49 Window Logos To Serve As Your Brand’s Visual Gateway

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Whether you provide cleaning services, sell furniture, have a home renovation business, or are in the construction industry, a stunning window logo can help you accurately portray your work and give your potential clients a perfect outlook on your business style.

Need inspiration for your logo? We have the perfect list for you. Below, we’ve compiled a wide range of window and home-inspired logos you can use depending on your industry. We’re also here to share some tips on how to brand your business – with the help of our customizable marketing templates and our business name generator tool. 

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How To Create A Window Logo

Windows is a great choice for a logo as it can symbolize many things. An open window can depict the feeling of new experiences plus a sense of openness and happiness. A closed window, on the other hand, can portray safety and security.

The shape and style of the window can matter as well. An arched window can give you an elegant and luxurious look, while a minimalist black square window can make your brand look modern and hip. 

To create a logo that is tailored for your business, take note of the following tips:

Consider your niche or industry

Your niche or industry plays a huge role in the direction of your logo design. 

A cleaning service can add elements like a window wiper or sparkles to convey the feeling of cleanliness. A home decorator with a penchant for a modern interior style can use an abstract logo to show that chic and creative vibe. Meanwhile, a construction company can use a solid geometric square logo or structure logo to portray reliability.

Choose a suitable color palette

The color you’ll use should complement your brand identity and the logo style you are going for.

As they are associated with water and cleaning, blue and white can be used by cleaning services. Tech companies can also use blue as it symbolizes security and reliability.

Red is seen as powerful and dynamic. This can be a great color to use for new businesses that are aiming to stand out. Brown and warm gold look homey and inviting, perfect for home decorators. While a black-and-white color palette can make you look sophisticated. 

Pair with the right business name

The right name can make or break your business. Choose a name that can accurately represent you and your work. Make sure it is also easy to pronounce and spell. You don’t want potential customers not to find you because they haven’t spelled your name correctly!

Need the perfect name for your business? We suggest using keywords that are related to your industry. Choose one that is descriptive but not overly generic. You can also use our business name generator tool to give you ideas or to generate a creative name that you can use. 

Window Logo Design Examples

Let’s now look at different window logo design ideas to inspire you. 

Abstract Window Logos

Want to look more stylish, chic, or high-end? A simple and minimalist logo is your best bet. You can go for a more abstract look and use a very simplified illustration of a window. These tend to feature geometric patterns or blocky square shapes and use just one color.

These are perfect for tech companies, high-end hotels, or modern home developers. 

Take a look at some cool logo ideas here:

Stained glass bird by Andrii Kovalchuk🇺🇦

Stained Glass Window Logo Design by Nurul Islam Arif

Stained Glass Logo by Choiresia.id

Stained glass logo by Darina Darvin

Lightwatch Gallery Stained Glass Logo by Cajvanean C. Alexandru

Immanuel High Point by K. Bell

M vitrage by Stevan Rodic

Canby Christian Church by Jordan Daniel Singer

Church Gateway Logo by Mikylangela | Logo Designer

MNML window design by Micheal Johnson

Flower Stained Glass

Floral Stained Glass Window

Multicolor Window Stained Glass

Stained Glass Radial

Stained Glass Parish Window

Tulip Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass Diamond Window

Stained Glass Arch Window

Geometric Mosaic Window

Modern Window Logos

These logos have more details or illustrations than abstract ones. You can see some curtains or plants or perhaps an outline of a house or building. Some other details like a paintbrush, window cleaner, sparkle, keys, and so on also add more visual interest.

These logos tend to come in a blue color palette. These are perfect for home cleaning services, interior designers, construction companies, or home builders. 

Blinds – Logo Design v2 by Jeroen van Eerden

E – Window Blinds by Jelle Inghels

Window Logo Design by Toufiqur Rahman

OKNA.CZ – Housing Logo by Mono Lab

M House by Penmajordesign

Glass Logo by Zarla logo maker

Window Strong by Alen Pavlovic

Missie Kapel Hoorn by Md Sakhawat Hossain

Window by Anano Martsvaladze

Blue Window Shutters

Blinds Window Cleaning

Window Shade Installation

Window Shade Furnishing

Simple Window Pane

Curtain Window Blinds

Hexagon Door & Window

Hexagon House Windows

Modern Window Letter L

Blue Window Hexagon

Colorful Window Logos

Window logos tend to come in blue, white, or black, but using bolder colors can help you stand out from the pack! Use eye-catching colors like red, orange, yellow, or purple to give your brand a more dynamic look. You can pair these colors with more creative or artistic illustrations. 

Get inspired by our samples below:

Colorful Farm Barn

Polygonal Window Mosaic

Church Window Stone Mosaic

Colorful Flower Stained Glass

Colorful Stained Glass House

Colorful Mosaic Church

Flower Window Stained Glass

Colorful Rubik’s Cube

Simple Colorful Home Realty

Colorful Respiratory Lungs

Build Your Window Logo Today!

There you have it! We hope you found a logo design that you like from our compilation above.

Creating solid branding for your business won’t end with just a logo. You must pair it with a catchy and suitable name to help customers remember you. 

You’ll also need a solid marketing strategy to get your name out there and find more customers. We have our guide to content marketing that you can refer to, as well as our templates for Facebook covers, posters, and business cards

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