50 Heartfelt Logos for the Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year~

Can you believe that it’s already been two years since the pandemic started? We know we have, and we want to make the most out of what we have.

What about you?

Let’s spread love and joy together as we celebrate two consecutive holidays: Christmas and New Year. Two of the most popular holidays by the end of each year.

One celebrates the birth of Christ, and the other is the dawn of a new year.


It makes you think back about everything that’s happened so far, noh?

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like The Holidays

December is the end of the year and the coldest. Did you know that the coldest day would be on December 21 because it’s after the solstice?

You better get your heating instruments ready. And have a warm mug of hot chocolate, or you know, any warm drink that provides comfort for the temperature.

Temperature talk aside, we’re just going to share some facts before getting into the beautiful logos we have for you.

Did you know that Jesus Christ (we’re not swearing~) wasn’t born on December 25? If anything, he was born around June of 2 B.C. or October of 7 B.C.

Bottom line, we celebrate Jesus’ birth on December 25 because it was an easier transition from pagan beliefs to Christianity. The pagan beliefs that Christmas replaced were Yule and Saturnalia.

Yule is a Norse celebration thanking Odin and other gods and goddesses for the blessings and changes that the world experienced. On the other hand, Saturnalia was a Roman tradition of celebrating the god of agriculture, Saturn.

And for New Year, the celebration dates back to 4000 B.C., the Babylonian calendar. They celebrated with Akitu.

Akitu was a ritual that lasted 11 days and celebrated the victory of Babylonian sky god Marduk over the evil sea goddess Tiamat. And it was also the day of crowning the new king of the nation.

Fun right? But the real reason we celebrate New Year on January 1 was that Julius Caesar added 90 extra days when he introduced his calendar in 46 B.C. after consulting mathematicians and astronomers.

Thus, January 1 is cemented as the celebration of New Year every year. And also partly because Julius Caesar wanted to celebrate the Roman god of beginnings, Janus.

Now you know, let’s get on with the logo designs!

50 Heartfelt Logos for Tis the Season

Since we mentioned two holidays above, we’re presenting you with those same themes for our logo list.

And under those two themes, we provided two categories for you to choose from too!

Tis the Season of Christmas

Ah, the beautiful logos filled with red, gold, white, green, and many more color combinations. Some also have white trees, or maybe reindeer antlers to represent Rudolf.

Either way, they are beautiful. Check out these designs:

Jolly Lettermark

Christmas Lights Logo Design by an-illust

Christmas Sweets Logo by Anastasiia Andriichuk

Creative Events Logo Design by garrad

Noel by Priscilla by geni

Scriptmas Advent-ure Title Card by Jonathan Ball

Tough Elf by Oct-O-Ray Design

Merry Pictorial Mark

2022 Unsung Holiday Card by Andy Boice

Christmas deer by Konstantin Reshetnikov

Christmas Pine Tree by Alexxx

Christmas Winter Tree by AleksandrO

Christmas logo animation by Ryan Turmel

Christmas tree by Dmitriy Lu4

Christmas Tree Logo by Alberto Bernabe

Christmas Trees Logo by Joe Taylor

Clean and Clear by Dark Creator

Elegant Snowflake by shen02

Gift Factory Location Pin by novita007

Jingle jangle by Allie Mounce

One Big Christmas Party Logo Mark by Hannah Rose Beasley

One Big Christmas Party Logo  by Hannah Rose Beasley

Photography Logo Design by Hakim Febrian

Red Reindeer by logotipokurimas

Snowy Iceberg Home by shen02

The Holiday Dudes by shakuna

Winter Snow Globe by shen02

Xmas Warm-up 02: Mastercard Baubles by Halo Branding

Happy New Year!

Since the celebration comes right after Christmas, we decided to give you a taste of what your page could look like for next year with these awesome logos!

Get trendy before your competitors do with these logos to greet the new year:

Abundant  Lettermarks

2021 by Em

2020 by Michael Irwin

All American Fireworks by Crest Logo Designs

City of Orlando Fireworks at the Fountain by Francesca

Goodbye 2018. Welcome 2019. by Azis Solahudin

Happy New Year 2022 Vector Template by mahmud arbain

Manufacturer Logo Design by Design Nation

NYE Party by Irisi Tole

New Year New Change by Imagi Factory

Pop Wonder by Johnny Bertram

Simple Firecracker Wordmark by brandcrowd

Summer Party Wordmark by brandcrowd

Bright Pictorial Marks

2020 by Gregory Darroll

Brightburst Fireworks Logo design by Mariono Fx

Champagne 👇 by Graphic Mall

Cheers! by Tommy Blake

Events Logo Design by pixelgrapix

Foolhardy Firecrackers by Steve Bullock

Happy 2021 by Valery Shi

Happy New Year by Dan Dragomir

Happy New Year by Duc Tran

New Year’s resolution by Michał Rome

Red Star Letter A by bertthebuildr

Tallahassee New Year’s Eve 2016 by MargMorg Studio

Enjoy Your Holidays, Our Dear Readers!

We hope you got the best logo ideas that this season has to offer.

Celebrate with your followers with the new look. Whichever style you choose, you look great!

After all, we’re here for you to help you elevate your brand identity with eye-catching graphics. The question is, do you want to make your logo or not?

Either way, we have just the solution for you. You can head over to DesignCrowd if you want to hire a designer to help you.

Or just visit our logo maker! Create your holiday-themed logo at an affordable price. In just four easy steps: Pick, Edit, Save, Pay, you now have a logo just for you.

Happy holidays and may your endeavors be blessed!

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