Graffiti Logo by SafiUllah baig

Graffiti Logo by Muqadas Batool

Graffiti by Nikita Raizvikh

fujima graffiti logo design by iman

Street Art Graffiti Doodle by christophers15

Street Graffiti Paint by Enso2

Graffiti Street Art by ernestjdx

Icon Logos

While skulls may be the most popular, other street and urban-related icons such as crowns, mics, boom boxes, spray paint, caps, or monkeys are also in graffiti. These tend to be used as hip-hop logos for DJs, musicians, or streetwear brands. 

Graffiti Art Spray Paint by town

Purple Skull Spray Paint by JimjemR

Graffiti Artist Cap Hat by JimjemR

Hip Hop Woman by JimjemR

Splatter Boom Box by town

Smoking Cigarette Rabbit by Tuts

Street Ink Graffiti by ernestjdx

Spray Paint Letter G by town

Graffiti Spray Paint by town

Spray Paint Man by town

Graffiti Spray Paint Can by FishDesigns61025

Spray Paint Splatter by town

Marijuana Leaf Dispensary by CreativePixels

Dope Kush Cannabis by DionyIglesia

Neon Hat Cap by Jhe

Hiphop Monkey Streetwear by town

Streetwear Cap Hiphop by ernestjdx

Skull Mural Graffiti by ions

Graffiti Artist King by town

Create Your Graffiti Logo Today!

Graffiti is a unique art form that focuses on breaking free of rules and letting your creative soul fly. This results in vibrant yet edgy, eye-catching, and hip art. This is perfect if you are a musician, DJ, tattoo artist, designer, studio, sneaker shop, streetwear brand, or any other field focusing on creative expression. 

We hope the tips above have helped you. You can also hire a designer in DesignCrowd if you need more help. We also have customizable templates for marketing materials, such as our Facebook Post Maker or YouTube Video Maker. Check them out now! 

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