50 Hip-Hop Logos That Are Worth the Hype

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Whether you’re a rapper, DJ, graffiti artist, or streetwear designer, a bold hip-hop logo is what you need to stand out. 

If you’re looking for a relaxed and stylish hip-hop logo, you are in the right place! We’ve compiled a list of symbols that you can use as design inspiration. Check them out below and use our handy logo maker once you’re ready to design your own.

Ready? Drop that beat, and let’s get started! 

How To Create Hip-Hop Logos

No other music genre has been as transformative and influential as hip-hop. While it started small in a neighborhood in New York in the 1970s, it has since become a global phenomenon. 

Hip-hop culture comprises social commentary through rap, rhythmic beats, and creative expression through graffiti art. Want to embody these elements in your branding? Here are some tips on how to design your own hip-hop or street logo

  1. Choose dynamic illustrations

Hip-hop is all about expressing yourself. Feel free to go outside the box and let your creative spirit run wild by using bold and dynamic illustrations in your logo. Use symbols and icons associated with hip-hop, such as boombox, turntable, and speakers. 

No need to go minimal. The bolder, the better. You can also design your characters such as a colorful girl skateboarding, an incredible rapper in a hoodie, or a breakdancer wearing gold chains.

  1. Use graffiti-inspired elements

Graffiti is in hip-hop’s core. 

Use expressive typography that reflects this. These can be bold, blocky letters or fonts that mimic a spray paint or marker pen. Some examples of fonts are Graffonti, El&Font Bubble, A Dripping Marker, and Don Graffiti. 

Graffiti logos can also contain paint splatters, paint splashes, caps, skulls, masks, and the X-eyed smiley face. 

Steve Aoki uses this style for his branding. You can see it and other logos in our famous DJ logos article. 

  1. Pair with the right colors

Colors can make or break your logo design. Use a color that embodies the vibe that you want to portray.

Black and white can make you look cool and mysterious. Meanwhile, a deep red can make you look bold and confident. You can also use neon and bright colors for a more urban and street-inspired look. 

Hip-Hop Logo Design Examples

Let’s get this party going by looking at hip and stylish logo designs you can use as inspiration. Some of the designs below are customizable templates that you can easily edit in our logo maker tool. 

Character Logos

A graphic look is a definer of hip-hop culture, and nothing says that more than a colorful character or mascot in your logo. Use cool skateboarders, hip rappers, basketball players, funky b-boyers, or skull mascots in your design. 

Headband Ape Monkey by Kalenor

Hiphop Monkey Streetwear by town

Hiphop Music Rapper by juana

Sunglasses Hiphop Dog by marcololstudio

Hiphop Monkey Streetwear by Mypen

Smiling Hiphop Skull by Kalenor

Gaming Hiphop Monkey by town

Hiphop Cap Apparel by BryAd

Tough Hiphop Woman by Tristan

Zombie Gaming Man by town

Music Logos

Music flows through the blood of every hip-hop fan. Use music-inspired icons such as CDs, music notes, or mics.

Whether you want a grunge, rock, or punk logo, our collection below got you covered. 

Hit Hop – logo  by Troy Spoelma

Simple FB Monogram / Logo BY Sebastian Kern

Thirty Logos — Challenge 23 — “Deadbeat” BY Abraham Mast

HHH BY Oles Kalashnik

Africa Sound Vladimir Khoroshavin

Pitch Music Logo BY Yasin

Music City BY Ahmet Bahadır Öcal

Clothing Brand Icon (WIP) BY Jeffrey de Groot

SACHKO Beats BY Zgjim Domi

Long Time No See Icon Logo BY Niks

Musical Note Bubbles by podvoodoo13

Glitch Saxophone Music by AleksandrO

Music Note Symphony by CreativePixels

Music Note Book by SimplePixelSL

Minimalist Musical Harp by FishDesigns61025

Music Light Bulb by town

Music Note Musical by CreativePixels

Music Note Sneakers Shoe by Ardimast

Retro Walkman Music Player by town

Hiphop Hand Symbol by yhinna

Text Logos

Utilize the power of typography and use text logos that put your name front and center. You can see this in the logos of N.W.A., Eminem, and Cypress Hill.

Browse our collection below:  

X+(Y?) Logomark by Alex Aperios

N.B.G by Daniel Li | a.k.a bitboydz

DSP Logo by Imre Hajdu

Hiphop Graffiti by Martgraphic Studio

Hiphop by Jōn

Mc Darce Logotype by Filip Komorowski

Homie by ZMON

Jason Tagging by Jason Rain

Illmatic Typo by Szymon Czajka

EBONICS by Filip Panov

Graffiti Brush Wordmark by chavalenzuela

Streetwear Graffiti Company by Brandcrowd

Hiphop Graffiti Art by Brandcrowd

Urban Hiphop Graffiti by Lei

Street Art Hiphop Business by JoeyRay

Hiphop Urban Street Art by JoeyRay

Hiphop Paint Business by Clee

Hiphop Graphic Graffiti by JoeyRay

Hiphop Graffiti Business by JoeyRay

Hiphop Street Art by by ernestjdx

Design Your Hip-Hop Logo Today!

Hip-hop offers artists, musicians, dancers, and fans a way to express their identities and experiences creatively. 

You can also express yourself through a powerful hip-hop logo. We hope the article above has helped you, and if you need more design tips, feel free to browse our blog for more music logo ideas

BrandCrowd’s offerings can also make your designing process easier. Go through our logo maker, choose a template, and edit as you please. And if you are looking to market yourself, we also have social media templates like TikTok video maker.

We wish you the best of luck in your hip-hop journey! 

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